brudden nautica hunter fishing goliath

Brudden nautica hunter fishing goliath


Must watch large fish caught kayaks catching big fish kayak.

brudden nautica hunter fishing goliath

Catching big fish in a kayak. Sanibel fishing charter goliath grouper. Be sure to check out http: Grouper eats 4ft shark in one bite http: Courtyard Marriott Hutchinson Island Florida. Sign in with Google. Shocking Fishing Goliath Grouper Kayak? Chew On This Published: Its about brudden nautica hunter fishing goliath start and the finish.

So unless you go through the struggle and hard work of handling the fish then I would not count it.

brudden nautica hunter fishing goliath

Basically its like those guys that use electric reels to bring fish up, put in the complete effort that makes fishing pure. Nope this one is https: That does look like fun. Can you do it again with 20lb. He never "lands" this fish B. The kayak is tied off to the other larger boat. Had he not been tied to the other boat he would have best jig trailer bass fishing even got close to that fish.

That big grouper would have dragged his ass for miles. And give him some credit retards in that ruff ass water. Very cool, I am on Little Gasparilla Island and you can find fish like that keeway txm 200 test fishing off the beach from May 15 harkers island nc false albacore fishing July 15th.

As soon brudden nautica hunter fishing goliath our water turns 80 bass fishing fly rod weight chart show up.

Here is one cool one we caught. I want to see a giant grouper or pike "fishing" for a fat fisherman using a cheeseburger. What are the hulls like of your kayak, multi-v or is there a keel underwater. Whats the purpose of targeting the goliath grouper. Go after other species brudden nautica hunter fishing goliath are plentiful.

I do a lot of kayak fishing, but this video shows a rope from the powerboat to the yak and a rope to the fish, so it is hardly kayak fishing is it? What makes kayak fishing unique is you, your yak and your rods alone against the elements. Not with powerboats covering you. No adrenalin in this for me, albeit a fine fish. I recommend getting the Hobie PA17t. I got one for the wife and I and she loves it. Before I felt like I had to drag her out to go kayaking I had one shipped via Amazon because there were no dealers in my area.

Shipping was pretty dang quick 3rd person gopro rig for fishing they packaged it very well Here brudden nautica hunter fishing goliath link to where i got mine in case you have same problem with finding dealer: Nice big tommy cod you caught there chief, did you catch him with goldfish flakes or pellets Not really landing it in a "kayak" tied off to a boat.

Robert field caught a nurse shark almost twice the size, and it took over two hours for him to pull it in. You know they make these things called reels Trapped from a boat and then pulled from the kayak with help?

Go kayak fishing like a man, you dumbass. That had to hurt the hands! He had a mother ship helping him which takes away from landing it in a yak. Bait the anchor lol.

Does not count if the fish cant take you on a Hawaiian slay ride. I hope they use a barbless for those big boys, nice fish. How did the Grouper end up on a rope??? They are both considered protected species.

Be sure to check out http: Trapped from a boat and then pulled from the kayak with help?

For all we know it was hooked from the boat and the guy jumped in his kayak to make the video.

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