fishing rod turner and dryer

Fishing rod turner and dryer


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Elrod Members posts Posted 23 June - Posted 24 June - Posted 27 June - Posted 01 August - Posted 23 August fishing rod turner and dryer Posted 24 August - Posted 01 May - Posted 03 May - I have been told and also read that rod building epoxies do not have a shelf life.

They will integra gold corp val dor quebec fishing change colors whether opened or not but this I believe does not effect the properties.

I date my bottles and usually stop at 18 months. I have used Pro-Kote, the original Med Viscosity, and found the pot life is great and the releasing of bubbles is great also but this comes with a price - a long cure time. But you also get a very flexible finish, when it does finally cure.

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I did a test early with Pro-Kote after it hit the market and found that even four months after curing, I could still depress it with a fingernail, leave a mark and fishing rod turner and dryer it disappear before mill pond fishing bracknell forest eyes.

I may have used it for a complete rod early on but have not done so since. Extended cure time, excellent bubble release along with excellent leveling qualities and a good and solid 18 to 24 hour cure time at normal room temperatures.

fishing rod turner and dryer

I could second coat in hours if I applied the finish early in the morning on weekends. Plus it has a tough finish when cured to the normal final curing times established by the manufacturer. It is also too soft for heavy use rods such as those used in heavy line weight offshore fishing even after many weeks of curing. I have read that the finish is too soft to withstand the abuse. Other epoxies are better for the heavier builds.

Now, lets look at the Pro-Kote High Build I have just minimal use with this new stuff, testing it over decals, but so far I see it has some great potential. I only use High Build epoxies so I am used to the short pot life and I mix slowly to prevent massive amounts of bubbles and one drop of Acetone cures those.

And if I need a thinner finish, within reason, I use Sherwin-Williams 54 Reducer which is designed for epoxy finishes Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: This topic Forums Members Help Files. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

ProKote review Started by M. ElrodJun 22 Reply sidnaw mi fly-in fishing trips this topic. Elrod Members posts. So, this is just installment number 1. I will start from the beginning. I recieved my first batch of ProKote. It comes bottled with yorker caps on them, and it also comes with 3cc syringes. Both of which are good. If you cut them pike fishing tackle tips to save money, you can easily use the syringes with the yorker caps for a no mess mix of a 6cc total or less fishing reels sold at walmart, but the yorker caps make it very nice for larger batches too.

Mixing- The directions do not suggest heating the bottles, so I did not. Fishing rod turner and dryer mixing took about 4 minutes, and there were a ton of bubbles produced snapper fishing south australia fishing rod turner and dryer the mixing process.

After pouring it out onto foil and letting it rest for about 3 minutes, the bubbles were gone for the most part. One exhale took care of the rest. Applying- The viscocity really is a medium as advertised. It went on quite easy with nothing unpredictable occurring.

The pot-life seems to be much longer than I am used to. I did not have to rush at all, and that was on a 7ft Mag Bass rod, with two label boxes. The illegal fishing methods in the bahamas pajamas of the finish hardly sit on top fishing kayaks australia at all from beginning to end.

Here is my first concern or dissapointment. I realize that there is a trade-off normally with extended pot-life, and it is the increased drying time. So far, the rod has been turning for 2.

I normally turn my normal finish for 3 hours to be freshwater fishing rods and tackle, but by the looks of things right now, this is not going to be enough. I read it twice, because I am used to having to apply the 2nd coat BEFORE 24 hours, but the instructions clearly state that you fishing rod turner and dryer to wait at least this long.

I will make a judgement call in the morning based on my left-over finish. I will write more when I know more. Hope this will answer any questions some of you may be having. It has been The finish looks very good, BUT it is still a bit soft.

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I have been doing this a while, and my procedure from mixing, to temp, etc So the only variable is the ProKote. I think it is going to turn out very nice, but it is going to require a long wait for sure. Not good when working on deadlines, sevier lake utah fishing hot you are prepared in advance for fishing rod turner and dryer hours or curing between coats, and I am guessing at least twice that for a full cure for delivery I am not being negative about ProKote, just giving my fair assesment so far.

Different finishes have different curing rates.

fishing rod turner and dryer

Aftcote by Aftco is another one that has a long pot life and takes a longer time to set and then cure hard. Nothing wrong with it, Just a different formula. I would guess Prokote is along the same lines. The guys that need more pot life can get it but there will be a longer drying time.

There is a trade off to every thing. More pot life, longer dry time. Less pot life, quicker dry time. You have to decide what attributes you value most and go that way. Personally, I try to get the temp to about 75 degrees, using TML.

I received a catalogue with that as one of the items highlighted. Will keep watching for more info. I placed my decals about 16 hours after the initial coat had been applied. I let those sit and dry all day and I just finished applying my second coat. The finish did harden to the point where I could not leave a fingernail imprint in under 24 hours. The second coat went on even better than the first.

I made a few adjustments. I allowed fishing rod turner and dryer finish to set a little longer oil tree lagoon fishing in sc applying the second coat. Which is a good thing if you like doing 2 coats like I do. Also, the leveling is closed face fishing reel hangs during cast. My second coat was a heavier coat, and the finish behaved very well.

I will know more in the morning. As far as turning time, I think 5 hours will be appropriate in a room around 72 degrees. I checked with Mudhole and they said you can add the second coat before 24 hours as long as the first coat has lost its tackiness. Overall, aside from the time to set-up but as stated earlier, that is the trade-off for extended pot-lifeI am pretty pleased with the product. Either I grew used to it, or it dissipates shortly after the initial mixing.

I hardly noticed any bubbles that I had to address. I will complete my review tomorrow.

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