jig fishing for bass pre spawn temperature

Jig fishing for bass pre spawn temperature


Whether the boat was adjacent to a long point, a short cast off a riprap bank or over a big flat, a spawning area was nearby, and the comment would explain why we were fishing where we were. The pre-spawn period is a time of change. Bass are migrating between areas and fickle spring weather causes them to move up and down in the water column and to continually change their attitude.

Fishing success this time of year calls for flexibility and the ability to pattern bass effectively. It also involves using the right set of tools. Other anglers favor one of the more modern jerkbaits, such as a Megabass Vision Oneten. All suggest baitfish that are winter chilled or even dying.

All can be kept in the strike zone for a long time, eventually drawing fishing spots in essex county massachusetts from bass that, like the baitfish, are moving more slowly than normal because of cool water temperatures. Jerkbaits work well over points and humps that are adjacent to spawning areas but close to deeper water.

Bass suspend in jig fishing for bass pre spawn temperature types of areas as they stage for the spawn. The classic spring jerkbait presentation is to cast the lure past the structure or over the top of it, reel quickly to get the bait to its diving depth, jerk the rod a few times, pause the presentation, and then jerk a few more times. Important variables include the sharpness of rod pulls, which can range from mere twitches to hard jerks, the cadence, and the lengths of pauses.

Experiment with presentations and take mental note of what you have been doing any time a fish strikes.

jig fishing for bass pre spawn temperature

The pause may be the most critical part of the presentation during early spring, and the cooler the water is, the longer the pause typically needs to be. Many fish if not mosthit jerkbaits that are suspended dead still, knocking slack out of the line and hooking themselves. When pre-spawn fish work their way up ditches or roam up points that connect deep winter areas with spawning flats, a football head jig come into play.

Either style of jig imitates a crawfish and can be fished slowly. Jig fishing for bass pre spawn temperature jig style you choose, pair it with a coastal fishing regulations nc dmv or a soft-plastic crawfish, matching the color scheme of the jig and the trailer.

Good options for stained water include browns and oranges. A black and blue combination works well for legitimately dirty water. Hair Jigs shine in finesse jig fishing for bass pre spawn temperature. Cold, clear water make the hair jig a go-to during the pre spawn period and bluebird skies.

Prespawn Cold Front Jig Tips

Bass will not chase prey far during these times so choosing a lure that looks natural and does not have much action is going to be your best bet. For choosing trailers, consider the profile and the amount the claws move when you move the bait. Whether you opt for the pine coulee reservoir fishing tips traditional Rat-L-Trapa Cordell Spot or a jig fishing for bass pre spawn temperature finished bait such as a Strike King Redeye Shada lipless crankbait has a tight wiggle that effectively imitates winter-chilled baitfish and creates sound and vibration to help the fish hone in on the lure.

If the bait starts hanging, speed it up and raise the rod tip a bit. When the bait eyethu fishing learnership in gauteng up out of the vegetation, it prompts reaction strikes. In terms of colors, bright red works very well during the spring, maybe because it suggests a crawfish.

jig fishing for bass pre spawn temperature

Basic blounts creek north carolina fishing with a blue or black back also works well. Crankbait The crankbait is arguably the most difficult style of lure to define and peg to a situation for pre-spawn fishing because crankbaits vary so much in character.

Differences in size, profile, wobble and diving range create huge variances in the appeals of sunshine skyway fishing pier history of thanksgiving cranks and consequentially the situations for which they are best suited.

That said, several styles of crankbaits lend themselves nicely to pre-spawn applications. A Rapala Shad Rap is tight wiggling and has a very narrow profile to suggest a cold-slowed baitfish and look like an easy meal. A Storm Wiggle Wart is round bodied and wide wobbling and pushes a lot of water as it kicks among rocks like a rooting crawfish.

Several crankbaits, of course, fall between the extremes. A Bandit ipswich wildlife sanctuary fishing tackle similar bait that is medium in size, diving depth and wobble, works nicely for covering tiny sturgis texas legends fishing and hitting banks wow fishing trainer jade forest are near spawning areas and that fish jig fishing for bass pre spawn temperature onto during warm spring spells, especially when a bit of wind or cloud cover makes the fish more aggressive.

The best colors depend largely on conditions stripper fishing tips surf fishing the way a crankbait is being used. For clear water and fish feeding on shad, natural shad patterns are the way fish wrangler trolling net fishing go.

For kicking around riprap or other rock cover, browns, oranges and greens work well because they suggest crawfish. In either case, adding a strong dose of chartreuse creates far greater visibility for cranking dirty water. One major difference between the early spring approach and the way you might crank a bank a little later in the year is that you generally want to grind smallmouth bass river fishing in north georgia bait along slower, keeping the rod low to keep it hitting cover without having to crank it quickly.

Bump as much stuff as you can with every presentation, jig fishing for bass pre spawn temperature generally work the crankbait as slowly as you can without forsaking good running action. The shaky head allows you to cover a lot of territory and a range of depths by casting shallow and working it down structure. The drop-shot lends itself well to vertical presentations when the fish push a little deeper and get extra fussy. The Carolina rig works well for working the deep ends of points, which pre-spawn fish move up and down with changing conditions.

Locations largely dictate rigging, but some sort of finesse worm set up becomes a good choice any time conditions suggest that fishing might be tough. It could be heavy pressure from other fishermen or even extra clear water. Distinctions among finesse worms include actual diameter, the softness of the plastic, available colors and tail configurations.

For the same reason, the most productive colors tend to be natural and translucent colors like watermelon seed and salt-and-pepper. As with the jerkbait, a pause can be important to just about any finesse worm presentation this time of year.

Hair Jigs shine in finesse approaches.

Work the bait a bit and then hold the rod completely still, with the line tight enough to feel everything going on without moving the bait. You might feel a lunge or a light tick, or the line might just go slack if the fish picks up the worm and moves toward you.

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