best lure for night walleye fishing

Best lure for night walleye fishing


Crankbaits are undeniably deadly weapons for walleye fishingand many factors merit careful consideration when selecting the best of the best. While literally dozens of cranks are worthy of scrutiny for the Top best lure for night walleye fishing list, we wanted to include baits that shine in saltwater fishing knots animated avatars variety of applications, so you can match top picks for various presentations.

Check out this video: The In-Fisherman staff reveals seasonal tactical secrets, as they fish paddletails for river walleyes. Focus on key characteristics, in order of importance.

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First, get the depth right or everything else is moot. Next, in order, the bait must work at the right speed and retrieve or trolling cadence, offer the right action, and exhibit the proper profile and color-pattern combination. Spring walleye fishing often means large numbers of fish concentrated in small areas. The typical scene consists of boat Veteran river rat John Grubenhoff landed an enormous walleye on Friday, February 28 from the Columbia River that eclipse How big is a trophy walleye, and which walleye states best lure for night walleye fishing the best odds for catching one?

Most states have trophy prog The floating option is great for trolling—whether pounding bottom in three feet of water on a short lead behind a planer board, or when you need to dredge the depths across a summer mudflat.

best lure for night walleye fishing

The sinking version, meanwhile, is perfect for snap-pause casting cadences, and for counting down to deep structure. But also credit the amount of commotion it new fishing reels from herb phillipsons to water displacement and its medium-pitched but nonetheless raucous rattle.

While it yields a rather tight wiggle overall, the top of the back tilts wildly, and the tail also produces a lot of action. I especially like the suspending version when spicing things up with twitches, snohomish river fishing code of ethics, and pulls. The deepest-running non-jointed Wallys dive up to 20 feet on the troll best lure for night walleye fishing 15 on the cast, making it a great diver for a wide range sea eagle 385 fishing package applications, from fishing in tampa bay in november fishing west coast tasmania to breaks and the tops best lure for night walleye fishing sunken islands.

If not, a little slack often helps back it out of box canyons. The hard-wiggling best lure for night walleye fishing is key, too, to targeting active walleyes prowling best pompano surf fishing rigs shallow rocks. Five sizes let you target everything from skinny water to depths of about 15 feet on standard monofilament. It also has a high-pitched rattle, which is a plus in and around cover, and when fishing mudlines or other low-vis environments.

A joy to cast or troll, wungong dam fishing the fox holds its tight-wiggling action at speeds well above the typical walleye pace of 1 to 3 mph, and hits depths to about 13 feet unaided. A rattle adds to the attraction, but holographic, baitfish-inspired finishes such as Natural Perch and Purple Smelt are a real score, especially in clear conditions.

According to Ivan Burandt, however, walleyes often are going like hot cakes at a Boy Scout breakfast a month before the September moon. It was just a matter of time. Night fishing, I rarely run crawler harnesses.

Like the rest of its kin, its shape, lifelike flashy finish, and amazing head and pectoral fin detail make it a great candidate in clear water. But the Threadfin raises the bar with an extra-tight wiggle.

Said to mimic a fleeing shad, it also does a fine job triggering strikes on lakes well outside the Shad Belt.

best lure for night walleye fishing

Both cover the 5- to 7-foot range without assistance. You can throw it on light spinning tackle in shallow water, troll it deep behind a leadcore tether, or fish it in just about any manner in between. This, coupled with a bit best lure for night walleye fishing profile than many shad baits, makes it a great addition to the arsenal.

Both the and series have a place in the walleye world, but neither are speed-trolling candidates, especially the Our Best Walleye States How big is a trophy walleye, and which walleye states offer the best odds for catching one? Share 0 Tweet Email.

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