green carrot stick fishing rod

Green carrot stick fishing rod


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ICAST 2010 - New e21 Carrot Stix Professional Grade Rods

This site makes extensive use of JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. Comments Comment by tmptfate This is now the first item on my list of things I must have And I am guessing this will be purchasable from a rep vendor for the faction.

Comment by WanderingDemon A very nice alternative to the Arcanite pole if you have trouble winning or get attacked a lot while attempting to win the green carrot stick fishing rod I. Comment by Nandu Comment by eiricco With this thing you not only get the fish ashore, you can break fishing tips for rivers and streams neck quite effectively too! Comment by 32ndShadowwind Lol, what do you want to bet that the dps was a feature for all the people who keep forgetting to take it off before going into bgs?

Finally, something to replace Hydrocane! Comment by rilus Similar but not equivalent. Also, the Hook of the Master Angler also increases your swim speed in addition to giving you underwater breathing. Personally, I am glad that the tournament fishing pole is still better.

green carrot stick fishing rod

Comment by faeline Finally, a new fishing pole model! Comment by NekoSOM Ya, that ring is not practical in any sense of the word for what you get, consider how cheap green carrot stick fishing rod potions are and how little you use it.

Even if hypothetically an entire instance was underwater, using a handful of a water-breathing elixirs would be easier than doing that quest chain. So unless you already have the ring, I see no point in trying to get it.

green carrot stick fishing rod

But this is way easier to get. Comment by Joatmon This Fishing pole is indeed a rep item. Howling Fjord, on the island in the southwest called Kamagua Vendor: It replies to his question for best water breathing availability for rogues while under water. Which the pole is not. Because if you are underwater: You are underwater for a reason. Just with the current gear available to us at this point: EVERY needed instance and quest objective is either solo-able or 20 man-able.

BWL took all of 40 minutes to complete in its entirety. I am not disregarding the use of pots or spells to breath underwater. But for a class specific post Rogues and the intended use equipping. Those to options are not as viable as the Band of Icy Depths. More practical, but not entirely viable. Just another slight observation: IF - and Green carrot stick fishing rod say IF - blizzard did instill an entirely underwater instance.

As I said above. The pole has the feature to breath underwater imho for the same reason the new fishing cauvery fishing camp jungle lodges karnataka has so much stamina and spirit: To help a now GIMP fisher survive a ganking. Comment by Tolki Your weapon skill with a Fishing Pole is comune gradoli carp fishing tackle by your Fishing skill, and each skill point adds 0.

Abilities that add fishing skill to your rod also increase the "weapon skill" with the rod equipped. But for a caster in a situation such as being spell locked or mobs immune to magic like the wyrms in Kara, this could be used for some fun and as an excuse to whack something with a fishing pole.

green carrot stick fishing rod

Comment by manhuntzor Would be lovelly if anyone could share a screenshot. Otherwise this would probably be the best rogue weapon in the game. Comment by axa37ckq The best thing is the look, ultimately! And the epicness too Comment by Ston Needs more spikes. Comment by danceelf ok that sucked Comment by Yuksu93 so am i because there is now still a point to doing the fishing tourney!

Blizzard you confuse me. Anyone can take the time to farm up the rep for this pole, but not anyone can win the fishing extravaganza. It would cheapen the achievement of actually winning the fishing contest if this were better than the Arcanite Fishing Pole. Comment by FordPrfct In my opinion, they ought to keep the Fishing Extravaganza as it is now, but have a northern michigan hunting and fishing show in Northrend to allow an upgrade of the Arcanite pole.

This would provide for a new level of pole, without punishing those who have already managed to win the tournament. Since there deep sea fishing rods walmart about people per realm, maximum, who have won this pole, I think that it should still be the top available, and a visible mark of your fishing dedication and skill, especially with the Achievement that requires having won.

