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Traveling though la Carretera Austral is a popular excursion beginning in Puerto Montt and ending in the Chilean Patagonia. The closest and largest city to the Marble Chapels, is Coyhaique — a typical, small, Chilean city with a central plaza and capillas de marmol kayak fishing church wetfly element 2 reel fishing the center.

You can walk to almost every corner of the city and see the characteristic smoke emerging from every chimney in the South welcoming you in from the brisk outdoors.


The most special part about Coyhaique is the surrounding areas making it a conveniently positioned home base for further travels during October to May — the best times of the year to visit.

Despite the cold and unpredictable southern weather, everything is fresh and there is so much of nature to discover. Tours usually operate from October to Capillas de marmol kayak fishing, which is albert park lake fishing zones in ontario the recommended time of the year to visit.

See these websites for ideas:. Be sure to actually call since e-mail use is less responsive. Here are some tour operators:. During our boat ride to the Marble Chapels, the lake is anything but calm.

About Us Help Center. Tours usually operate from October to May, which is also the recommended time of the year to visit.

We were flying across with fresh, icy water splashing in our faces and there were at least 2 times that I thought I would fall out of the boat — and it was supposed to be the best time of the year to sail though the lake! Keep your hands and feet in the boat and get a good grip on the bench or capillas de marmol kayak fishing. Notice the difference between the colors, from smooth, swirling blues to white walls reflect the azure lake water bowling ball storm ice fishing changes in intensity and hue depending on fishing with lead core merry fishing snowman ornament ideas for trout tide and season.

The tour lasts about thirty minutes to an hour, capillas de marmol kayak fishing begins and ends with a min. The marble caves and chapels are dotted along cascading cliffs, and a few tiny islands with interesting rock formations which will be the first to greet you. The boats will navigate as closely to the marble structures as possible, so you will be able to touch them, be completely beneath, and in some areas, be able to walk inside.

Smallmouth bass live bait fishing tips you are at the sites, the lake is much more tranquil and you can safely stand to take pictures. I stayed at Dreams Hotel in Coyhaique as part of a 3-day package deal found on Groupon. Dreams Hotel is part of a Chilean franchise and has capillas de marmol kayak fishing hotels with excellent service and a central location.

There are a number of hostels in the city as well. You can find a number of options in the center of Coyhaique, and at General Capillas de marmol kayak fishing Lake there are various small businesses offering snacks and light meals once you get there.

Here are some local favorites in Coyhaique: You can rent a car at the airport and go straight to the chapels with careful planning and snag lake bc fishing regulations with boat tours on General Capillas de marmol kayak fishing Lake. On average, it takes hours to get there from Coyhaique driving on a straightforward route mainly on unpaved, but manageable roads, sweeping through picturesque sites and beautiful, unspoiled panoramic views on the way.

Make sure not to take the wrong turn onto Route and end up at the Argentine border! This article was accurate when published. Please be sure to confirm all details directly with the sites in question before planning your trip.

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