cape fear river fishing access points

Cape fear river fishing access points


The Cape Fear River offers exceptional water-related outdoor activities. The choice of particular river sections is limited to river access points. Typically, the land around the river is privately or state owned, which restricts the access to the water.

We operate on 25 miles of the river that has 4 access points.

cape fear river fishing access points

It allows us to offer trips from 1 hour to 2 days. Folks with personal vessels and means to transport the equipment are welcome to accommodate themselves. The information below describes 4 access points available on the Upper Cape Fear. Buckhorn Dam is the northernmost access point that we utilize, located near Cape fear river fishing access points, NC. Buckhorn Dam was built in and now belongs to Duke Energy. The dam has not been operated in years, but it still covers the entire river.

Those who approach the dam from upstream will have to port around it.

cape fear river fishing access points

Do NOT paddle over the dam. It is a deadly hydraulic system that has claimed several lives over the years. To access the dam you have to drive through the property that belongs to the power company, but the access is not restricted, although it is private.

It is about a 15 mile paddle from Buckhorn Dam to our office in Lillington. We offer this trip as a two day adventure called Epic overnight. Plenty of paddlers have done this section in just 1 day. They can be very rocky at lower levels, but navigable.

Fish Traps is another popular destination for swimmers and fishermen during summer months less than a mile downstream from Lanier Falls. The remaining 7 miles to Lillington are mainly flat water, with the exception of small Class II best fishing kayak for rough water about 2. This is a private ramp that is owned and operated by Cape Yamba fishing tides in cc River Adventures.

Cape fear river fishing access points office is located about yards from this ramp. If you are a Cape Fear Pinkenba rock wall fishing cable Adventures customer, using cape fear river fishing access points of our services rental cape fear river fishing access points shuttle this fee is included in the price.

Cape fear river fishing access points, please pay this fee at the gate, at our office or at Howards BBQ. We now accept credit fly fishing for steelhead salmon river for the ramp fee!

During summer months the river current is very slow and allows for easy paddles up and downstream. A lot of folks can put in at this access point and have flexibility of going upstream for as long as they choose to without being committed to the river. No commitment to the distance and no shuttle to worry about. Another option is to paddle downstream. There is the Wildlife Rd.

Try using chicken livers or chunks of Mackeral. Light tackle inshore fishing with bait and artificials in the River can produce some awesome catches with double digit flounder, bull reds and gator trout the results.

Lillington to Wildlife Rd. We call this trip Easy float and offer it for either 1 or 2 hour options. If you like longer and more challenging runs, then Lillington to Erwin is the trip to consider. It is a very scenic run with numerous Class I and II rapids. Paddle in remote areas of the river, where the sight of a Bold Eagle or Great Blue Herron is a frequent occurrence.

We call this the 10 Mile Challenge. This is a public river access point that is managed by the Wildlife Commission of North Carolina. It is a popular river spot for fishermen, or if you want to shave off a couple miles from the trip to Erwin, making it an 8 mile run. It offers easy access and plenty of parking.

On sunny Saturdays it can get busy. Primitive limited fishing spots get filled fly fishing whisky decanter tray quick. This is a public river access point located in Erwin, NC. It offers a decent amount of parking on the upper section of the park, but very limited turn around space by the river. If you towing a trailer, you might have to unhook the trailer to turn around or carry your boats from the river to the parking lot.

In either case check it out before driving down the river access road. It gets busy on summer weekends and frequently there is a wait associated with loading boats.

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