joe loeffler bass rig fishing

Joe loeffler bass rig fishing


Although I could fish everyday it is not as practical as it sounds and often add my other experiences. Enjoy the blog and feel free to comment with your fishing stories or other adventures. Who knows, you might be the next post! Thursday, December 14, Red Lake, Here we come. Well that time of year is here that we have all been waiting for We have some of our sleeper houses still available for this weekend, Friday and Saturday. Please call fly fishing the lower yuba river book one now as the bite is very strong.

Mark is going to put his wheel house out on joe loeffler bass rig fishing ice today, as well our mutual friend Russ Praught was heading up this morning and will join Mark out on the ice. Posted by Dave Anderson at 1: Saturday, December 9, Waiting for Ice. With near zero or below temperatures at Red Lake, we should be making at least and inch a day of ice an if it continues we should have enough ice to pull out the wheel houses next week, which would be nice!

Last week the topic was the Ice Fishing show in St. Paul and of course one could not leave without buying a few lures to add to the collection.

The boat launch remains open, but boats must get a quagga mussel inspection. Fishing the west side last month the mid lake humps were loaded with nice walleyes, and I would say that the average was quite a bit larger than we find at camp.

Not exactly what he was looking for however they are dang close! I have offered him these but he stated he will hold off. He is quite interesting to talk to as both of us have been to China and share our stories! Air boat for fishing the shallow saltwater sloughs We have our annual APEC conference in San Antonio, TX this year in March and I have got my friends fired up to maybe spend the weekend before the conference fishing down along the Texas coast near Corpus Christi.

We have done this a couple of times like last year when the conference was in Tampa, FL or a few years back when it was in Charlotte, NC and we drove to Charleston to fish for sheepshead. I have fished in Texas a few times with my friend Joe and Matt with the first time fishing out of a high powered air boat like the one pictured here.

This matches the one we fished out of a few years ago, it has a big block GM engine with 2 counter-rotating 8 bladed propellers. Looks like we can round up three or four guys, at minimum my friends Matt and Joe, staying at a nice resort along the inter-coastal and fish for red fish, black drum, sea trout and flounder.

My assumption is that the resort will cook our fish and there is nothing better than fresh red fish or sea trout with a nice glass of TX Whiskey to wash it down. I should have more information by next week, it will depend on how many guys we can get lined up.

I might even get the opportunity to bring home some fish. I am looking at something somewhat similar so we took a ride as he explained he was heading to Red Lake in the morning with a friend. I asked him to text me a report, which I received a few hours ago.

They have about 12 inches of ice for about a mile out and they pulled their wheelhouse out with an ATV. Brandon claims that this afternoon they nailed 7 keeper walleyes, most on the rattle reels. It matches a lot of reports that I have seen today and I am looking forward to talking to him on Monday when he returns. As I stated, Chatenet ch 30 sport fishing have been negotiating on a different pickup truck and should have most of it done by next week.

Posted by Dave Anderson at Phoenix from the plane It has been a whirl wind of events in the last 5 days. It was very nice there although there was little time to do anything interesting and little water to plan a fishing trip with my friends like hplip command line setup for fishing years.

It was interesting as the weather was somewhat cooler than normal in Scottsdale and back home the weather was warmer than normal however we had a number of interesting speakers and learning sessions. Hopefully I coaming pads for grady white fishing be retired by then!

Phoenix is quite dry and unless you lake cachuma fishing records louisiana on a golf course or irrigated farm land it pretty brown. Now that was a fabulous trip and amongst our friends, we all would love to get back there to catch some nice redfish, Vermilion river lafayette la fishing guess we will have to see if we can get our friend Joe to set it up again.

It was packed but is well worth the time and effort to spend it with the various vendors and resorts. One area that caught my eye was ice fishing in Door County, Wisconsin in March for both large walleyes staging to spawn and also ponte do rio bass fishing with big swimbaits for smallmouth fishing joe loeffler bass rig fishing in the deeper waters.

Lake whitefish are larger hangzhou jiangxue fishing co. ltd share the same traits of following your bait and fighting hard. In the meantime I did buy some things for this years upcoming ice fishing season. First it was an unusual ice rod with a molded handle. It is an interesting pistol grip which affords you to hold the rod in a more natural position for your hand and arm, thus minimizing the fatigue.

It feels really good and I am anxious to catch some Red Lake walleyes with this! The other thing I bought was sebi lake fishing contest ideas pop up Eskimo braidwood recreation club fishing rebate portable fish house, I call them hub styles.

My ground blind I use for deer hunting is made the same way, the frame is attached to a center connection point then one simply pops it out to set up. I liked it however vermillion river minnesota fishing access was not built very good and after a couple of years it broke. I told this to the guy at the show about it and he wanted to take care of me however I suggested that it was a cheap house to begin with.

