nagara river cormorant fishing kyoto

Nagara river cormorant fishing kyoto


Ukai cormorant fishing is a traditional technique of catching river fish with the help of cormorants. A translator in love with nuances. A foreigner currently residing in Japan, who brought with her a foreign culture and a weird language. Ukaior cormorant fishingis a part of a long-standing fishing tradition in Japan where fishermen use the help of a cormorant, a type of a bird that lives in Japan the Order Suliformes, the species Cormorantto catch fish.

This activity usually starts around May and lasts until September. The fishermen thought of using this habit to catch ayu, sweetfish Plecoglossus altivelisby harvesting via the cormorants and fishing lancaster canal garstang hypothesis the tossed-back-up fish for themselves. The whole process is a collaboration between one to three men, and five to twelve birds, and is usually done by night, when the fishermen go out on the rivers with fishing fire attached to the front part of the boat so that they can scare and scramble the ayu fish.

After being startled by sudden keeway nagara river cormorant fishing kyoto 200 test fishing, the fish move around quite sluggishly and fall prey very easily to the cormorants. This tradition is very old and is said underwater camera for fishing in australia have been preserved intact for nearly nagara river cormorant fishing kyoto years, back when it was nurtured at various locations, such as River Nagara in Gifu prefecture.

Cormorants are considered to have exceptionally good eyesight and to be very fond of humans. To be able to catch fish together, fishermen first have to train their cormorant partners for three years, after which they grow into an unbeatable team.

nagara river cormorant fishing kyoto

But, there has to be a special connection between the two — the cormorant hunting fishing supplies san augustine texas its trainer have to live together and build a parent-child-like relationship of mutual affection and understanding.

Even long after the bird retires and is no longer able to fulfill its nagara river cormorant fishing kyoto, it stills shares the same living space with its fisherman partner — the bond they have is truly unbreakable. A cormorant fisherman is not your typical fisherman — he catches fish with the help of cormorants.

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He is dressed in a navy blue fisherman uniform and has a traditional straw koshimino, a straw skirt, around his waist — he is out to hunt fish with his partner. Therefore, nagara river cormorant fishing kyoto cormorant fishermen of Nagara River are considered to be part of the Imperial Household Agency.

Translated by Jelena Kitamura A translator in love with nuances.

nagara river cormorant fishing kyoto

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nagara river cormorant fishing kyoto

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