knots for braided fishing line to leaders

Knots for braided fishing line to leaders


The most common problem facing anglers who use braided line is that many fishing knots that are strong with mono are not nearly as good when used with braid given the vast differences in the two line types.

Since this connection is so vital, we decided to perform a test that matched the most popular knots against one another to determine which one truly is the best fishing knot for braided line to a swivel, hook, or lure. This test is specific only to tying braided line to a swivel, hook, or lure. The only question was how to alter the standard Uni for best results with braid.

After some tests, we found that going through the eye twice and then using 10 turns or more generated the strongest results. Watch the video below to see exactly how to best tie the Uni Knot for braided line. However, most of the analysis of it is using mono line, so we decided to include it here to see how it does with braid. However, like the Palomar, most of the knot reviews involve using it on mono.

Given its low performance and relative difficulty to tie, I recommend not using this one so did not include a how-to video. Also, please note that adding more wraps above 10 make it even stronger… 14 is what I now use when tying this knot.

Previously, I always thought that using a swivel was strongest because the two lines were not digging into each other. This diagram shows the head to head matches that took place as part of this analysis. The test consisted on 3 rounds… matze koch special edition boilies fishing round was the winning knot tied against itself to test its strength.

The red values below the names of the knots represents the amount of pull strength that the knots where able to withstand in each round. Lines used were 10 lb PowerPro braid and 30 lb Ande Fluorocarbon. Did any of the break tests include a loop knot looped around the top eye of the swivel?

I was curious if looping it would result in a break at the loop or break at a weaker level than the original expectations of knots for braided fishing line to leaders base fl kids day fishing pamphlet. Hey Bill, sorry for taking so long to respond to your question… I somehow missed it when it was posted. If the braid is equivalent or stronger, then the snug knot on the braid will be stronger.

Otherwise, it depends on the relative strengths of the lines and the loop knot that is used. Hi Luke i Read all comment Bellow and it very enterresting now did you try tying the knots for braided fishing line to leaders knot the same way of the double double uni knot what i meen shell lake mn fishing season double the line and than pass it through the hook eye will this reduce the tension on the line entering the knot.

Yes, I tried the doubling method on the Uni knot similar to the start of a Palomar knot but the method shown above of threading it twice through the eye the same direction proved to be the stronger option. Can you please point me to one of the tests you referenced? I apologize for my mistake. In mono I only do turns around the eye and it also always beat the Uni Knot.

Please test these and tell me if your results are similar. How do you get the wraps to settle in the eye? I did some testing with the Uni knot going through the eye 3 times vs. And yes, the wraps must go in the same direction. I just saw that you stole my knot by calling a braid uni knot not the Fish-N-Fool knot and didnt give any credit for it once again.

Once might of been an over sight but twice after I knots for braided fishing line to leaders you on it, now we all know what you are. Hi Rick, This knot is also known in the UK as a grinner knot, I have a book which details the tying of it using twice through the eye that was published in If you search for animated knots and look for the uni knot, or Duncan Uni knot you can verify the name at least.

New knots are few and far between, since most are just a minor modification of an existing one, or just another name for it.

I must be missing something. I surf fish alot and use pyramid weights or oval weights.

Once that was done, I put the single loop against the double loop versions with 10 wraps against one another 2 loops cape side calabash nc fishing. And then put the 3 loop version against the 4 loop one both with 10 wraps and the 3 loop won.

Final step was to put the 2 loop with 10 wraps against the 3 loop version, and it knots for braided fishing line to leaders very walks around tring reservoirs fishing the 3 loop version was strong in many tests, but it had a large range in breaking strength apparently due to the increased friction on the lines around the hook eye when cinched if not perfectly aligned, so I declared the 2x through the eye with 10 or more twists the winner… simply naming it the Improved Uni Knot for braid.

The reason I explained how I got to the result is to show that everything knots for braided fishing line to leaders focused on improving the Uni knot.

But salting shrimp for fishing bait again you have used my knot without giving any credit for it, so people think you came up with this idea. Plus the knot is not any stronger with 10 loops than 7 like I recommend with lighter lines. I have tested this in every way and against every other knot and almost without exception the Fish-N-Fool knot has beat them all.

The added wraps tested out to improve strength in the testing that I did when analyzing the Uni knot. Specific results of course vary depending on the exact lines used as you know I was using 10 brighton marina fishing times today PowerPro.

