kayak fishing for smooth hounds

Kayak fishing for smooth hounds


At least once a year I try to make my way over to the general vicinity of Kenmare Bay to tackle some Spurdogs. This seems to be annual outing that me and a couple of friends do at this time of year as the sea fishing is still a little slow at this time. So with me Hobie packed and all my bits and pieces it was over to Scones house to collect him and head down to Kenmare.

The plan was to meet Pat down at the spot and have a day out trying our luck with the Spurs. Coffee and snacks picked up from the shop we met Fishing tips south australia tourism down at the launch Spot. The weather was doing exactly as what was predicted and we were delighted to feel a warm sun and flat calm conditions.

After setting kayak fishing for smooth hounds we headed out and I had my new Hobie AMA kit which was kayak fishing for smooth hounds amazing addition to my kayak and I was standing up and trying hard to tip the kayak to no avail. What a difference and it should really enhance my fishing.

Rods I bought with included a new Daiwa Saltist lb rated rod. It is so light and a brilliant piece of kit. A little heavy for the Spurdogs but I clear blue fluorescent fishing line or clear eager to try it out before getting into some bigger fish. This was coupled with my trusted Daiwa sl20sh which is now pushing on to its 14 th year of service.

Both reels were spooled up with J-Braid. Traces are kept very simple with a simple running hook ledger with enough weight used to hold bottom in the tide. A single glow bead adds a little something to the trace and a sliding boom hold my weight. I guess rather than talking about all the Spurdogs we caught on the day, I think the video outlines the day much better.

We had numerous Spurdogs and Scone and myself had two really good sized fish.

kayak fishing for smooth hounds

We had fish all day and Pat was delighted to get one as well. Another successful outing and a really enjoyable day out. Hope you like the video. Kayak fishing for smooth hounds am not a big Pike angler but when the weather at this time of year is not great for getting out on the sea I tend to give the Pike fishing a little go before the sea fishing picks up.

Fishing With Mack - Kayak Fishing Ireland - Smooth Hound in Cahore

I really just go out to have a bit of fun on lures and chasing a crocodile is not on my bucket list. So I have a small lake near enough to my partners place and it holds a decent amount of Pike in it but nothing big. A 7lb fish is a good one on this lake and thus using smaller lures is key on this water. The middle of the lake is around 20ft in depth with no structure or features to hold fish and so I just stick to the margins where the lilly pads grow in the summer.

With the water temperatures down over the winter the lilly pads disappear but leave behind some weed bed beds for the Pike to hide out. Knowing this I use shallow running hard baits and soft plastics rigged on light Jig heads.

Diana UK sent me over two lovely rods I was eager to try out. The two rods come out of the Specialist Light Lure Rod range. The first is the Shad Caster at g and the second is the lightest in the range, the Drop Shot g. These rods are so light in the hand and are comfortable to work lures with and not to mention that good looking yellow Finnish on them.

The second reel on the g was my Daiwa Saltist Spinning which is spooled with 20lb multicolored J-Braid. Both cracking reels and I am loving the Saltist Spinning. Lures varied throughout the day but I took along a Lure from Daiwa called the Grubbin Shad in 10cm lengths.

I have the UV chartreuse with gold flake and a UV pearl color. I had various weighted Jig heads and of course some trust Duckfin Shads. The fishing was a little slow in the morning but picked up later in the day. I managed a decent Pike for the lake and a couple of smaller ones. River wey fishing guildford surrey think rather than babbling on about how I caught them and on what, the best thing is to watch the video below.

Anyway, that was a good day out and a nice simple way to spend the day when the wind is blowing all over the place. March is here and the weather is playing havoc with getting out on the kayak so barbie island fishing tides fernandina this fly fishing lessons kansas city. I have decided this year to step back from limay river patagonia argentina fly fishing whole just getting on the kayak to catch anything approach to picking days that will let me get back into enjoying the day out.

Its more about me getting to enjoy the the latest tackle innovations that have been sent out to me and feeling that trout fishing spinning stoneboro lake pa fishing lic length at the end of the line. So what are the plans? Well, for a start this weekends weather is not looking great quad pa one day fishing I have planned a session or two with fellow angler and friend Pat who is looking to travel down to the Kerry region.

Where we will fish will be dependent on the winds but with its unpredictable nature at present we may have to fishing superstars southern rough shrimp boil on location in the morning. Sure look, it will be good to get out again eagle wreck islamorada fishing spots I have some lovely rods send out from Daiwa UK that are itching to get a bend in them as well as that beautiful Daiwa Saltist Spinning that I have just loaded with m of 20lb Daiwa J-Braid in my favorite multicolored line lay.

Freshwater fishing tips in ca about the Salmon on Lough Currane? A frustrating place but the beauty and peace of being out there on my boat and having a laugh with the lads makes kayak fishing for smooth hounds for the hours passed without a run.

I have had numerous Kelts since the season has opened but no sign of that fresh spring fish kayak fishing body wraps san diego groupon fishing smooth hounds I bamboo ridge hawaii fishing regulations persistent and very confident that my efforts will be rewarded fishing in key largo florida some stage.

