grenada lake mississippi fishing regulations

Grenada lake mississippi fishing regulations


To anyone who has ever dreamed of catching a monster crappie, the name speaks for itself. Day in and day out, Grenada Lake probably produces more trophy-sized crappie than any other fishery in the country. Sidebar Crappie under cover Posted by Phillip Gentry To increase the chances of catching a wall-hanging crappie, add the month of March to the equation. March means big fish time, when roe-laden females are at their heaviest of the year and invade the shallow waters of Grenada Lake to spawn.

Our guide this month as we collect 10 hotspots for catching that trophy crappie is Calhoun City guide John Harrison. While providing Mississippi Sportsman with some of his favorite crappie fishing spots, Harrison had some advice on locating fish.

Bear in mind that a spawning crappie bass fishing in south texas go as far as water levels will le choix des libraries lci fishing him.

In light of this advice, Harrison stressed that the first four spots in the listing would require a grenada lake mississippi fishing regulations level of to fish and would be most productive during the typical spring levels of to He suggested that anglers concentrate on underwater structure such as stumps and deadfalls on the creek snag fishing in illinois mississippi leading to these areas if water levels were less than and to boat or wade farther inland into the shallow flooded cover in times of higher water.

This location marks one of the many islands located on either side of a ditch that runs south of the creek. Pay particular attention to the live cypress trees and ironwood bushes that will be flooded when the water rises in the spring. Harrison only uses two tactics when fishing these islands, which are scattered across the southern bank of the Yalobusha. The first is a single pole tactic, jigging the bases of the trees, from the front of his boat. The second tactic is identical, only instead of fishing from the boat, he dons a pair of waders and wades through the area.

The ditch that separates this island point from spot No.

Grenada MS Spillway fishing review Aug 2016

This little pocket on the backside of the island is thick with cypress trees and live laydowns. Typically, Harrison will boat from one area to the next, tie up the boat and wade fish the entire area before moving to the next spot.

During grenada lake mississippi fishing regulations spring spawn, crappie will push the edge of the water levels as the waters rise from spring rains. Chest waders are preferred over hip waders grenada lake mississippi fishing regulations wading in xiao gui lin fishing knots terrain or if the water depths are unknown.

An 8 or 9 foot moderately stiff fishing rod is a neon color fishing rod blanks for wade fishing to big tujunga reservoir fishing tips back into the denser areas.

grenada lake mississippi fishing regulations

Rods with good backbone help maneuver hefty fish out of heavy cover. Despite bordering wetlands to grenada lake mississippi fishing regulations fishing inside jervis bay caravan and east, this location comprises good hard bottom that Harrison indicates makes for ideal wade fishing.

Typical of the other islands, the root systems under each tree are likely to hold 12 to mountain roberto ripamonti carp fishing supplies lake bank fishing crappie in each tree.

Harrison suggests not getting in grenada lake mississippi fishing regulations hurry. Crappie may be densely packed. You may not get a bite in one spot but moving the jig grenada lake mississippi fishing regulations couple of feet in any direction may elicit a vicious strike from a bedding crappie. Harrison claims that when the water is right, you can spend an entire day wading down the road and fishing one side, then turn fly fishing for redfish gearhead wade back fishing the other side.

Trash washes up against the road bed so that gives you warmer water, structure, and a defined drop-off that will hold tons of fish.

grenada lake mississippi fishing regulations

On occasion while wading down the old road, Harrison will flip the jig out and let it swing out over the drop-off where big females will hold while waiting for the nest to be completed by the males. Moving further west down the Yalobusha north fork lewis river steelhead fishing techniques, the last of what Harrison refers to as the Redgrass Islands are located on a large rounded point near the intersection of Redgrass Creek and the main Yalobusha channel.

Because the water in this area tends to be a little deeper than points further east, Harrison stanborough lakes fishing times barchino carp fishing rotten teeth to stay in the boat to grenada lake mississippi fishing regulations the visible cover. Owing in part to the deeper water, the trees tend to cassiobury park watford fishing tackle spread further apart which makes it easier to access by fairmont park lake evans fishing riverside. He also opts for a longer rod than his 9-foot wading rod.

Across the lake on the northern bank of the Yalobusha, hotspot Grenada lake mississippi fishing regulations. One ditch comes in from the north and the other comes in from the northeast. Ditches and channels play almost as important a role in spawning for crappie as the spawning structure itself.

grenada lake mississippi fishing regulations

Based on water levels, Harrison will choose to either wade or fish from the boat in accordance to how high the water is on the standing structure. Deeper water along the north bank of the Yalobusha make hotspot No.

Harrison says the water typically runs 6 to 8 feet deep but urges anglers let lines out no more than 3 to 4 feet deep to keep from hanging in the brush. He suggests trolling along parallel to the outside edges of the green bushes.

If water levels get to msl or better, Harrison says Upper Rattlesnake, so named because "someone at sometime in the past must have seen a rattlesnake in there," is also a good wading location.

The exact coordinates for hotspot No. Major structure in the form of stakebeds put out by local anglers is prevalent in the grenada lake mississippi fishing regulations channel. Harrison advises anglers to pick up the channel edge wherever the water level is and slow troll double minnow rigs along it during late February and into early March. Hotspots lie chronologically going west down the north bank of the Yalobusha moving toward the main lake.

Once the spawn gets underway, Grenada lake mississippi fishing regulations will choose to either wade fish or single pole jig the trees in the very back of the creek. Public access to Grenada Lake can be a problem in caloosahatchee river snook fishing florida water conditions.

The Landing makes the strike king fishing shoes by zeko shoes as hotspot No. It took me less than an hour and a half to fill the limit every day I fished here. Like the two spots at Rattlesnake and Choctaw Landing, the No. The average water depth typically ranges from 6 feet deep.

It runs from the ramp to the end of the point. Guide John Harrison can be contacted at or view his on-line fishing reports on Crappie at http: Sidebar Crappie under cover Posted by Phillip Gentry. Hot Reports Sweet Tate County MS 16 point. December 14 at 1: December 14 at 8: New Classifieds Fiberglass Deer Stands.

Next up for deer: Still season starts Saturday. Giant 8 taken in Pearl River County. December 14 at 2: December 14 at 6: Tenth-grader drops monster buck. December 13 at December 12 at Get our latest hunting and fishing info right in your inbox. Copyright - Mississippi Media, Inc.

Across the lake on the northern bank of the Yalobusha, hotspot No. The average water depth typically ranges from 6 feet deep.

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