best flies for mullet fly fishing

Best flies for mullet fly fishing


Posted by Eric Williams. Sometimes, though, this wisdom is born not out of experience, but rather of prejudice. The archetypal example of this is catfish: A similar prejudice keeps countless anglers from enjoying one of the greatest pleasures and challenges in saltwater fishing, let alone from enjoying what is one of the tastiest, most succulent delicacies offered by the sea.

Stop rolling your eyes.

Mullet on fly

I imagine there are three reasons. Broadly, mullets eat whatever they can, feeding on organic detritus, nibbling plants, and chasing the occasional invertebrate. Have you ever seen what they feed chickens or hogs on land, in water of leith fishing rods Best flies for mullet fly fishing also tend to hug the shoreline, living in murky, turbid waters near outlets or in estuaries where their big eyes help them to navigate the gloom.

They have a fairly high tolerance for a wide range of salinities, and will sometimes swim up creeks or rivers a fair way. Finally, mullet are difficult to catch.

best flies for mullet fly fishing

In the past, most industrial fishers caught them with huge gill nets, which resulted in wide-spread depopulation, murderous bycatch numbers, and habitat destruction. Thankfully, large-scale gill netting was outlawed, meaning that mullet populations have rebounded.

Catching a mullet without a net though can be tricky since the fish, well aware that it is delicious, is always on the lookout for predators. It takes skill and lots and lots of practice.

best flies for mullet fly fishing

I learned how to catch mullet best flies for mullet fly fishing an old oysterman who lived in Apalachicola, Florida. His name was Eddie. He was a tall fellow, naturally wiry but with the knotted arms and massive shoulders of an oyster fisher. Fly best flies for mullet fly fishing has nothing hapuka fishing whakatane hospital new zealand cane fishing.

I never could get the the ultimate guide to fishing weipa seasoning of it, never hooked tips for bass fishing best flies for mullet fly fishing january mullet, and so I generally used a simple best flies for mullet fly fishing and reel with a nice sturdy six-pound test, a no.

Mullet are, as mentioned above, egalitarian in their appetites and undiscerning in their palates. Generally, they are uninterested in most bait and all lures, meaning that to get them to bite your hook you must rely on their willingness to eat soft, squishy bits of organic matter. And the softest, squishiest matter out there?

best flies for mullet fly fishing

Get yourself a hunk of the cheapest, palest, least nutritious white bread you can find. Luckily, white bread, particularly bad, flavorless white bread, is pretty damn cheap. When you see some activity, set your bobber a fair distance from the hook.

A majestic species and a personal favourite.

Watch close, and get a good feel for the vibrations in your fishing rod. Watch for stumps or obstructions, and try to keep your prey off of them while bringing them in to land. What do you do with it, exactly? Posted by Eric Williams July 1,

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