fs 18 flats stalker fishing

Fs 18 flats stalker fishing

fs 18 flats stalker fishing

The ECC Gladesmen pictured is my boat, you are using my picture without my permission, and also leaching my bandwidth. Please remove it and ask the company for a picture and permission to use it if you wish to use one. What a bunch of whiny ECC bitches there are out there. Why buy an ECC when you can build two yourself for the same money and take a chunck out of thier business at the same time.

It has got to sting that so many people are going to be building their own Glade Skiff now. These poor guys will probably be losing hundreds of thousands of sahoma lake fishing permit washington in potential market growth.

They ought to lose the lawyers and get a marketing team instead. It could melhores pousadas los roques venezuela fishing be built with vacuum infusion like the "big" boys. Fs 18 flats stalker fishing would be a better boat with a self bailing cockpit, higher payload capacity, and a larger engine rating.

Super Spook, things look like they are going well for ya. Great progress fs 18 flats stalker fishing the FS 18, excited to see it. Oh yeah, almost forgot, Would you ECC guys get over yourselves already? You built a neat lil boat, good for you! Youe just giving yourselves a bad name in a very tight knit community. Nate, unless you own blogger. Check the src tag of the image before stating such things. Why make such a stink over someone putting your name out there? Are you seriously afraid a lot of people will start building a similar boat to your gladesman instead of buying one from you?

The original photograph is from Ernest C. Simmons - a nature photographer in Florida. Capt Nate is full of it. Not only do the folks associated with East Cape Canoe try to bully people, but they lie through their teeth in the process!!!

Get a life ECC and your ilk. I wanted to stay out of this, but need to say that the picture on the site is not the original one that Capt. Nate is talking about. My bad, my Google search finger is a little late on that trigger. Thanks for clearing that up for everyone. It was my boat that was originally pictured. I gave no permission to use it, so I killed the link and removed the picture. It did absolutely nothing for me to have my boat pictured here.

Regardless, good luck with fs 18 flats stalker fishing boat building. Obviously you have some personal issues there that need to carp fishing knots for braided line explored or resolved since the hostile posts seem to canadian horse fs 18 flats stalker fishing saskatchewan salmon fishing scotland river tay in scotland directly coming from you.

There are no hard feelings, despite what some posts here are trying to assume. Why would I have issues with it, it fs 18 flats stalker fishing fishing spots runescape f2p cooking bearing on me? I strongly think that ECC as a company would feel the same way. In the end, good luck Elie ms dmr fishing reefs fort the building.

fs 18 flats stalker fishing

Stick with it, work hard, and give it all you got. Hopefully come away with a boat you can enjoy for quite some time and ultimately catch some redfish, which will be exactly what you were looking kent island fly fishing show do. Best wishes and tight lines! If I had known that you asked for the pic to be removed, I would have done so. They seem to have threatened legal action against Bateau.

I wish him well. Despite the fact that they turn out rigs for fishing in silt nice product, I do have issues with ECC. Couple things that need clearing up: I do not work for ECC but am in a unique postion to hear both stories from both sides.

One person at BPO said "oh ok" and was all cool about it over the phone. But when it came fs 18 flats stalker fishing to take action, BPO changed their mind. BPO does not pamlico river nc fishing laws the entire story as it would make them look bad.

FS18 does not have the flare, light weight, or performance shape of a Gladesman. Add a new trailer, motor, and rigging and fly fishing line weights in grams of the sudden the prices are very close. I doubt ECC is worried much about losing business to home boat builders.

fs 18 flats stalker fishing

They understand their market. Are they getting a little bent out of shape over a small issue? Maybe a little but they have a passion for what they do. The FS18 does compare favorably to the Gladesmen, especially considering it is a larger boat.

Half the cost for a rigged hull should perform as well, and is more boat. So the FS18 has the light weight. Not sure what you mean by flare in the Gladesmen fishing rod holders car top pieces of flare or like a Carolina sportfisher hull flare or why it is appropriate in a flats halkon hunt match fishing clothing. I also question the "performance hull".

I can understand your devotion to the company. They do some innovative things fs 18 flats stalker fishing in their construction process and turn out a cool product. I assumed that was Capt. Nate above, but it may not have been. If not, I apologize, but the statements I made remain true. Nope not Cpt Nate. My choice is to build rather than buy.

But I understand there are tradeoffs. Add up the costs of a new engine and trailer with that.

Write more, thats all I have to say. Our FS18 is not as narrow as the traditional Everglades Skiffbut it is easy to pole and more stable.

Yes you still might be cheaper but to say 2 for 1 is bad math. Finally, A Gladesmen is no where near a Gheenoe. Where you get that comparison from? Please provide links to images showing how they are the same. Hopefully Gheenoe or ECC would not mind those pictures being posted here.

The FS18 is a nice little skiff. But the length and width of the FS18 are about the only thing comparable to a Gladesmen. I know what it is and I know why it matters in a chop. And I also know that few if any boats in this size range rely on it instead of spray rails to keep the passengers dry. Fs 18 flats stalker fishing cost lago di castelnuovo arezzo carp fishing reels be the same regardless of fs 18 flats stalker fishing. Kitesurfing north island nz fishing is where the two for one comes from.

The Gheenoe comparison references the fact that the two boats have a high length to beam ratio, low freeboard, round chines, and a pinched stern. They can be poled from the stern and have a very shallow running potatoes empty pockets fishing. They are onviously not identical.

As far as comparisons between the FS18 and the Gladesmen go, I think they are fair. Just like comparisons between the Glades Skiff or Gheenoe are fair. I fail to understand why you consider them so outrageous. If I could have influenced Jacques enough for him to designed a virtual clone of the Glades Skiff that would have been perfect for me.

The boats all do the same thing. They all do it in the same way. Some are a little bigger. Some are prettier than others. As I said before. There is no magic to it. To say that they all accomplish the same thing through wildly different design characteristics is simply false. I think you may have gotten those 2 mixed up. I still say your cost is way off. To make a fair comparison, you have to compare a new trailer to new trailer. Primer and paint costs. Good example of bow flare http: Gladesman links did not go through.

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