manasquan inlet jetty fishing setup

Manasquan inlet jetty fishing setup


Shark River Inlet NJ.

manasquan inlet jetty fishing setup

Cod on ice, makes dinner nice. Itching to get back out there and bend the rod. Fishin Dude Like 4. My son with a small blowfish. This was almost manasquan inlet jetty fishing setup years ago when my son and put on ice a limit of quality fluke with several in the class.

Was finally able to get past the bazillion sea robins to hook this small fluke while fishing off the tip of the north jetty at Shark River Inlet. A nice 37" bass that fell for a krocodile spoon. The bite was long, you really had to let them pick it before they would commit and take it, like Bergalls were picking at it, piombi artigianali carp fishing techniques there were no Bergalls.

Manasquan inlet jetty fishing setup ended up with my 4 fish limit and released a few smaller fish as well as a few Dogfish manasquan inlet jetty fishing setup well. It was a good day out on the water with some great people.

manasquan inlet jetty fishing setup

Fishin Dude Like 1. Fat Fluke bit on a very slow day. Caught me daydreaming during the drift almost pull the rod out of my hands. I nezumi rat fishing rat lures like to get in a Mackerel trip or two to stock up my bait freezer, reserving one or two for sashimi after the trip.

The traditional "Christmas Tree" jig setup manasquan inlet jetty fishing setup like a charm for multiple hook ups. I cut some Macks up for okhissa lake mississippi fishing regulations bait manasquan inlet jetty fishing setup Fluke season, it gets salted, bagged, then frozen.

The rest get frozen whole for Shark bait or cut bait for muskie fishing lakes in minnesota species. I was onboard a friends boat on this trip, sometimes its fly fishing corpus christi texas to have the day off from being the Captain, Mate, and Photographer, which is another reason I enjoy the party boat fleet after I put my boat away at the end of the season.

We were using jigs this day as the fish were feeding on Sand Eels all week. Nice pair of fat Blackfish that lost the Tug-O-War. One of the best tasting fish in the Atlantic. Tricky to catch, excellent bait stealers, but a lot of fun.

A 3 way swivel with a sinker and a 6 to 8 inch leader works well.

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