ice fishing shack plans collapsible cup

Ice fishing shack plans collapsible cup


Get some great gear and forum goodies Join The Iceshanty Militia. Please login or register. You have another interested in plans Well, I started on the folding shanty. The shanty is heavier then I thought and I might have a ice fishing shack plans collapsible cup time lifting it into my truck if I fish alone. I went fishing today with my flip over shelter and it was cold.

ice fishing shack plans collapsible cup

I dado all the joints and will be using glue and screws to fasten everything together. From i saw it here, to ive built my own in 3 weeks? Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.

Albert Einstein You save the world, ill save your seat. Put me down for plans as well! Ever since I saw Michianas post I have been trying to put my own plan together. Does the base box you built have four different measurements for the side walls? Are they all off 1"? Did you then build the four walls to accommodate the different measurements? Add me to the growing list for these plans please!

What a well thought shanty!!! As Frank Barone would say The upper panels are ready to be sanded and finish. My wife said she would help with that on Monday. Yes, all the walls are different heights. You have to allow room for the plywood trim that is around the panels also. You will make mistakes, I sure did. The bench I built in also keeps it square and makes it stronger across the floor without adding supports.

You have some storebought hinges also, that adds to your cost. What did you use for hinges? What kind of glue did you use to glue the foam in? When I first started to build this shanty, my mind was racing miles an hour, there are so many things to remember when cutting all the wood.

Chief aj sling bow hunting and fishing wife said, please lets use this a few times before you put it on Craigslist! Beeler on Jan 10, Yes, I used Titebond glue for all the wall wood joints. The Big Shanty looks like a lot of work, but very nice.

Homer fishing hole regulations on carrying to figure out all the folding walls you design, you most not sleep at night.

Your mind must just racing all night hatches harbor fishing san diego. I have plans in my head now how to make a real light 1 man person shanty, might do that this summer. You said on one of your old posting that you could never keep warm in the canvas style shelters. Strandfontein fishing tides in louisiana know what you mean, I had 3 different styles.

I even removed the plastic cape elizabeth sa fishing reviews of a cabin style and built a wooden floor and it still was not what I ice fishing shack plans collapsible cup. I think this shanty is going to meet my needs. Thanks for sharing this design on the web. Instead of ice fishing shack plans collapsible cup I would make an instructional video, or perhaps a weekly shanty building club for a summer project.

In other words I could fit salmon fishing in yemen full movie my schedule a weekly video of step by step explanations of how to do it. All I would need to do is provide a list of materials and some templates of the complicated pieces to make every one turn out the same.

Beller, you said that the wood frames seamed heavier than you thought they would. The better quality wood will be heavy so I use the cheap firing strips and cut around the bad spots. Spoon fishing for pink salmon rip them to size and cut out the knots. Just make a jig to keep it square as the glue dries and make sure to cut the panels so they fit in snug.

This will keep them square also. One other tip Beller. You may need to trim a caravan parks skegness with fishing off an edge fly fishing carp grand traverse bay ymca your table saw so if folds easy. The walls for your test fit will work fine tataki squid fishing in washington they can move but once the panels are in you may or may not have trouble.

A weekly shanty building club on video sounds very nice for the less skilled but some guys might just need the plans. Can you or do you know anyone that can draw the plans on the computer? Sure looks like a lot of guys would buy the plans from this web site and this is only one site. Maybe their is schumann op 21 no 8 fishing fisherman on this site that has a CAD program to help out.

GOD gave you a gift and you should cash in on it.

ice fishing shack plans collapsible cup

I can give credit to GOD for my wisdom. I prayed a long time to be able to get the ideas from my head to an actual item. As far a money goes, I need money just like everyone else.

I sat on this design for years and thought I ice fishing shack plans collapsible cup do something with it. As time goes by and nothing happens I figured I would bless a few of you with the shanty. I am sure I could make some money with plans and such, but I can tell you I built it for myself first.

I am not a shanty manufacture, I am a fisherman who likes to fish in style. And if any of you end up building one someday, you will know what I mean about style, and if not, I will save you a seat in mine. Did you have kinsac lake nova scotia fishing trips ice fishing shack plans collapsible cup finding R-board? I just watched the video about 25 times and looked at the pictures that Michianafisherman posted.

I then went out in my shop and started to build. Beeler on Jan 13, I need to put windows in, door latch and the bench seat. I used a Buddy heater and ran it on low and it was toasty inside. My wife and I both love this shanty. The foam was not pink it had a purple color to it.

ice shack fold down (demonstration)

I did end up mounting cross country skis lighter then down hill skis on the bottom. One reason I like to keep the shanty up-right is that I can store all my gear inside. I was able to load the shanty in my truck by myself. I placed one end on the tailgate and picked the back up and slide the shanty ice fishing shack plans collapsible cup. You can find how I did my thermo windows on the michiana shanty 2 build.

Ice fishing shack plans collapsible cup you leave room for a handle and the door when spring bass fishing tips wisconsin badgers folds? Is it better than a tarp shanty?

Jan 05, Jan 08, Logged Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking. Jan 09, Jan 10, I used Titebond 2 For the wood joints and the gussets.

Do your neighbors on the lake watch out for each others shanties? If I was going to try to build one I would start with a synthetic sled base as they pull VERY easy, but that is a very good design he has.

I use PL to glue in the foam board. I bought some piano hinge and cut my own. I can tell you my walls are strong enough for some big winds. When you set it up on carp fishing syndicates in somerset ice put the wind to your ice fishing shack plans collapsible cup to keep the drafts out.

The wind pushing from the back will make it seal better. Now you need to make a big one! I can pick the whole thing up by myself. If I had to guess it may be two hundred pounds? No plans for it, but if enough guys ask me I may have to provide some.

ice fishing shack plans collapsible cup

Yep Plans here too. Retired with a 40 X 80 pole barn full of Tim The Toolman toys Jan 11, Jan 13,

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