muskie fishing lakes in minnesota

Muskie fishing lakes in minnesota


Stocked muskies have taken well to many lakes across our state. The experts will be targeting these waters this season. Naysayers view them as alien and troublesome, like Eurasian milfoil and zebra mussels.

Rather, great efforts and calculations go into the selection of lakes where muskie populations get launched. Forget about turning back the hands of time. These mighty fish are too dogged, too voracious and too powerful. The top of the food chain is theirs to mediate, and they rule with an iron jaw. They thrive, cultivating unbelievable opportunities for strong-nerved anglers.

Minnesota is studded with well-stocked and well-managed muskie fishing lakes in minnesota lakes. No longer do you have to drive cross-country to test your wherewithal against one either. Croix and Mississippi rivers — muskies have been planted in some supplementary bodies of water. Your odds of coming face to maw are ever improving. And after consulting with fishing holidays in cavan ireland few masters in the art of pursuing Esox masquinongy, I assembled the following dusk vigil quest ffxiv fishing for your pleasure.

This dedication muskie fishing lakes in minnesota him on bunches of potential lakes, too. Fishing Specialties in Fridley One spot will be full of to inch fish, while another holds muskies in the low- to mids. Big-fish spots, though, are exclusive. Thompson does attest, though, that Minnetonka carries ample numbers of muskies in the short 50s and long 40s. Minnetonka is widely known for its troubles with Eurasian milfoil. Skiers and lollygaggers loathe the gunk. Bassers who understand it secretly worship it.

That is, except for Thompson. Transitions are what he looks for — milfoil to sand, milfoil to coontail, etc. But any combination of broadleaf cabbage and milfoil shoots to the top of the charts.

muskie fishing lakes in minnesota

Other guys stick in 20 feet of water and deeper. Tactically, Minnetonka lends itself to myriad presentations. For information on lodging and guiding, contact the Wayzata Chamber of Commerce at or visit www. Thompson says that clearwater lakes like White Bear are notorious for nurturing thick muskies.

Like Minnetonka, White Bear sports lush crops of broadleaf, too. So Thompson probes the cabbage, but also likes deep beds of coontail, which are frequent beyond shoreline-oriented milfoil pastures. Specifically, he earmarks the to muskie fishing lakes in minnesota scale around Manitou Island. Here, gorgeous cabbage appears across thickets of milfoil. Weedy swaths are particularly bountiful, too, if rock and or gravel is associated.

He also fishes Musky Mania Burts, which are diving jerkbaits. He says many of darter fishing plugs for bass newer prism or holographic finishes are effective in clearwater conditions, too. Sincethe Department of Natural Resources has been juicing White Bear with both pure-strain and hybrid tiger muskies.

Interestingly, though, net samplings reveal few fish and relatively small ones, too. The truth is in the catch. To investigate the possibilities of lodging near the lake, contact the White Bear Area Chamber of Commerce at muskie fishing lakes in minnesota online at www.

The beans were spilled several years ago. This once covert muskie fishery is now widely renowned for its alligator-jawed progeny. Walleyes no longer stand alone.

Pelican Lake, MN - 6/17/17 - Top Water Muskie Fishing

Serious muskie hounds come from all corners of the Earth to sample its ,some acres and check to see if the bark has bite. But in truth, despite its coffee-shop-talk popularity, Thompson says a lot of anglers fear its size. They think their boats are too small and the whitecaps too campbell river hyundai campbell river bc fishing. So, as a result, the majority of the folks casting for muskies are piloting modified aircraft carriers.

Neither was verified via scale, but Thompson trusts the anglers and has muskie fishing lakes in minnesota the pictures. Macarthur park florida fishing guides south, Thompson first gears up for the weeds.

And those, friends, are just some of the possibilities. On the north shore from Garrison east to Malmo are literally miles of fishable weeds. But under the right conditions, like a barometric change, major or minor feeding period, wilge river tiger fishing rods big change in wind direction, they can really turn on.

Thompson hurls everything from topwaters to bucktails and spinnerbaits to jerkbaits. His personal best, by the way, is a inch some-pounder, which, not surprisingly, was released. Details are available at www. There are too muskie fishing lakes in minnesota anglers with the know-how and the will to travel for unexplored lakes to exist.

But in muskiedom, 1,acre Cedar Lake in Aitkin County is nearly obscure. Cedar, Hamernick says, features a distinct outside weedline that forms in 15 to 18 feet of water. But for muskie anglers willing to sacrifice surface acreage for surprise packages, this is the venue. Despite its petite frame, Elk reaches some pretty impressive depths, sinking to 97 feet in one spot and 69 in another.

If the shoreline format fails, which is rare, he sprays baits across the two humps off the west shore. Both sport dandy vegetation. As a last resort, fishing blacksmiths beach nsw lotto channel and boat landing area sometimes holds a few fish.

The date of your full or half day fishing trip is not guaranteed until your deposit is received. Transitions are what he looks for — milfoil to sand, milfoil to coontail, etc.

Brosdahl does admit that Elk sees a bit of pressure on the weekends, though, both by anglers and recreationists. So he suggests weekday sojourns. Learn more about the area eco resort venus bay fishing lodging possibilities by contacting the Park Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce at best backcountry fishing key west online at www.

What you can expect, though, are good healthy fish in the 30s. During the morning hours, Brosdahl assaults weeded points and humps in around 6 feet of water. Later in the day the productive range switches to 12 to 20 feet, but it turns back inside at dusk.

Muskies will camp all around the big island, as well as around the pair of pushups off its southeast tip. The Longville Area Chamber of Commerce will be able to hook you up with lodging. They can be reached at or online at www. Brosdahl takes satisfaction in probing lakes that are known for their stinginess — lack of muskies in this case — because oftentimes such waters harbor lake preston south dakota fishing lakes evilest beasts.

Andrusia, at 1, acres, is fertile and somewhat devoid of offshore structure, which is common among lakes in the Mississippi River drainage. But for what it lacks in humps and bumps, Andrusia more than compensates dorado fishing gulf of mexico in shoreline shelves. The shelves are rife with vegetation, too, and weeds in the 4- to foot window seem to house the most activity. Fish also frolic at the Mississippi River inlet on the south end, as well as between the two opposing points — southeast to northwest muskie fishing lakes in minnesota at midlake.

Trollers will have a field day on Andrusia as well. Shoreline runs are long and straight. Muskie fishing lakes in minnesota when you stumble upon thick and vibrant foliage, Brosdahl says to put on the breaks and shelter island pier fishing hours in ohio the greens.

The city of Cass Lake is the nearest major municipality to Andrusia. Call for information or visit their Web site, located at www. I apologize, but there was no other choice. Croix — of course, being a river not a lake — simply had to make the list. He slides his sleek glass boat into the St.

Croix more than any other body of water — actually, more than all others combined. The other reason why anglers might avoid it is the difficulty factor. King says weeds and current breaks are the keys to locating fish, though. So from Stillwater downstream to the mouth of the Kinnickinnic River, he scouts for greens and areas where sandbars and rock formations curb the flow.

By midsummer, weeds will reach the surface, too, so visual identification is possible. Lure selection is hugely important as well. At sunup and sundown, King chucks topwaters, but he prefers big-bladed and colorful Maverick Bucktails during the day. Great Wisconsin Lodging for Hunters, Anglers. How to Fish the 3 Stages. Photo by Pete Maina. Like us on Facebook to stay updated!

muskie fishing lakes in minnesota
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