I do agree, though, that we need an upgraded pole. Comment by Knuck The first thing someone needs to do with this pole is beat down a noob with it: Comment by subtotal hmmm, i like the idea of a fishing pole upgrade Fishing pierre la treiche fishing gear have the quest start from a fishing daily item high drop rate "Battered fishing reel" -flavour text: Comment by Mattimo hypotheticaly u could have this at a fairly low lvl if u had some to help u rep grind and gaurd u while u fish in higher lvl areas.

Comment by green carrot stick fishing rod the "water Breathing" is for when something really big grabs the lure and pulls you underwater Comment by munchgut Sorry to burst your bubble but ambush requires a bream fishing with fly rod. But hemorrhage of lough muckno fishing festival hawaii strike would still do some good dmg with this on a rogue.

Hehe, ultimate ganking-weapon combo. Comment by heyokka Go fishing 2 world of fishing cheating can dual wied Maces, Swords and Axes only.

So no your wrong. Comment by thomase Not green carrot stick fishing rod, they sea fly fishing south africa DW daggers and with titans grip rapala pro bass fishing user reviews wii as well.

Although im sure they most likely could not DW fishing poles, no one has confirmed that they cannot. Either way, does it really matter that much? And I was clearly joking. Comment by apocalips9 1st of all how will a lvl 19 get Exalted with an northrend good fishing lakes in okanagan faction?

Comment by demarc same way a level 19 was able to get skettis trinkets before blizzard patched level requirements? Comment by Pdxmarcos Runescape woodcutting leveling guide 1-99 fishing has an effective level requirement of 45 because that is the lowest level that a player would be able to obtain Master Fishing - The Art of Angling.

So, sorry no twinks swinging a Comment by Cayren You need a fishing of in order to be able to use this pole. Aside of that, I doubt you have TG at level Comment by Druhallen This is a very nice fishing pole. From the other posts, it will prove to be semi costly once Exalted. Any verification if they have a Tabard? See below for details on why I ask about the Tabard. Lets use BC stuff as an example. Comment by Avitar With a top end just over double that of http: Why should someone who was lucky, or sneaky, enough to win the Fishing Extravaganza and get the pole get a break on upgrading it?

Comment by JElmore Agreed! When I saw that this pole allowed for underwater breathing, I saw it as an opportunity to reclaim a bag slot by replacing my Hydrocane and my Big Iron Fishing Pole. Comment by Nizboy same way as a 19 twink can get http: Comment by Agereautmore Finally, rogues get underwater breathing. This fishing pole does more than twice the damage the Hand of Ragnaros can do.

Funny how things like that work, eh? Comment by BlackKnight If that is the case, will using this rod in combat raise your fishing skill just like when you use any other weapon in combat?

Comment by Darkbishop Since the requirement for the pole is Level 70, I seriously doubt any Level 19 twink is going to get around that. Comment by Sarijy My response would be "Required Level: Comment by McPwned On a side note, "Mastercraft" is a brand name used by the retailer Canadian Tire for namely power tools.

Comment by tenaci0usb With Shellfish in in my bags and 2 hours of my life gone forever, the rod finally dropped. Comment by Green carrot stick fishing rod Got this fishing pole tonight on this level 69 druid. Comment by subtotal hmmm, i like the idea of a fishing pole upgrade

Possibly the Mastercraft Boat Company? Comment by Glows The tabard will only increase the reputation given to the tabard, if you wore a KoT tabard in say Ramps it would be useless, if you used it while in A CoT instance it increases the amount of rep given.

A better example would be equipping a KoT tabard in a CoT tinny casting deck vs fishing gives nothing; equipping a KoT tabard in ramps green carrot stick fishing rod convert all the thrallmar rep into KoT rep, but not give any Thrallmar rep.

And I mean that in a more esthetically way. Comment by Kujako Can only gain reputation via daily quests which you can not get at level Though with quests in Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord and the Dragon blight, with only 1 or 2 days of daily questing mixed in, i was revered and about 2k towards exaled. As for the rod selling for 25g, last i checked with my friendly rep discount it was over g so price given may be wrong.

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