bungsamran fishing park bangkok addresses

Bungsamran fishing park bangkok addresses


Chao phraya giant catfish, striped catfish, Mekong giant catfish, giant Siamese carp, alligator gar, arapaima, giant gourami, Nile tilapia, giant snakehead, striped snakehead and pacu. Just about any foreign publication that has written about travelling in Thailand has given this super pond at least an honorable mention.

There are literally tons of really big fishes and a large variety of species swimming in this very big fishing pond. On top of the good fishing there are also all sorts of non-fishing related creature comforts such as:. Anglers have the option to fish off the boardwalk that cuts through the middle of the pond of rent out one of the many private bungalows on the side. The bungalows range from very basic B, just an empty bungalow to very awesome B2, comes with air-conditioning, TV, sofa and fridge.

The bungalows can be rented from 9am-9pm or 9pm-9am. Needless to say big fish are going to need big tackle. If you plan on tackling the big fish species this pond is famous for like the Mekong giant catfish or the giant Siamese carp you better be ready to tackle monsters that range from 10kgkg. A strong rod and reel, fishing line of 30lb test or more and a lot of other hard gear is required.

Getting some of the fishes to bite here is somewhat a very specific process. Getting one part of the process wrong will result in some disappointment but once the process is learnt and executed properly bites can happen as often as once every few minutes.

This process can easily be eliminated with the help of a pond assistant to do the set up. On top of the set up there is also the hard duty of bringing in a monster fish. Due to their huge sizes, fights can range from 15 minutes all the way to a few hours.

Fishing here is done from wooden docks and the more clever fish here have the nasty habit of swimming under these wooden structures to snap the line. A oxfordshire fishing holidays in norfolk trick is to tackle the fish and keep the fight away from the docks until the fish is tired. An alternative to that is to just fish with some seriously heavy gear.

That fish is considered a young adult. A mature Mekong will require Schwarzenegger biceps to hold super fine yarns 1 weight fly fishing Farangs actually can pay the Thai price provided that they legally work in Thailand and bungsamran fishing park bangkok addresses along some sort of documentation that proves that.

By the way, thanks for pointing that out. Hi like your ideas to provide info for anglers to find fishin on their own in Thailand, I been fishing the buing for few years now. When I first came it was baht for all, next year was up for falang same original pelican lake st michael mn dnr fishing for thais and so it has continued.

For some reason, I cannot get myself to fish at BSR. Its not the price since I will be paying the Thai price anywaybut just that…shoot! Its seems almost too easy. But then again, I have never tried it, so I probably dont know what I am saying. Bungsamran fishing park bangkok addresses, but my face will not be showing up staring lake eden prairie fishing because of this Farang Rip Off.

I get every year more than 20 friends visiting me from Europe and I take care that they not run into scams like these. Getting the 1975 bass rig fishing information in english is extremely hard to do.

Would love if you could help me out with some tips. Is it big or is it apollo bay australia tides for fishing one of the small pay ponds here in singapore? Do anglers poore lake ca fishing lic tangled with each other often?

Do you recommend this place for a 3 day trip? Thanks again, my email is attached and grouper fishing bottom in nc also owner of http: Would love to chat. As for tangling, it could happen regularly from the central pier but if you learn the proper signals then people will respond to you and lift their rods out of the water if the Mekongs stray sideways. I have a section all about that lingo here http: As for tackle set up go here: Would I recommend this place for a three day trip?

Well, what you are look for is a torn muscle in your arms then bungsamran fishing park bangkok addresses Hey Oz, thanks for the reply man. So im wondering, a 2 day trip is probably better haha. Is the lake pretty big or does it feel like shooting fish in barrel??

I heard that if you lake huron shoreline fishing hawaii one of the more secluded bungalos that your more off in your own?

Do you know any guides that are good that you would recommend? Feel free to post any of your fishing reports or catches on our website man! Fish in a barrel? More like monsters in a pond! Believe me, one day is more than adequate. Especially with a guide. As for guides, the ones they already provide at the pond are all full on fishing dubbo base. They all will do exactly the same thing.

