crooked lake mn walleye fishing

Crooked lake mn walleye fishing


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crooked lake mn walleye fishing

Has anyone out there fished crooked lake near Anoka? Is it worth my time? I fish it all the time in the summer. In the spring the crappies spawn up in the bay. There are decent fish out there but you have to look for them. I would try the deeper whole over by the park.

I crooked lake mn walleye fishing fished it only a couple times this winter and only found the smaller sunfish. This lake it loaded gulf coast fishing trips texas sunfish and has a good supply of crappies.

Last spring or the spring before they stocked it with walleye and catfish. I have caught the walleye but they are still just fry. In a couple years if the sunfish getting weeded to a more managable size this should be a really decent lake. I lived on Round lake blvd in Coon Rapids a few years back.

Get a good lake map and start on the sharp dropoffs near the classic feeding flats. Apparently someone got wet feet there earlier in the day.

I would take my boat to crooked mostly to make sure everything was working in the spring but always had a pole in the boat. I found the lake was full of 5" sunfish, some nice bass and pike. There were several locals who hit it hard after work for Bass.

I would give it a shot as it is a small body of water and you should crooked lake mn walleye fishing some action. Thanks for the info. I also launched my boat earlier this year dreher island state recreation area fishing see if it was working.

In doing so I trolled for a bit and hooked my biggest pike of the season, in the 10 pound range. I was thinking of hitting that lake also since I live in CR. I thought I read a couple years ago crooked lake mn walleye fishing they the DNR were putting an airator system out there - is this true? If itis true the fishing should pick up becuase I know that it used to get killed off pretty regular and had a heck of a algae problem.

I would be nice though if they could get that lake to come back. I drive by the lake everyday and have not seen an aerator?

crooked lake mn walleye fishing

That would be nice if they put one in. Since you live in CR, are there any lakes in the area you would recommend? I grew up on the eastern side of the cities where there are good lakes everywhere. Crappeye, The Miss at the CR Dam gives up alot of fish in the back water areas - not the main channel, mostly crappie and some wallys and northerns.

Also, they have Lake Cernaiko in the park for trout but it gets an ungodly amount of pressure at the beginning of the trout season but I guess it gives up some nice trout see trout forum. Crooked Lake has some decent fish in there. You can also get into some good ice fishing too. A lot of the fish will be low stocked pits masterclass carp fishing techniques but there are larger schools crooked lake mn walleye fishing fish out there.

I like to work the breaks out from the beach and the fishing dock by the park. The weeds yellowstone river fly fishing billings hold to the bottom of the breaks and the weedline is a perfect transition area for all species in Crooked Lake.

Largemouth, crappies, gills, and pike will use it. If you can find the transition area then punch holes right along that, hoping from hole to hole until you locate fish. Most of the fish in the deep hole will be smaller, so look elsewhere crooked lake mn walleye fishing you want a decent catch. The breaks just south of the 26 foot hole fishing guide townsend tn koa another good spot to try throughout the winter season.

Or else the north side of the hole in about feet of water towards the lip of the 20 foot basin. At only about acres, Crooked Lake acklins bone fishing top choice a good lake to play around with.

I had no action on the tip-up. Decided to kill hesperia lake fishing rules in texas morning fishing Crooked today. Got there about 8, saw 2 perms and 1 portable, but all were unoccupied. I started in 12 feet of water to the right of the park dock.

crooked lake mn walleye fishing

Ended up with 7 keeper bluegill all around 8 inchesbut you had to sort through many to find that size. Kept catching the tiny perch all day. Also hooked up with 7 bass, all released per regs the smallest went I was fishing away from the other folks on the lake, and the fish responded accordingly. The Marcum would be lit up pretty good, but when some kids started cornwall fishing safaris in tanzania around near my house and yelling, everything vanished.

It was like the fish, conditioned by crowds, avoided "human noise". Cumberland river striper fishing tennessee the same thing when cardinia dam fishing in washington fisherman came to see how I was doing.

The DNR tried some different management with the respect of walleye stocking. They decided to try fry stocking in the spring. They would electrofish in the late summer or early fall to see if the fry stocking was successful. If not, they would trout fishing ponds near me fingerlings the fall. I have caught the walleyes and for the most part are were still fingerling fishing parks in peoria az. Fished it a couple times this ice but not a whole lot to show for it.

I would try the whole or the edges of the whole off of the dock. The points crooked lake mn walleye fishing offer some action as well. Good to see a few of us from the northern suburbs.

Coon Lake is a decent lake as well, Crapp-eye. I was out on Centerville last night no luck though. I hope to get a fish finder soon which should improve my chances.

The fish like their peace and quiet on this lake, so the farther from people, the better at least in my few experiences there this season. Fishing bait for grass carp can toggle between your preferred forum view just below to the left on the main forum entrance.

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Up North Bass Fishing on Crooked Lake

It removes a potential barrier of entry for members only. It puts the spotlight on topics themselves, and not the hierarchical forum structure. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Posted December 29, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted December 30, RiverRat, I drive by the lake everyday and have not seen an aerator? How much ice is on Crooked now? Posted January 1, I heard Crooked Lake was crooked lake mn walleye fishing stocked a few weeks ago.

Did anyone else hear about this? Posted January 3, Posted January 6, strike king fishing shoes by zeko shoes January 7, I also know that in it was stocked with 2, yearling channel catfish as well.

I plan to go out Friday night. Which lake would you suggest I try Coon or Crooked? This topic is now closed to further replies. Thanks for the reply. Apparently someone got wet feet there earlier in the day. I ended up at Lawrence Lake Marina just north of Brownsville yesterday.

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