port credit carp fishing usa

Port credit carp fishing usa


User Control Panel Log out. Forums Posts Latest Posts. View More Photo Galleries. Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. Essentials Only Full Version. Carp Fishing I have been to the Conemaugh river 3 times this year. I chum with corn. I only saw 1 carp so far this year. Is it too early in the season for the carp? Or maybe they are in a different spot in the spring then late summer.

Any ideas where they might be? Me thinks your in the wrong spot. Try slow backwaters or shallow slow flats. Recman I have been to the Conemaugh river 3 times this year. Thank you, When you say "I chum with corn" salmon fishing river exe navigation how much are you putting in? Port credit carp fishing usa I were to "chum with corn" - I would go to my spot preferably a carp friendly area as described by some of the other respondents the day before I planned on fishing.

Scatter an entire 6lb can of port credit carp fishing usa cone corn into the water. A good sized area is about the size of a tennis court. Come back on day two the day you plan on fishing - chum the area immediately upon arriving.

Side hook 3 - 5 kernals of cone onto your hook, being sure to leave the point of the hook exposed. Cast into the "tennis court" 1 in the center, 2 near the edges. Set the rods down and wait for the action to commence. Just showing up at a spot and chumming some cone, is not always the best way to catch fish.

Carp cruise around a lot and feed in different locations.

port credit carp fishing usa

Bass fishing river tamar cruises a day or two ahead of time, gives the fish a chnace to find the bait. Good luck and let us know how you fare in the future KingKool - Last year I would chum with 2 small cans of corn.

I threw it into the water. King harbor jetty fishing setup the time I got my rod set trout fishing wintergreen va elevation there would be carp eating the corn. The corn was port credit carp fishing usa 4 feet hamilton harbour carp fishing techniques shore.

I guess I upper coliban reservoir fishing in md some learning to do They showed up in less than an hour to fly fishing fall river oregon. A good tool to use when chumming is 1 of those slingshots that are made for that purpose.

Another great tool for chumming is called a SPOMB, You attach it to your line and cast it out when it hits the water it opens up. Great tool for baiting up If I wanna spod I just use da boat. The fish will change locations depening on the time of the year. Everyone always thinks mud port credit carp fishing usa but I catch a good majority of my fish in rocky areas. The spomb is great as mentioned. They make a mini spomb now that you can use for smaller rods and the larger ones are for heavier duty rods.

The catapult is a great tool as well like said above. Saturday was a good day at the river.

I caught four carp. The pictured one was the largest 1734". Holy Carp Chris lol Dusk vigil quest ffxiv fishing of people around that area today. Was that on a jig and minnow walleye fishing? I wish I was going carp fishing soon. The mouth is more visible in this pic. I saw these breaking around the end of the year port credit carp fishing usa went back on the 2nd.

Fought like a log. Going for catfish now, but I will be working something trying to stay port credit carp fishing usa. I caught a few that looked like that in the Al over the summer. And yes they all fought like logs, nowhere near the fight of a carp though they look almost identical. I was just reading about buffalo this morning.

Further south they are more widespread and they get huge. Saturday was a good day at the river.

Just vague, generic info. It sounds like there is potential for really large buffalo though.

port credit carp fishing usa

I might have to see if I can catch one. I think is actually a black buffalo. I always see them in the rivers very close to shore at night. Corn has worked for me for bait. Has anyone caught any out of the yough? The Mon is pretty far and very unfamiliar. They look like fun to catch and bass fishing lake springfield illinois would give me an excuse to get out the black widows a little sooner.

I caught them in the three rivers often 2 per trip. Further south they are more port credit carp fishing usa and they get huge. It appears to port credit carp fishing usa a smallmouth buffalo which is actually a member of the sucker family, that have become fairly common catches in the three rivers in recent years. There is no record available at this moment. Recman Avid Angler Total Posts: Thank you, 1 25 Replies Related Threads. Invicta Expert Angler Total Posts: Thread Killer Veni Vidi Vici Mags00 Expert Angler Total Posts:

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