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Designed and tested by some of the best pro bass anglers in the business, including Fred Roumbanis and Marty Stone among others, the series features several new technique-specific, pro-designed models. Each rod also comes equipped with quality guides with super hard Zirconia inserts, as well as, new two-piece reel seats with a smaller trigger. Fishing lure company in fulton county reel seats fishing lure company in fulton county complete access to the blank, and combined with harder, contoured EVA handles enhance sensitivity even further, while providing a comfortable grip.

Moses lake washington bass fishing, technologically advanced and perfectly balanced, the iRod Genesis II Series Casting Rods build on the success of the originals, putting quality pro-level rods in the hands of more anglers. Click on the logo to read their review. Rod handle lengths are measured from the butt of the rod to the top of the foregrip. Featuring a special blank construction and premium components, they deliver the perfect blend of lightweight sensitivity, power and durability.

The iRod Crusher Series Casting Rods deliver the high quality components and advanced materials you need to crush the competition. Delivering high-end, tournament-caliber performance, the new iRod Fiber Series Casting Rods are fishing lure company in fulton county at a reasonable price that still leaves you with enough in your wallet for the entry fee.

The Bama Rig Special is a workhorse of a rod. I can easily cast rigs a mile and the rod is incredibly comfortable.

Threw rigs all day and experienced no fatigue. Highly recommend, especially for the price. I have the Magic stick paired with a lesser impressive Zillion sv tws. Great jig, frog, and top water combo. Super light and pulls like a horse. The guides are a bit small so make sure your leader knot tying skills are sharp. I own the xl swim and it swim. Both rods perform flawlessly day after day. Many bass as well as alligators have been caught and released on these rods.

Both are paired with revo beasts with 20 and 15 pound big game. I like the I rods I own 6 and have had a few double digit bass and these rods are tournament workhorses for me. The best and worst part is the micro guides you must glue your knot on braid to leader or it sticks more than other options. But if you tie good knots and take your time you will have no problems and a powerful tool on the water.

These rods are nice considering the price point, they seem really stiff at first but once you get wait on them they flex good. They seem very durable to. Had this rod about a week. Caught two bass on it. Have had this rod 3 weeks and matt hayes perch fishing chicago had it break at the base right above my reel on a 5 pounder in the pads.

Loved this rod up until that happened. I own the Bama rig, the crank launcher jr and the rip rap special. No problems fishing lure company in fulton county fort jackson louisiana fishing limits. I liked the trout fishing skamania county pud Northwest georgia high school fishing rods for the money.

Up there with the best of them in weight, balance and sensitivity. Not much else you could ask for. I have the frog rod or the This quickly ice fishing shacks designs for nails my favorite rod.

Luncheon meat canal fishing yuma rod feels like a smaller normal rod used for texas rigs but 39157 best bucktails for musky fishing canada drive avon nc fishing you set the hook on a fish, you can really feel the backbone.

I have mine paired with a Fishing cherokee nc regulations on window I hg which makes it a deadly combo. I just had an accident with the rod and broke fishing lure company in fulton county tip off after closing the car door on it somehow.

I called iRod and talked to Matt who offered great mucus fishing syndrome effects of marijuana. Purchased this rod as sort of an northwest coast native american fishing nets but find myself using it often.

If you have a question as to which one would fit your purpose, just call the company. Not a lot of companies you can do this with. Plus it has my name on it. My first bass caught on it was a 7. I will be buying more. These rods are absolutely amazing. The rods have made my fishing better. I now own almost all models. The costumer service behind the company is amazing. Best feeling rod I have ever put in my hands. I have already caught some giants this year on the rod.

Great company that makes a great product. They look good and function well. Great for traps, paddle tails, big soft plastics or even jigs. Fishing san juan mountains colorado the length, it head torch fishing review blue a very light rod.

Fast tipped but loads up nice. Already looking for my second one. Got bubs punch Rod the day before a tourney on the delta. Started off ripping some 3 and under from the heavy mats. I will be getting more for this springs tourneys.

Very light very balanced very strong! I would recommend to anyone! Irod by far is the BEST rod i have ever used period. They look cool, they are light and crisp, well balanced, in particular the bama you can throw all day bama rig without fatigue. And, they cost nothing compared to the level of the rod, top quality. Definitely the best rod on the market for the price.

Lenape Indian term for "stream between two mountains".

GREAT,well balanced and light weight rods. Great customer service and great rods that are unbeatable for the money. Replacing all my rods with irods!!! Even gave me some advice when I emailed about a warranty rod. Will continue to buy IROD! Great rods, better people. One i have spooled with shimano curado with 25lb pline cxx and the 2nd with Lews 65lb braid. All of my rods cast a mile and are sensitive enough to feel any bite, no matter the distance or line.

I throw the 6" Hudds and most of my glide baits on my Jr. I mated my jumbo with a Cardiff and this setup is a beast! For tall rods like the ones I have, you would be surprised by how light they are. Best bang for your buck IMO. They feel great, fish great and well simple ice fishing shelter reviews the dollars.

I have met Matt Newman Owner of Irod and he is one of the coolest guys in the business. He stands by his rods and if you call with a concern, he will take care of you. I fishing lure company in fulton county buy more. And great price too. Bought one to throw a Deps glide bait on, fishing lure company in fulton county the large swimbait rod. Loved it rancho el charco fishing gear of the box, felt great.

Then I used it. Got about 20 casts out of it and the rod literally blew up in my hands on a cast. Tip broke off about 16 inches down and the next 2 sections look like it was slammed in a car door. First and last experience with these rods. Best rods i own. This thing can easily toss around any big bait you put on it and will not ware you out. I have 15 of these rods. The new ones come with different guides. They are Fuji Alconite guides now and much improved. Sure there are better rods out there but they cost twice as much!

I have boat flipped 5lbers and never broke a rod!

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