higgins lake whitefish ice fishing

Higgins lake whitefish ice fishing


For most anglers, whitefish are savored only in fancy restaurants.

higgins lake whitefish ice fishing

But how about actually ice fishing for whitefish with a rod, reel, and lure? Then, icing ten to even a hundred or more whitefish a day, averaging 5 to 10 pounds—with to pound fish a possibility—is the rule rather than the exception. Fish of the Flats The best way to think about whitefish is to think about lake trout. They share many of the same deep, clear, cold, oxygen-rich waters—although whities are less demanding and more plentiful.

Whitefish and lake higgins lake whitefish ice fishing also frequent many of the same structures, but the fish position themselves differently. Indeed, whitefish relate to flats, whether the top of a shoal or the bottom of the lake adjacent to structure. And devils lake state park oregon fishing both species prefer to associate with similar structures, whitefish relate to the flatter portions.

In this case, the extensive flat on top of the shoal and the basin area immediately adjacent to the underwater point off the tip of the island. Like hogs hunting for mushrooms, whitefish use their mouths to root in the mud and moss on the bottom and suck up insect larvae, aquatic higgins lake whitefish ice fishing, and crustaceans.

But they also eat small fish—shiners, ciscoes, sculpins, and the like.

higgins lake whitefish ice fishing

Because of this burrowing nature, whitefish have keen senses of smell and taste, and they also have best bluegill fishing in alabama eyes: Two factors you can exploit in the clear waters they inhabit.

One final location detail. The to foot depth range is fishing superstar higgins lake whitefish ice fishing snake head movie magical, although in very deep lakes—such as Lake Superior frank davis fishing pier at seabrook bridge Lake Huron—you often can add another 10 to 20 feet.

In shallower lakes subtract the same amount. Waylaying Whities Having selected a likely flat on which to ambush them, the first order of business is to determine whether the fish are hanging tight to the bottom or higgins lake whitefish ice fishing above it.

Whitefish Tips and Techniques

A sonar unit like the Lowrance Ice Machine is crucial. Switch it to manual, punch in the upper and lower depths, and zoom in four times so that you highlight only the bottom 15 to 20 feet on the screen.

higgins lake whitefish ice fishing

I rig the final rod with a special nose-heavy whitefish jig known as a Badd Boyz, and tip it with a white 2-inch Berkley Power Grub. While whitefish are a bottom-oriented species, with a snout designed for scooping up food from the bottom, I never start fishing there. A whitefish can so annihilate your lure that, when you land it, every hook is deeply embedded in its mouth—no mean feat for big sandy river wyoming fishing vacation fish with such a small oral cavity.

Start with your rod tip pointed down toward the higgins lake whitefish ice fishing, lift it up slowly, pause, then let your lure fall under controlled slack. Pause for a second or two and gently shake it. Pause again and then repeat the procedure. Regardless, set the hook when you feel the fish, and hang on for the ride. Lay them on the mud so that when you lift them up and let them fall, you stir up silt and create a mini-maelstrom. This simulates a school of whitefish sucking up mud and spitting it out, and is a real turn-on.

Just like smallmouth bass mud-trailing a hooked fish, hoping to steal a meal, whities scoot into the cloud to pilfer a prize.

Cast out let it sink a little then reel it very slow. Pier fishing may no longer be an option because of icy conditions. But they also eat small fish—shiners, ciscoes, sculpins, and the like.

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