artisan s spectacles ffxiv fishing

Artisan s spectacles ffxiv fishing


Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Desynthesis Leveling and Endgame Guide Version: This guide may contain inaccurate information. Much of my data is extrapolation, educated guesswork, or what other people have told me.

Also, since prices vary from server to server and from time to timewhat I consider the cheapest or most profitable might not be cheap at all for you. If you plan to make money via desynthing, please check MB prices and confirm that my suggestions will bring you a profit on your server before proceeding.

If do you find any inaccuracies in artisan s spectacles ffxiv fishing guide, please let me know and I will correct them! For those new to this guide who have just come here to find london and kendrick excellent adventures fly fishing the fastest way to level their desynth classes, just skip down to the individual class leveling guides or use the new Quick Guides just below!

My guide is long and artisan s spectacles ffxiv fishing of terrors. Quick Guide General Notes. Level used for desynth is hidden value I call "rlvl". Often same as item level, but not always! CUL cannot get demimateria, only swimwear and ninja betta minion.

Crafted leftside items with req lvl 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 often cheap on MB due to quest rewards; trawl MB regularly for cheap desynths under 5k. Vendors sell NQ crafted items cheaply from If mats are expensive, make profit by desynthing specific vendor-bought items.

FC1 demimateria tend to be from i items and worth around 20k on average on my server. Yew Wand r28 [ Toadskin Brais crafted dSkill

Some items cannot be obtained from desynth including Dissolvent and Shark Oil. Rusty Needle vendor dSkill Brass Ring of Crafting crafted dSkill Sandworm Needle crafted dSkill Tortoiseshell Armillae crafted dSkill Mythrite Needle vendor dSkill Dragon Fang Earring crafted dSkill Accessories and others from Expert Roulette dungeons dungeon. Brass Knives crafted dSkill Iron Pickaxe crafted dSkill Plumed Iron Hatchet crafted dSkill Horned Hatchet crafted dSkill Aged Pestle vendor dSkill Mythrite Lapidary Hammer crafted, melds dSkill Titanium Scythe crafted, melds dSkill Adamantite Pliers vendor dSkill Expert Roulette dungeon items dungeon.

Weathered Fishing Pole vendor dSkill Square Maple Shield vendor dSkill Square Ash Shield crafted dSkill Yew Crook crafted dSkill Walnut Pattens crafted dSkill Aged Spear vendor dSkill kern river california fishing season Cedar Fishing Rod vendor dSkill Birch Fishing Rod vendor dSkill Hempen Fishing spots in canton ohio vendor dSkill Cotton Work Gloves crafted dSkill Linen Halfgloves crafted dSkill Linen Deerstalker crafted dSkill Hallowed Ramie Sash of Chimerical Felt Corset of Chimerical Felt Sash of Leather Duckbills vendor bass fishing in south texas Hard Leather Choker vendor dSkill Padded Leather Duckbills of Gathering crafted dSkill Goatskin Choker vendor dSkill Toadskin Brais rancho el charco fishing gear dSkill Raptorskin Ring crafted dSkill Serpentskin Hunting Belt of Weathered Skillet vendor dSkill Iron Skillet crafted or vendor dSkill Iron Alembic crafted dSkill White Skillet crafted dSkill fishing rod melton hill lake muskie fishing gear for bass boats Steel Frypan crafted dSkill Aged Mortar r55 artisan s spectacles ffxiv fishing dSkill Titanium Plate Belt of Fishing tips for catching redfish Tassets of Fending vendor dSkill Adamantite Alembic vendor dSkill Weathered Grimoire vendor dSkill Whispering Maple Wand vendor dSkill catfish fishing lake murray sc Ash Wand crafted dSkill Yew Wand crafted dSkill Book of Silver crafted dSkill Tane Mahuta crafted dSkill Aetherial Wheels crafted dSkill Buy increasingly expensive fish from Holasfhis vendor dSkill Hinterlands Perch fishing dSkill Desynth cap per class is now Total combined cap is now There are tons of crafted items given out as quest rewards in 3.

Check artisan s spectacles ffxiv fishing MB for crafted items that cost 5k or less and break them. Vendors sell cheap items of multiple rlvls artisan s spectacles ffxiv fishing at r and going all the reel fishing 3 ps2 walkthrough prince to r for most classes!

artisan s spectacles ffxiv fishing

Detailed info on demimateria grades added to guide to explain how to tell what grade of Demimateria will be obtained from a given desynth. I have set up a spreadsheet to track items obtained by desynthing.

FFXIV ARR - Best Way to get Mastercraft Demimateria & Fieldcraft Demimateria III

This database is meant primarily for new 3. The spreadsheet is located here. To search for items to break down, use one of the "Desynth Item Artisan s spectacles ffxiv fishing tabs there are multiple so multiple people can search at once. If instead you want to know what can give you a specific item rather than what items give youenter the item on the "Reverse Lookup" tab and it will give you a list.

artisan s spectacles ffxiv fishing

I need assistance in filling out this database. If you want to contribute to the spreadsheet by listing what you obtain from desynthing various items, please send me an email with your forum name and your Google account name so I can give you your own tab and edit permission. My contact info is in the spreadsheet. For you CUL desynthers out there, check out this site for detailed fish catching info and to see what fish desynth into what.

Fishing superstars season 2 offline printer artisan s spectacles ffxiv fishing items are also listed in the CUL section of this guide. There are four levels for every item. The Item Level ilvl, or i is what determines the strength of an item. The Job Level jlvl, or j is the required level to equip an item.

artisan s spectacles ffxiv fishing

Generally, recipes are designed to be made by crafters whose job level is the same as the clvl. All of these levels are generally the same, but that is not always the case. This flvl is the level listed next to the fish in the Fish Guide. The formula for desynth success rate is: The current maximum level of desynth skill dSkill per class is The current maximum across all classes is

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