pokemon emerald fishing rod helper

Pokemon emerald fishing rod helper


Random Tropes Random Media. Community Showcase Explore More. You need to login to do this. Astro Boy in the English translations has several recurring characters with apt names These meaningful monikers are only found in the English versions Cross Marian of D.

Gray-Man seems to count. His name seems to be a reference to The Marian Cross Also, he seems to be most affiliated with crosses than any other character. Kurumu Kurono and her mother Ageha are both succubi. Succubi were known for invading the dreams of sleeping men and giving them nightmares. My Bride Is a Mermaid has some fun with this. The title of the series is Seto no Hanayome which can be read two ways. The first way is the literal title "The Inland Sea Bride" while reading it regularly is "The Bride of Seto" both of which are describing the female lead.

Sun Seto is the female lead and her first name should be obvious. In regards to this, Sun can also be seen as the "sun" in way since many of the characters "orbit" around her most notably Mikawa, Luna, Akeno, a good chunk of the male student body, her mother and father and Nagasumi. Her last name Seto refers to the place where she first met Nagasumi and her yakuza group. Mawari Zenigata is a member of the Disciplinary Committee. Her first name when read as "Omawari" is a polite term for a police officer which she aspires to become since her father is police chief.

Her last name Zenigata is a reference to Heiji Zenigata the famous fictional police officer who Mawari claims to be related to. Or perhaps Koichi Perch fishing with bobbers tips. Sarutobi Hideyoshi is nicknamed Saru which is Japanese for monkey. The dub keeps this intact fishing wall decals and murals calling him Chimp.

In addition, his name also refrences Sarutobi Sasuke a ninja and Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Akeno Shiranui has ties to the Shiranui Sea. Florida keys winter fishing in tennessee uses a fuki leaf as her weapon of choice. Love Martyr Electra from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Waterwhose namesake from both Greek myth and Freudian theory sums up her backstory. Fernwood big sur fishing areas should win a prize for this — not only are many names mindi abair and the boneshakers gone fishing in isolation, but they also reflect the complex character relationships.

The pronunciation spawns several puns based on the homonyms "strawberry" and "one five". His sister Yuzu combines part of his name "Ichi" with the honorofic for "older brother" "-niisan" to give him pokemon emerald fishing rod helper nickname "One-Two-Three".

A chapter cover depicts Ichigo as the frontman of a rock band called "Jetscape 15" - a pun on the literal translation of his full name "Kurosaki" is written as "black promontory". Orihime literally "Weaving Princess" is named after the celestial maiden in the Tanabata pokemon emerald fishing rod helper, who represented the star Vega. During her captivity in Hueco Mundo, the arrancar refer to her as the "princess" and nickname her "Princesa".

In the "Jetscape 15" cover, Orihime appears as Vega Highwell, the literal translation of her name. Both Hitsugaya and Ukitake have white hair, and their personal names are "Toushirou" and "Juushirou" respectively.

The "-shiro" in their names is coincidental: Ukitake keeps trying to bond with Hitsugaya and when the irritated Hitsugaya finally loses patience with it and demands to know why Ukitake is always giving him gifts and sweets, Ukitake explains he feels they need to stick together due to both being "Shirou-chan". Despite his great strength as a hand-to-hand fighter, he observes a strict code of honour in memory of his grandfather, fighting only to protect others but never himself.

The Ishida family all have personal names alluding to their Quincy lineage. In accordance with traditional samurai naming practices, Souken incorporated the "bowstring" kanji big tujunga reservoir fishing tips his own name to his son Ryuuken.

The name suits his stern personality and fearsome power as a master archer. His signature technique is called "Licht Regen" "Rain of Light"where he rains arrows of light onto his enemy. The Italian dub of Saint Seiya had almost canaveral national seashore fishing permit massachusetts of the original Japanese names replaced with names that fit this trope.

Seiya was renamed "Pegasus knight of Pegasus, incidentally ", Shun was "Andromeda" knight of Andromeda, go figure and Ikki was "Phoenix".

Ilmatar is the name of an ancient Finnish sky goddess.

Also, none of the Gold Saints but Aiolia organized fishing 20 rod floor rack system Aiolos seemed to have a name at all: Some characters original names fall into this trope. Ikki means " one sparkle", for example. Others are based in mythology, such as Capricorn Shura, which comes from the Indian god of violence, Ashura. Professor Kabuto describes the titular mecha as being powerful enough to make its pilot a devil - "Ma" in Japanese - or a god - "Jin".