Seriously man, you either inadvertantly or blatantly copied another knot thay was made before you tied it. He is calling it a uni knot because thats what it was originally named before you tied it and called it the fish-n-tool knot. He responded with nothing but respectful comments and in turn your responded like a child throwing nymph fishing rivers and streams animals fit.

Yes i manitoba natural resources fishing buddy this comment is over a year old. Got so irritated reading it i had to make an account. Luke thank you for demonstrating the knot and barbell run fishing okavango delta it.

Good lord ice fishing underwater camera knots for braided fishing line to leaders for iphone get over yourself.

I would freak out tying it the way he is tying it. The key to tying bercuti di fishing bay resort mersing SD knot it to keep tension on the line at all times during the process of tying the know. You must have someplace to secure your overpeck park nj fishing season — like the guide of your rod!

And you must have your reel locked while you tie the knot. These two factors allow you to keep the knot tight while your tie it. Get the right amount knots for braided fishing line to leaders line out, lock your reel and then take your tag end and thread the hook eye. Must sure you have a good 10 to 14 inches of line to work with if you planer board setup for fishing on line here, you will get frustrated.

Now, with it tight come up and over over your index finger left finger if you federal bluefin tuna fishing regulations right handedthen make your seven wraps. Use your index finger to keep the line tight!! Pull up on your finger!

If this is done correctly and everything is tight, this keeps the down line to the hookeye and the up line to your index finger parallel and not spinning over each other. After your seven wraps, go though the loop next to the the hook eye. Now cinch the wraps up towards your index finger so that all the wraps are tight against one another like a little barrel of 7 wraps, none of them should be overlapping.

knots for braided fishing line to leaders

It should like very uniform, tight, and well tied at this point. Again, use your index finger to keep this know tight!! Now make one wrap around the barrel of lines and end it by going through the loop that your index finger created note: Sometimes it is tough to get off because you have the loop too far close to your first knuckle.

Put some spit on the barrel and down lines, and snug it up by pulling the line coming from your reel and not the tag. Once it is down on the hookeye, then you can give the tag end a pull.

knots for braided fishing line to leaders

This is not a knot for stealth, it is a knot for strength. I do not tie it on any line under 10 lb test preferably 15 — 40 lb. This knot will come out perfectly uniform every time once you figure out how to keep it tight.

Hey Kyle, thanks so much for the very detailed directions on how to tie the san diego jam knot. Did the explanation make tying the knot consistent and more easy? And how did your testing go? Hey Kyle, I finally had a chance to do some knot testing today and I did find that the tension method you described was easier to tie the San Diego Jam knot. Thanks for following up. I did not think the breaking point would improve, only that it would get easier to tie.

As far as breaking point, I would not tie this knot with 10 pound test. I find this knot wraps the best and works knots for braided fishing line to leaders in the lb line classes. I would be interested to see your frases graciosas para el jefe fishing results in those line classes.

I might give the two knots a little garage testing. To see if I should be switching…best, Kyle. Hey Kyle, thanks for following up. I do not think I have ever seen a simpler knot and so far it holds in all types of line pretty well!! Another great set of videos. Thanks for all the great info you guys put out there.

Hey Tom, thanks for the great idea… I lesser slave lake fishing regulations did some preliminary tests on the double double palomar and it did show stronger holding strength compared to the normal palomar knot all with 10 lb with braided line.

Just saw the new modified palomar video. Thanks for testing it. I tested it out after completing the Palomar contest… the Modified Uni won 4 out of 5 times. I recorded the entire test and hope to find time to post the actual test videos at some point soon.

Dang, excellent info, I have primarily used the palamar knot on my carolina rigs for surf fishing, the only difference and a question is that I run the doubled line twice thru the swivel and then finish the knot, would running the line thru twice make the knot any stronger? Hey Keith, thanks so much for leaving the nice comment! Luke, I plan on practicing your uni variation until I can do it in the dark, I want all the help I can get when it comes to equipment failure ……Thanks again!

For example, test the breaking strength of the line — lets say the line breaks at 20lbs. Hey Matt, thanks so much for leaving the helpful comment. Yes, the full breaking strength of the line would be a good value to know. Thanks again for leaving the great comment.

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