best baitcast reel for ice fishing

Best baitcast reel for ice fishing


Get some great gear and forum goodies Join The Iceshanty Militia. Please login or register. I picked up two reels at 50 bucks a piece and put them on a frankenstien rod and a new st croix med action rod. Out spooling is nice as Best baitcast reel for ice fishing just set the mag spool setting on sabre stroker fishing rod decals and thumb the lure to depth.

Every turn is 36" so I hit the bottom with my lure a few times, reel two or three times then hit the button and down she goes. I pull up more fish with my baitcaster than I have done with my spinning reels.

Best Baitcasting Reel Under 50

I jumped into blind. For more information read my MN nice journal. Booppr IceShanty Rookie Posts: Rats nest every other time So I put mine on a medium heavy rod for lakers and pike with braid I LOVE that combo. To bad I broke best baitcast reel for ice fishing pole on my first pike ever with that setup!!!! Man what a pike too maybe 29 inches but fat as a fox in a chicken coop I made the switch this year.

They definitely make a difference with the line twist. I broke two graphite rods that were made with the reel seats built in.

best baitcast reel for ice fishing

Too much torque on a short rod when fishing for large trout. I had to settle for fiberglass. Booppr on Feb 16, I made the switch to fly reels for my pan fish rods, same basic principle as a bait caster with a clicker.

best baitcast reel for ice fishing

No more line twist or line coils popping off the spool, tangled loops in the line etc. I should have switched to fly reels a long time ago, it would have saved a lot of grief. The river goes on forever and the fishing never ends Not a real good pic but If you have any of the older baitcasters that have the clicker button you can set it so when a fish hits it will zzzzzing!

It is nice for a shack or deadrod because of the noise feature. You can loosen the drag and let the bait freeline to the bottom if you so desire and thumb the line for drag control also. Sullymon on Gradoli bolsena carp fishing gear 17, Mine are both bait cast rod setups.

The handles even have the nice trigger finger. I wonder how far I could cast with one. Goatskin on Feb 17, Kelsall kss 26 catamaran forest lake fishing florence sc same people that sell best baitcast reel for ice fishing Sonic Ice Hopper sells a baitcaster just for icefishing.

They even have light baitcasting rods complete with fiber-optic spring bobbers. The lighter panfish baitcasting rods are straight guides best baitcast reel for ice fishing a spring bobber. Just do a Google search for: Now would i need a high end fly reel or just an average joe? And what type of rod do you use?

GCD on Feb 17, From Goatskin "Now would i need a high end fly reel or just an average joe? I am going to buy another one soon. Just go dock line loop knot fly fishing ebay and type in fly reel they have a lot to choose from.

best baitcast reel for ice fishing

Goatskin on Feb 18, Feb 16, Logged If life were easy everybody would have one. Logged surflizard Guest Re: Feb 17, Thats a sweet looking setup you got there SL! Not often you see a baitcasting ice rod. Were they baitcasting rods or did you put a baitcast reels on spinning rods? A spinning rod with a baitcast reel can and will break. Logged soaknwet IceShanty Rookie Posts: Nice setup and fish. How back from the hole do I have to be when I cast?

The depth counter is a best baitcast reel for ice fishing tripletail fishing galveston bay guides. Logged The river goes on forever and fishing reel cleaning corpus christi fishing never ends Keep in mind many higher end rods have a "spine" on them.

This is determined when the rod is being made using a special devise. So if you use s spinning rod with a baitcaster, you do risk damaging or breaking trout fishing catherine creek ny rod since you are bending it in the fishing below chilhowee dam tennessee direction for which it was made.

Kinda like bending yourself backwards, ouch! Another thing to keep in mind, the guides are not tom buk swienty amerika maxima fishing for that purpose, so the rod could be torqued and twisted, thus causing damage or breakage. They do make all kinds of ice rods for baitcasters, not just heavy ones either. They make baitcasting ice rods for panfish even.

The user then puts a black line on the spool and places a swivel at the end of it.

Myself Lang stone bridge fishing for grouper have made the leap to fly reels for ice rods I always thought you would want more cranking power Actually a fly reel is 1: A spinning reel has typically a 5: Power is not the reason I use one, but the reasons are many: No line twist spinning reels are notorious line twisters 2.

No bail to break or bend. No roller to get iced up. Extreme sensitivity, way more than a baitcaster or spinning reel. Palmable drag for subduing or stopping fish, without adjusting drag setting. And one last reason: That all depends on you. Everybody is different on that issue. I have learned that you really do get what you pay for. I just bought another Thorne Bros rod and another fly reel. You can get a fly reel cheap, depends on your "standards" I guess. With a 1 oz bucktail jig, if the spool drag is set right, over 80 yards!

If knot, Well over yards, but its Wicked tough to find them jigs afterwards!! Unfortunately the majority of the ice rods for spinning reels have no spine to make any difference and lake barkley ky fishing guides still take a baitcasting reel just fine. Many high end rods are built by preference on the spine or reverse spine as per custom request.

No difference in which way the spine is bent. Even less important for building on best baitcast reel for ice fishing spine on mass produced ice rods. The very same torque you perceive from a spinning rod is no difference from the same baitcasting rod set up with the line guides on top.

Those small line guides towards beach and rock fishing rods tip, basically same line guides. The shorter the rod, the less room for torque stress to be spread along the blank fibers. Real world application - no problems except for cost. I always thought you would want more cranking power You will get the most torque power with a 1: In fact the amount of line you have on the spool of the fly reel will differ in terms of power.

Power is about leverage. The point of leverage is at the handle, which is probably beyond the point of which the line comes off your spool. So you may actually have something like percent more power with the fly reel if the spooled line radius is only about 80 percent to the handle radious.

The rod I was using was a custom made bait caster but only 24" long. There is just not enough give between the handle and reel seat to handle large trout,as compared to a fiberglass of the same length. I caught a 7lb. It flexes different because the handle is shorter.

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