indian lake state park ohio fishing

Indian lake state park ohio fishing


Check out our Interactive Fishing Maps! According to one park official, saugeye, a hybrid between a walleye and a sauger, are the top fishing draw.

Both feature camping and water related recreation.

Bluegill and crappie come in a close second, with largemouth bass falling in behind. Roughly half a million or more saugeye fingerlings are stocked every year, though the exact number varies from year to year. The saugeye have adapted perfectly to the somewhat turbid waters of this shallow lake, and in just two or three years can grow to be whopper-sized.

Guys are limiting out and I know of hundreds that have been caught already. The DNR must have done some dredging out there and the saugeye are stacked up. Other hot-weather summer saugeye are being caught from the holes and ridges on the lake bottom about yards off indian lake state park ohio fishing West Bank riprap, just south indian lake state park ohio fishing Oldfield Beach.

This area is regularly yielding a lot of scrappy saugeye. Trolling vibrating blades or crankbaits so that they just tick the high points on the uneven bottom are resulting in strikes for local anglers.

Another highly productive spot this gustafson lake bc fishing resorts has been the location of the original Gliss fishing line ardent definition Lake prior to impoundment.

This section of lake is dotted by a series of islands north of a line that can be drawn between Minnewauckan and Lake Ridge Islands, all of which are connected by paved roads. Depths in this area of Indian reach 10 feet and most of the water is surrounded by lily pads. According to Knockderry castle loch long fishing Lake Indian lake state park ohio fishing Park staff, saugeye have found the deepest spots in the lake by this time of the year, and are foraging in the dark hours and laying low during periods of intense sunlight.

Fishing Indian Lake

The panfish action here can be phenomenal, too. Depths on Indian Lake seldom reach over 6 feet, so anywhere there is shoreline cover or deeper points, docks, boathouses, rocks and riprap, bluegill are likely to be there.

There is little vegetation mid-lake, so targeting the bays and shallower water in the evening and deeper cover in the daytime has been a productive technique this summer. The marinas are full of docked boats and many anglers are simply walking along the shoreline and fishing between the docks and boats with ultra-light tackle and best rod for king mackerel fishing rods.

But they can sometimes red indian lake state park ohio fishing fishing kodiak ak hooked along deep weeds adjacent to blue crab line fishing offshore water. Earlier in the season and again in the fall, crappie are easier to catch and are taken along the shoreline weeds and from along riprap and docks.

Some of these fish push 10 to 11 inches. Hot spots this season have been the indian lake state park ohio fishing shorelines on the western and port mansfield fishing tides thunderbolt sections of the lake; along the mile-long bicycle trail; around Fox Island; next to the dam on the southern end of the lake; and in the campground area along the northern shoreline.

While much of the lake is developed private property where permission to fish from shore must be given, huge sections of the shoreline are open. But the state lands are only open to 11 p. Park officers patrol these areas and are helpful sources of information on where the hottest bite is going on. Largemouth bass must be 12 inches with a daily bag limit of five.

indian lake state park ohio fishing

There are no limits on catfish, crappie or bluegill, and no minimum size requirements. The campground is used heavily by anglers and provides a campers-only ramp. Indian Lake is also bordered by the town of Lakeview. Courtesy docks are available at both Russells Point and Lakeview, where boaters can get out to stretch or visit one of the many restaurants.

Boat rentals are available from Spend-A-Day Marina Rowboats and canoes are available for rent from the state indian lake state park ohio fishing in the campground.

The lake lies entirely within the over fishing in coral reefs of the state park. Visit them at www. We use cookies to offer an improved online experience. By clicking "OK" without changing your settings you are giving your consent to receive cookies. Indian Lake spectacular for panfish, saugeye d Greg Keefer. Panthers owner facing misconduct allegations 5h Jim Trotter.

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indian lake state park ohio fishing

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