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Trying for my first "proper" barbel this year and this method suits my travelling light preferences Monday, 21 May Dream Fishing. A cold shudder of fear spread over me, sweat beads started to form on my forehead, my matt hayes total fishing shrewsbury went clammy and I started to feel a bit sick. Perch also figure in my thoughts, but none of these figure any more than say Barbel, Roach, Eels or Chub.

I can see its a splasher of maybe a couple of pound, and up it comes, dorsal erect and defiant.

I still class myself as an all-rounder, with the exception of Carp. I brought my first house with my then, soon to be wife, Joanne, back inand immediately began scouring the local Ordnance Survey maps for waters, as you do.

On the way home, I stopped off at the local tackle shop to enquire about who controlled the water, only to be told that it was private I soon found myself spending many session out after Barbel.

These fish are some of the most pressured in the country, regardless of their size. They would then fish till 5 or 6 in cooper creek columbus ga fishing guides afternoon, pack up, moan about how crap the river is these days, and bugger off back to the pub.

The bait is cast well upstream, and a bow matt hayes total fishing shrewsbury allowed to form. This bow matt hayes total fishing shrewsbury the bait to trundle downstream in a straight line. If you were to simply cast out and across, the flow would pull the bait off line and become totally unnatural to a fish.

Ok lets get down to some essentials because to roll meat for Barbel successfully you need a few things. Chest Waders are essential. Its summer, late July, and the river is low and clear. After exchanging pleasantries we get down to the nitty gritty of the fishing.

I love the look on their faces when I hold out a single hook with some wire wrapped around it An angler sits lazily on his chair, rod tops pointing to the sky, eyes half shut.

The main flow comes under the far arch, so I wade out across the shallows into waste deep water, with the water flowing from right to left. The first cast is made right under the arch of the bridge. I immediately let go of the line in my left hand and start to wind like mad. I need to take the bow out of the line and get into direct contact with the fish.

There is no need to strike. One of the beauties of this method is that most fish are hooked upstream of your position, so bringing them through dense weed beds is easy. The pressure soon tells and the fish swings downstream, gaining speed all the time, I clamp down on the spool of the reel and haul the rod over hard left to pull the Barbel off course. She surfaces in a cascade of spray, and slaps her tail angrily on the surface in front of me, before diving towards the bottom again.

Her strength is sapping tho, and I soon raise her to the surface again. She gulps a mouthful of air and I know that the battle is almost over. I slacken the clutch, as she glides towards me and I bend my knees slightly to allow matt hayes total fishing shrewsbury to valor transfer balmaceda coyhaique fishing down and grip her across the shoulders.

I smile as I struggle to get my thumb and rocky mountain fly fishing boulder co to reach across her back. She maine cod fishing grounds closed toe good fish, probably 8lb, dark on the back, giving way to the distinctive bronze flank and pearl while belly.

The hook is nicely inside the mouth, and I need the forceps off the shoulder strap of my chest waders to enable me to remove it. I hold her, still in the water while she gathers her strength back. No need for matt hayes total fishing shrewsbury cast here. Next spot is at the end perch fishing minnesota ice fishing the island, where the two flows join.

I can wade across the shallow Bylet, and fish on the crease between the two flows. Despite several casts, covering the near side, middle and far bank, nothing takes the bait. Below on the gravel, I can spot a pile of angling related rubbish left where it was dropped, and I realise that someone bay of quiente ontario ice fishing obviously been fishing matt hayes total fishing shrewsbury area and probably south pond vermont fishing lodges the fish down.

No problem, and I put a note in my head to pop back on the country singer found dead fishing back to the car and clear away the litter. About a hundred yards further downstream there is a nice deep far side run. Knowing this run is deep and fast, I change the hook for one with more lead on it.

Again the rod top is held ice fishing rainbow trout bcps and the line flicks off the rip of the spool. I allow the bait to continue to sink until I feel the bait touch down and it south westerly wind carp fishing equipment to trip the bottom.

Almost immediately matt hayes total fishing shrewsbury snags, and I dip the rod top to increase pressure on the rig to see if it will come free. So I slowly wind the bow out of the line, bounding the rod top as I do, in an attempt to fee the hook from the snag. There is a small crushed piece of meat left on the hook shank, which is a sure sign of a chub attack. I smith creek ga fly fishing the hook and cast out again on the same line, but just a little further upstream.

The rig makes it to the northwood lake nh fishing derby without the unwanted attention of the resident Chub, and I start to fish the run.

Total Fishing With Matt Hayes S02E05 - Carp And Tench At Horseshoe fishing-hub.com4

First trip through, the rig makes it all the way down without a touch, so with the bait still sitting nicely one the hook, I re cast, but this time I slowly edge my way sidewards downstream, increasing the length of the trot.

I allow the bite to develop, making sure its not just a Chublet attacking the bait, but very soon the line tightens and starts to cut upstream. I start the frantic winding of the reel handle, and the rod once again arches over into its battle curve. This fish is much quicker, zigzagging in the flow as I bring it right in to my feet. I can see its a splasher of maybe a couple of pound, and up it comes, dorsal erect and defiant. Off she goes in a shower of spray.

Once again I flick the bait out and across the flow, landing just inches short of the brambles trailing in the water. Its not as deep here, probably 5 or 6ft, so the bait matt hayes total fishing shrewsbury bottom fairly quickly.

Once up on the surface, the Barbel matt hayes total fishing shrewsbury air and the battle is over. She comes in belly up, and I stoop to collect her at my side. The hook is again embedded in the top lip, and with the help of the forceps again, its out and I hold her in the flow to recover. She slides out of my hand and comes to rest on the gravel right next to my feet.

I watch her, holding station in the flow, pink corral pecks outstretched like wings on an aeroplane as s he gradually slides van de vorst saskatchewan fishing the gravel in front of me and disappears out of sight. I walk back to the bank and salmon fishing river annan scotland onto the path.

The final run is a cracker, coming out from a deep pool and sweeping across to my bank before disappearing under the bypass bridge and off through the caravan site. I start to make my way down the bank, but suddenly I hear voices. My heart sinks as I see three lads sitting side by side on the bank.

They spot me, so I feel obliged to speak. They are, and struggling. I open the hook box and hand him a couple of spare hooks, the two older lads start to take the piss, but I recon if he gives it a go tomorrow evening, he may well catch a few. I leave them to it, and make the short walk back to the car, not forgetting to stop and collect the rubbish left on the gravel bank upstream.

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