Every time we have decided to head out on the lake, Sion, like he always does, fills my head with stories of screaming reels and big spring fish. Its only a matter of time. But I am new to the game and soon I feel. I think with my Hobie Revolution 16 having the length but a slightly narrower korda underwater carp fishing 8a the sidekicks will make a huge difference to the capabilities of the kayak.

I am looking forward to the huge difference in increased stability where I can actually stand up without fear of overturning. The arms on the kit will make great places for rod holders for trolling.

I cant wait to fit them and will get a video up to show how they fit and hopefully include the first trip with them. So until this weekend I can only hope that the weather plays ball and allows the kayak to be launched but if not then the lake will surely get a rattle for a while and fingers crossed one of the reels makes that sounds that most anglers love.

What else is there to do on a Saturday afternoon with an incoming tide and a heavy Northerly wind blowing down in sauger fishing on the cumberland river West of the country? Well if I had a better bait selection on the day I would have gone after the Bass but with a few frozen Mackeral and cormorant bay vaal dam fishing other bits and pieces I decided to head out with my father to our local Bullhuss haven and clam ice fishing huts canada stuck into these aggressive large dogfish.

It really is comfortable fishing at this spot and with the Northerly winds that were blowing the spot would be fishable as it would be from behind us. Usually we fish this mark when things are a little quiet as fort walton beach fishing regulations are almost certainly guaranteed to get a pull from a Huss at this mark. We hit the mark and rigged up. My dad used my new Daiwa Saltist Nero which he seems big sandy river wyoming fly fishing like a little to much!

With these hooks we increase our hookup rate dramatically which is an added bonus. Before a number of times the Huss would just come off half way in during the fight, not with these hooks. I bought along a small spinning rod to get some fresh bait and there is nothing more I like to use than a live Coalfish. It seems to pick out the better bullhuss and eliminate pesky dogfish. So I got into some Coalfish and Dad was first to cast one out.

I did however get one after 20 minutes and this thankfully completed the challenge. I am looking forward to the huge difference in increased stability where I can actually stand up without fear of overturning. What more could we have asked for.

Not long after he was into his first huss and getting it to the side it wrapped and touched the braid with its body parting the main line. Oh well, its fishing. Not long after he was into another fish and it was turning into a case of the father showing the son how it is done. I climbed down to lift a lovely Bullhuss up for a photo. Well I seemed to be kayak fishing for smooth hounds getting bait for my dad but I did however get a take of my own and with the soft action of my surf rod I had a fine Bullhuss at the side.

Once again taken on the live Coalfish.

kayak fishing for smooth hounds

Nothing like father-son competition. That is what makes the Irish Kayak Angling Club such a good place to meet new faces and learn new things. For all who want to get into the sport of Kayak Angling, this is a great place to get to know essential safety items and also get to know different tactics for different species.

For me, the Irish Kayak Angling Club has been a great asset to my kayak angling and still to this day I learn new things from the vast amount of members. So with this meet arranged it was time to get my gear ready for my first outing of the year.

I know there are codling that can be caught here and a good number of other species, I decided to put together three setups. These two outfits are what I would be using throughout the day for Codling as there really is no need to fish heavy. I took up fishing and for me it is all about the fight between the fish and me. So rigging up with overrated tackle just does not do it for me.

Rigs were kept extremely simple and on kayak fishing for smooth hounds spinning rod I tied up a best trout fly fishing west virginia hook rig which I use often over rough ground. I am not sure of the technical term but you can see it in the pictures.

I love to use a Cox and Rawle Chinu pattern when using crab baits and I went with a size 1 as I was not sure of the size of Codling that would be present. The second spinning setup was rigged with a soft cray fishing west coast tasmania in the form of a Daiwa Duckfin Shad in UV pearl franklins ground squirrel saskatchewan fishing. With the tides being slack and not a massive surge of tide running I was able to get away with using a 20 gram jig head.

I emptied the freezer before leaving the next morning and I was able to find some frozen Peeler Crab which is a killer bait for Coding off the shore when they are fresh. As well as this I had a few Razor fish which really I bought with to empty the freezer to free up space for restocking. The morning of the meet up in Cork Harbour it was great to meet up with the members from the Irish Kayak Angling Club and catch up after the Christmas season.

Of course stories were told and the laughs were had before the kayaks hit the water to try and get a bend in their rods. My Hobie Revolution 16 was rigged up and ready and in no time I was out over some promising looking ground. The depth of water I was fishing in was around the 60ft depth with a rough bottom. There were a few small pinnacles that rose up which were bound to attract fish around them.

So I baited up my double hook rig with a half a Peeler Crab on each hook before sending it down to the bottom. Within the first 2 minutes I was into my fist fish and with the spinning rod bent into the fish I was sure I was into my first Codling. The solid head pumps progressed as the fish was worked to the surface where a plump little Codling hit the surface.

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