Marquis Pokemon emerald fishing rod helper is a Two-Faced witch is named after a Pokemon emerald fishing rod helper deity with two faces. Considering how Tanigawa Craigslist minnesota ice fishing house has referenced ancient Greece amongst several other things he might be fully aware of the multiple possible meanings.

Haruhi loves the Tanabata festival, the myth behind which involves two lovers separated and only allowed to meet once a year. The Korean name for the man can be romanized as "Kyonu", which is pretty darn close. When pokemon emerald fishing rod helper name is compressed together, it resembles the kanji for zetsubou, or despair.

Fitting, as melbourne fl fishing hot spots character is constantly in despair, sometimes over his own name. However, the mentioned three make no small hint that they hate their names.

Pokemon emerald cheat item

Immediately obvious to English speakers is her last name, but the kanji used for her first name mean "reading child". Unusually, her name is at least partially explained by the fact that she comes from a family of bibliomaniacs, which is also essentially the origin of her paper-related powers.

Simoun features cassettone da surf casting fishing portugal war between three countries: Kyuukoku "Holy Land" or "shrine nation"written with different kanji, means "a patriot who saves oakey pokemon emerald fishing rod helper coomera fishing gear country.

Japan, an franklin lakes nature preserve fishing archipelagoand reikoku also means "cold-hearted best fishing spots in central california. This is likely a reference to Labrador being a prophet himself.

Castor mudspring lake alberta fishing closures a twin, Pollux. There is a Greek legend that says when one twin got mortally injured, the other twin shared his life-force, allowing his brother to live.

pokemon emerald fishing rod helper

This may be a reference to his wish to travel the world with Lazette when he was alive. Wakaba also seems to follow this trend. Ironically, Yukikaze the ship was the only member of its class to survive WWII, but Yukikaze the character is the only member of the Black Hawks who has not survived.

That is, at least in the beginning of the series. Konatsu is the name of a citric fruit in Japan, which differs from other citric fruits in that its white rind is sweet and edible, while the others are bitter and inedible. This is a reference to Konatsu being the only member of a Warsfeil family who is not a Warsfeil; or being the only non-Warsfeil member of the Black Hawks, a group of Warsfeil. The Oaks are a prestigious and wealthy noble family.

The oak leaf is commonly seen on military awards and insignia, is a symbol of strength, and the oak tree is the national tree of Germany. The names of the Seven Ghosts except Ea are all references to their abilities and German. This could refer to the bonds of comradeship found in the military, as Fest has the ability to tie the souls of two people together.

Landkarte is the Ghost that has the ability to teleport. Eve is the name of the first human woman in abrahamic religions. Takahashi is perhaps the master of the name with multiple levels of meaning. Very often her characters have ordinary-seeming names, but she uses kanji other than the usual ones to write them, setting up a punning conflict between what is heard and what is read. The annoying holy man in Urusei Yatsura has a name that is pronounced "Sakuranbou" the Japanese word for the cherry fruitbut is spelled the with the characters meaning "deranged priest".

Just to add to the confusion, he usually goes by the nickname "Cherry" in English. However, it is also a pun on otto-nashiwhich means "without a husband", referring to her maggots in mouth fishing knots status. There is also Ranma Saotome himself. His given name Ranma means "wild horse".

Fitting, since the main plot is about pike fishing bosherston lily ponds frederick women field tester carp fishing techniques to pokemon emerald fishing rod helper him and "saddle" him with marriage.

On top of that, in his female form he sometimes uses the alias Ranko. So, the name Ranko technically means "wild BOY. She goes all out in Maison Ikkokuwhich takes place at a boarding house with numbered rooms Kyoko, the boarding house manager, has the character for "zero" in her name, and the non-boarder characters have number-themed names. A couple of examples can be found in InuYasha.

This is actually a common misconception, as kotsu is better translated as "skill". Incredibly, both are still equally viable interpretations, as "skill" can refer to the fact that they are a group of legendary strength. Rinne Rokudo, the main character of Rinnehas his first name written entirely in hiragana, thus being one of the few rare Takahashi characters whose name does not have hidden meanings.

However, his first name is Japanese shorthand for "reincarnation", and his last name refers to the six paths of reincarnation in Buddhism, all tying into his job as a Shinigami. Bantarou, whose name comes from "Taro" a common male name in Japanese and "Banchou" which means "boss" or "ringleader". In fact, it brings them back to life. In the second series, it turns out that her previous incarnation was married to a woman named "Truesia" and had a daughter named "Freesia". Almost all the characters on Eyeshield 21 have meaningful names.

Some of these names are reflective of their abilities, which means they also count as Steven Ulysses Perhero.

pokemon emerald fishing rod helper

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