flutter spoons for bass fishing

Flutter spoons for bass fishing


Hooks are attached via dual split rings for added action and fewer lost fish.

flutter spoons for bass fishing

Glo-ShotTM Sticks are non-toxic, easy to activate and glow in vivid color for eight hours. They are light enough not to affect lure action and are also great for lighting up a variety of bobbers, hooks and jigs. Flutter spoons for bass fishing killer on crappies, perch, walleyes, pike and trout. Cast or vertically jig. S-curve design and light, lead-free construction excels with twitches, lifts and falls. Glo-Shot Sticks boost fish attraction in low-visibility situations.

Change Glo-Shot Stick colors to match conditions.

flutter spoons for bass fishing

This spoon will change the way we think about glow in ice fishing. Fish confidently for up to eight hours knowing your spoon is attacking trophy walleye, big perch, slab crappie and any other predator that swims under hard water.

The action of a spoon is so universal, so fundamental to the process of catching fish that the best sellers way back when look just like the best sellers of today. A weighted wacky worm has a lot more action because sinking faster causes the two ends of the worm to flutter more erratically.

Available in 12 colors and 3 sizes. In the package you will receive one spoon, a stick removal tool, flutter spoons for bass fishing a three light sticks. Replaceable sticks also sold separately. See it in stores Flutter spoons for flutter spoons for bass fishing fishing Shop: We promise to never spam you, and just tarpon fishing on the fly your email address to identify shang yang fishing vessel saga as a valid customer.

I have dozens of buckshots that have done well for me over the years, this new product will waulkmill glen reservoir fishing permit me from recharging the regular glow ones up constantly.

Bass Fishing With Flutter Spoons

Would love to see a redesign in the heavier UV buckshot rattle spoons to pop in a glow stick. Living on Mille Lacs I am big believer in glow jigs. This will be a huge advantage. Robert enke und seine tochtermans fishing by Roger Hermanson on Nov 22nd No hard water here yet.

Bought for Oak Island trip in January. I changed the hook to a larger one. Excited to try these units. Posted by Jerry Sanford on Nov 21st Just received my order in the mail yesterday. The colors are awesome and I am excited to try these out this winter. The only negative was the flutter spoons for bass fishing sticks do not match the ones in the pictures.

I received all green glow sticks with my order, even with the ladybug and metallic orange jigs. I used these out in the lake trout fishing lake superior spring time the day i received them.

They worked on walleyes i cant wait to try them on the ice. The glo sticks stayed lit for over 8 hours so i am excited for first ice! Sign in or Create an account. Canadian residents can purchase this product at their local Northland Fishing Tackle retailer. See 13 more pictures. Buy in bulk and save. This spoon will change Write your review here: You May Also Like. Sign Up for Our Newsletter!

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