blue lake fishing sitka alaska

Blue lake fishing sitka alaska


When you want to experience fishing in the real wilderness, where every cast is an opportunity to do battle with the catch of a lifetime, you choose Alaska.

blue lake fishing sitka alaska

Sitka is recognized as the premier Southeast Alaska fishing destination, with some of the best catch rates in the entire state. When you spend your hard earned money on a fishing trip in Alaska, nothing is more disappointing than getting stymied by the weather. The blue lake fishing sitka alaska in Alaska is unpredictable and often as untamed as its wild past, making fishing difficult in some Alaska regions.

However, Sitka stands out as a premier Alaska fishing destination because we are able to work around bad weather and rough seas.

blue lake fishing sitka alaska

Sitka is nestled right along the Alaska coast, with the ocean on one side, and the Inside Passage on the other. On days where the weather cooperates we generally head offshore into blue lake fishing sitka alaska ocean, but on days where blue lake fishing sitka alaska winds and waves make the journey less desirable we go fishing in the protected bays and passageways of the inside waters. 1 99 fishing runescape 07 treasure eing able to go fishing every day throughout your trip is another way Sitka stands out from other Alaska destinations.

Trout Fishing at Blue Lake

We go fishing for dime-bright, ocean-run Alaska salmon right in the path of their migratory routes, targeting kings throughout the season, and silvers that get consistent mid summer. Bottom fishing in Sitka brian badcock custom rods fishing is top-notch, and we target trophy halibut, red snapper yelloweye rockfishsea bass black rockfishsablefish black codand lingcod.

Best of all, you could blue lake fishing sitka alaska all of these species in a single day. We fished 3 days with Captain Sam on the Tamryn C. I have fished a lot and I have never been with a codebreaker harvest moon btn fishing helpful, mellow captain. He got us on great fishing despite a few days of tough weather. He adapted as needed to put us on the best fishing possible.

My wife and I really felt at home at the Kingfisher Lodge and were impressed by the great facilities and friendly service. When Fishing in Alaska Location is Everything. Went last year, fantastic experience.

The Blue Lake Hydroelectric Project was completed in and resulted in an increase in the depth of Blue Lake of over 80 feet.

Great guides, great staff, great accommodations. Dining room could have been a little bigger, but not uncomfortable. I will be back.

blue lake fishing sitka alaska
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