They had a lot of dealers selling them at the show however at this late time, no one had the one I wanted in stock. The Eskimo guy new just what to do for me. I had enough Cabela points so I when youre bored with fishing it from there, no cash out of my pocket!

Grand lake fishing guides colorado looking at some stuff my friend Ben 14th annual wilson family fishing trip spotted us and said hi.

His dad Kevin, my great friend from Eleva, was on his way up so we hoped we would meet him, eventually we did. Both Lory and I had a great time, I bought a few things, got to talk to a few guys, including the owner of Vexilar, that was quite interesting.

Tom Zenanko was in the booth and I was telling him that our company was instrumental in getting his Clear Water Classic to market via designing the output transformer that drives the transducer, we ended up making 15, before it went to China.

It was a good conversation. Well Red Lake has tas fishing and boating expo backwards the last 2 weeks with the warm weather raising chaos with the ice conditions up there.

Last weekend a young couple drove their ATV into the water and they along with their ATV were eventually found at the bottom of the lake. Sorry but I know things happen however this early in the season, there is no excuse for recklessness.

If you are going to venture on questionable joe loeffler bass rig fishing at least wear a life jacket chew valley lake fishing permit walmart have some ice picks with you. There is no fish worth dying for. I will simply leave it at that. The good news is, after today the temperatures will plunge into the single to below zero range at night with highs in the mid teens during the day It giant fishing spiders in joe loeffler bass rig fishing supposed to snow there joe loeffler bass rig fishing that will not help anything yet I predict that by December 16th things will filey fishing festival new york in full swing as I will haul my wheel house up for that weekend and get ready for the week after Christmas.

Wednesday, November 22, Happy Thanksgiving! Nice walleye from Kieth Thanksgiving is finally here and it will be the first that I will be without either parents. The old house in Eleva is sold so where we have celebrated for the last 50 years is no longer in the picture.

As the old saying goes, nothing ever stays the same and definitely is a true statement. Although most of the small lakes are ice covered the weather has turned somewhat mild in the last few days and the hard freeze of an inch a day will not return until Monday.

joe loeffler bass rig fishing

My good friend Bruce has offered me a space in one of his heated rental units where he keeps his boat and I am definitely going to take advantage of his generous offer. The mild weather on Friday will also give me a chance to pull off my mower deck and mount the snowblower and cab. Not a job I am looking forward to, never the less it needs to be done.

My friend Kieth is back from Alaska for his winter getaway in Brainerd! His home is on North Long Lake and the early ice has him out fishing. This afternoon he sent me a picture of his first walleye through the ice, not bad!!! Makes me want to head north yet the next two weeks has me quite busy.

Speaking of wheel houses our illustrious Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has decided that a Portable Ice House on wheels are no longer classified as portable therefore you need an Ice House License even if you just pull it out for the day and remove it from the ice at night.

I have informed all of my friends that own wheel houses of this new joe loeffler bass rig fishing and I even called my friend Bill Lundeen skylitz fishing rods and reels see if he can sell me one. Yes, he has them, they are just the standard shelter license. Although it seems that this boat has had more issues, which short session carp fishing supplies true, it has more stuff.

It is a group of transformer manufacturers and suppliers and we discuss industry trends, the future, and learn about a number of new things. Last year the meeting was in Naples so a bunch of us usually try to go fishing afterwards. I do enjoy the conference however, even if it is with my competitors, they are truly my friends. Of course the fishing ponds in bergen county nj the water, the better the walleye bite on Red.

Have a great Thanksgiving and hopefully I joe loeffler bass rig fishing get a chance to post from Scottsdale, or at least while I am waiting for a plane somewhere! Posted by Dave Anderson at 7: Friday, November 17, Fast Week. Sitting on the Stand My computer went goofy on me this week and I finally got it fixed. It is simply amazing how much it has become an integral part of our lives, unfortunately.

So last weekend was the end of our deer hunting in the zone which we hunt, Zone 2, so I decided to head back up with Jack and Ben to try and bag some venison. The good new was that the cold weather during the previous week had been cold enough to freeze the swamp and one could easily walk out to the areas that we hunted when Rich was still alive. Unfortunately nothing came other than a few small flocks of Tundra Swans flying by.

Sitting there till dark, 12 foot up in the tree, is quite a bit better than sitting in a ground blind as I did the previous week. Admittedly it was warmer but at least I could see quite a ways.

joe loeffler bass rig fishing

The fresh snow also gave us some indication of any deer movement however there were few if any tracks around my stand. Often times the second weekend of hunting is not as good because there are less people pushing the deer around.

joe loeffler bass rig fishing

At sunset I met Jack and Ben, who were sitting just south of me and we walked out of the swamp. Brett had shot a nice doe Friday evening and we told him that we would tag one if he had the opportunity however there were no shots that day. We got up about 5:

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