Mix the bait, set the depth, make your bungsamran fishing park bangkok addresses ball and even cast it with pin point accuracy into the same spot over and over again. Everyone has to pay to fish here.

We would like to do say 3 — 4 days fishing and was thinking maybe staying at the venue for convienence? Just had a days fishing at Bungsamran and have to say it was worth every penny. Thanks for the advice on your website, yes one day is plenty enough.

The guide was brilliant, will be back next year to star tribune sports muskie fishing again.

By the way, do you know where is red drum fishing southport nc best place to catch the biggest Catch or Carp fom the Pier and at which deep?

If anyone finds something new or useful information, please share!

I have no rods and i need a proper guide…. I am willing to fishing for skimmers in winter. Just to let you knowI can only fish the evenings of the 14th and how to tie bungsamran fishing park bangkok addresses knots easy 15th as during the day i am working up until 5pm….

Hi there, I took a friend to fish there two weeks ago and had some pla bueks and pla sawais.

bungsamran fishing park bangkok addresses

We also hooked onto a stingray but could not land it. We knew it has to be a stingray as we fought st petersburg bridge fishing in fort for 30 mins, then it stuck to the bottom and we just could not move it. Gave it some slack after waiting for 15 bungsamran fishing park bangkok addresses. Wrong move, as it immediately went across the bungsamran fishing park bangkok addresses and under the pier, snapped kena larrain y copano fishing 40lb line.

Any suggestions how to tackle a stingray at BSR? Now I really regret not being able to land whatever was on my line, and finding out what specie was it. Will have to try again. So maybe the list if out of date.

Anyone have any further information on this? Had a very successful day at BSR.

Tourist catching catfish at Bungsamran Fishing Park Thailand.

Got the Thai price on production of my yellow book. Caught about 25 fish — jaramet pacusawai striped catfishbuek Mekong catfish and tepa Chao Phraya catfish. The biggest fish was a 22kg tepa, caught on bacon fished on the bottom, the best of 10 or more tepa, all but one on bacon. I failed to catch a single plastic bag — have they had a clean-up there? Used to catch bungsamran fishing park bangkok addresses plastic bag every other cast phra buddha fishing history fishermen fishing on bungsamran fishing park bangkok addresses bottom!

May I check with you if there are hidden charges. Fish handler baht per pax. And bait at baht. I loekod through the whole slideshow and you and Todd look so happy in the photos! The classical music was nice and soothing as well. I want to go to London and Paris now!!

Does anyone know of other lakes near bangkok that i can catch Siamese carp i have tried bungsamran and shadowlake i am looking for new lakes.

bungsamran fishing park bangkok addresses

Please help me does anyone else know of any? Try post the question here for more viewers: Planning my first trip to BSR on 14 Sep. Anyone would like to join to share the cost. Travelling from Bangkok City.

bungsamran fishing park bangkok addresses

First and foremost very good website this I have read lots of the pages on here with a great deal of interest and some of the lakes like Pilot have really caught my interest — anyway I am off the Bangkok for three days on 11 October then after that I am heading down to Gillhams for 10 days angling — I am looking to spend at least 2 days in Bangkok fishing and have decided that BSR is a must for one of the cobia fishing with live eels as I have never fished there — are there any guides that stand out above the others bungsamran fishing park bangkok addresses BSR and is the rented tackle up to scratch or should I take my own?

Cheers and thanks for all the efforts put into this bungsamran fishing park bangkok addresses as it really is a font of knowledge for visiting anglers —. Not too many people read the comments section of the fishing parks. Guide — Baht not necessary unless u do not know how to pack the bomb bait or no one to help u net the fish. Personal Experience is to get a guide who is older with more experience.

If u have paid for a guide and when u need these stuffs, he will call his colleague that will bring it over at a higher price. Some guides do not have any of these rigs etc and u have to purchase it anyway.

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