fishing with rod coho cafe

Fishing with rod coho cafe


Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register. Send this topic Print. I dont go out specifically targetting coho water because i just like to go fishing but i do manage to get some anyhow. Check out our new blog http: Actually I find it differently than what Hook describes it as.

The coho I have found usually are nowhere near where the chum and springs are. The springs like the deep stuff and the coho will usually stay away from the springs and hug the edges. Just from my observations. Lets just say i have found them everywhere LOL but then again i have had huge numbers of big springs in less then 3 feet of water also fishing with rod coho cafe you couldnt crab fishing bc coastal wolves them sitting there which was awesome.

I find i catch more jack springs when fly fishing then i do coho and the coho i get tend to be wild like say 5 to 1 needless to say i dont get very many hatchery coho which im fine with anyways cause i just like to fish and dont kill to much anymore. Fishing malibu creek state park - just go fishing, pick an area to explore and you will find some fish and if not then have other options.

fishing with rod coho cafe

Unless you find a great spot right away then try different areas each time which will help to learn the river alot more and even find uncrowded areas with loads of fish. Fishing with rod coho cafe year I figured out to be a little more consistent with the coho. Here is a pic from sunday. September 05, Has anybody been out fishing with rod coho cafe hatzic lake fishing bc british columbia coho on the fly yet?

Buffalo creek fly fishing vacations am looking for a few coho patterns to tie for the river this year. I am a rookie "coho" fly fisherman. Most of my experience has been honed on stillwater lakes but I am really interested to give the river go this year.

At the end of the day, there is nothing like releasing a bright steelhead like this back into its native waters.

I read an article about Kelly Davidson sp? I believe that is how his KCK fly pattern developed.

I dont have a picture of it but my best coho fly besides the rolled muddler is an Xmas tree variation. September 30, Hook, Thanks for the detailed break-out. Oh yeah, I stumbled into an interesting article last night from Steelheader Magazine. This may be of interest to those who tie. I am going to tie up a few of these too.

fishing with rod coho cafe

Rybar Full Member Offline Posts: Olive wooley bugger in the Cap works everytime. Do u think that the coho will take trout beads or glow bugs under an indicator its basically tghe same thing as the drift fisherman right??

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