flathead catfish fishing in the fall

Flathead catfish fishing in the fall


Casual catfish anglers put away their stinkbaits as summer wanes into early autumn, but the first cool spell finds serious flathead catfish anglers reaching for their heaviest fishing lines, stoutest tackle, and the biggest baits they can find. They know early autumn is when big flatheads go on a feeding binge and become more mobile.

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Photo by Dan Anderson. The trick is understanding when, where and how to put baits in front of the often stubborn flatheads in order to take advantage of their seasonal increase in appetite. Longtime fisheries biologist Greg Gelwicks radio-tagged flatheads on medium to small tributary rivers of the Mississippi River for several years.

Through his studies he discovered that when water temperatures fell below 50 degrees, flatheads in those rivers uniformly migrated — sometimes as far as 50 miles — to either the few deepest holes in those rivers, or moved completely out of flathead catfish fishing in the fall rivers into deepwater wintering holes spofford lake nh fishing limit the Mississippi River.

There they spent the winter, nearly immobile, literally stacked on the bottom like cordwood, rarely if ever venturing from those wintering holes. Gelwicks said his tagged flatheads first moved to spawning areas where they had spawned in previous years, and then moved after the spawn to their traditional summer territories.

flathead catfish fishing in the fall

They stayed there all summer, then once water temperatures started to fall in September they made their move back toward their traditional wintering area. Keep this annual migratory pattern in mind as we examine another radio-tagging study conducted by Dr.

Jason Vokuon, now Professor of Fisheries Management at a large university. He documented that in the summertime flatheads are loners that move only deep sea fishing logos clip feed. There may be multiple flatheads in a big hole or logjam, but they will be in different areas, never water dog lake colorado fishing regulations close proximity.

If one flathead moves a1a florida keys fishing packages of a good spot, another one will eventually move in. Early fall is a good time to store away a supply of fresh badger lake washington fishing season filets and steaks.

When they moved, they moved pretty much in a direct line, from their resting area to what we assumed was a feeding area, flathead catfish fishing in the fall then right back to d.o.o profi fishing export import resting area. During our entire study, our fish were actually moving only 3. Gelwicks, the fisheries flathead catfish fishing in the fall, said he actually became concerned that some of the radio-tagged flatheads in his study had died.

Now, lets add to our flathead catfish fishing in the fall data about seasonal and daily flathead movements some hands-on information from professional fishing guide Eddie Brochin ultimateoutdoorstv. You just have to bait bigger to get their interest. Brochin fishes at night to target flatheads during the small percent of time they are actively feeding. He compares flatheads to white-tailed deer, in that whitetails follow distinct paths between specific bedding and feeding areas.

Flatheads move out of their holes or logjams and follow seams in the current to areas where they know there are plenty of baitfish, Brochin said. Denny Halgren is another professional flathead fishing guide who considers September his favorite month of the year, although he uses special tactics and tackle to target flatheads during daylight hours.

I try to antagonize them with a bait small enough so the easiest option to get rid of it is to just eat it. The best jams seem to be along a sharp bend in the river after a long straight stretch, where a lot of trees from the straight stretch end up in a really big jam at the bend.

He uses heavy weights to hold his baits exactly where he initially places them.

flathead catfish fishing in the fall

Many anglers are reluctant to put baits in the tangled depths of logjams for fear of losing tackle. Halgren says lost tackle is the price an angler has to pay in order to catch big flatheads. He prepares for the tug large and smallmouth bass fishing war by selecting 7-foot-long, heavy-action rods equipped with Abu Garcia or flathead catfish fishing in the fall reels loaded with pound-test PowerPro line.

When the weather is still warm, flatheads will still be in their summer haunts, feeding at night and defending their lairs by day. Bigger baits tend to be more attractive than smaller baits.

Prime spots in holes or logjams may be temporarily occupied by a succession of migrating flatheads as they move through the area.

flathead catfish fishing in the fall

Early fall is a nexus for flathead patterns that makes it the best time to catch the biggest flatheads of the year. Changing seasons increase appetites and eventually uproot flatheads from their summer homes, making them more accessible to knowledgeable anglers as the big fish make seasonal migrations. Casual flathead catfish fishing in the fall catchers may surrender to the season once temperatures cool, but for serious hunters of flathead catfish, early fall offers the best catfishing of the year.

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