post spawn walleye fishing tactics for walleye

Post spawn walleye fishing tactics for walleye


Fishing can be very good early in the season when fish are heading for the spawning grounds and sometimes good during the summer, though last year July and August were poor. Autumn fishing can be well worthwhile too, especially at night on the piers, and winter action through the ice is often excellent. Weather deciding, Erie walleyes usually spawn in mid to late April and are usually finished by the first week in May.

I found this out the hard way on a charter trip just east of Toledo two years ago. Four of us and the captain were fishing a spoil bank near the ship channel, and the fish were definitely there. His screen showed a layer of walleye extending from near the bottom to 15 feet below the surface. We started casting half ounce jigs with twister tails and a worm dressing, but nothing much happened. Bites were gentle, just taps bel marin keys fishing excursions slight resistance, and we followed Standard Operating Procedure by striking, then dropping the bait back hoping for another try.

In 45 minutes we had just two fish in the box. All five twin span bridge fishing key us were switching offerings by that point, trying enrico parmeggiani carp fishing rods and that, different colors and speeds, then one post spawn walleye fishing tactics for walleye our group tied post spawn walleye fishing tactics for walleye a stinger hook.

He caught fish after fish. At that point we all did the same, hooking the trailing nightcrawler in its end, and striking at any change. The stingers made all the difference that day. Last year I made another trip in late May, this time on the Sassy Sal, a head boat based in Port Clinton, and it was a whole new ball game. We found a big school west of Port Clinton, anchored, started casting, and almost immediately rods were bending all over the boat.

This time the school was hovering between 10 and 20 feet below the surface, this on a clear, sunny day with a good one foot walleye chop.

Another great spot is where the channel intersects with a backwater area. Since fish have tails they can be anywhere in the water column, but anomalies like current breaks in rivers and points in both rivers and lake environments are high percentage locations that deserve a little more attention when in the post-spawn search mode. Conditions change daily, even hourly, however.

I hooked one post spawn walleye fishing tactics for walleye my first cast, the jig taken before it made it down through the school. And another on my third toss. Fish were not only hitting with abandon, they were following hooked fish to the post spawn walleye fishing tactics for walleye, often several at a time, trying to pull the bait from a hooked mouth. My last fish literally came out from beneath the boat to hit just a foot below the surface.

That was a red-letter day, and it can happen often during the post spawn season.

post spawn walleye fishing tactics for walleye

Anchoring and casting jigs is a favorite technique among head boat captains, and it works fine. When maine lobster fishing and boats starts, they, 11 almost invariably are dragging bottom bumpers and worm harness if the lake tailor fishing season gold coast victoria fishing pier are holding post spawn walleye fishing tactics for walleye, close to the bottom.

Many private boat owners do exactly the same. Bottom bumpers are basically just a slim sinker with a pencil-like bottom to keep it out of the rocks, a three-way swivel, several feet of monofilament and a spinner and worm harness.

post spawn walleye fishing tactics for walleye

Most captains favor small spinners, and favorite colors are chartreuse, red, yellow, and blue and white in about blue crab line fishing for shad order. But if rains have come and the water is a little murky, a larger blade produces more flash and visibility, so keep a modest selection of these and use them all until something works.

If fish fishing in key largo florida holding high, both captains and private fishermen should have a selection of trolling lures that are routine producers. Hot-n-Tots are much used as are WiggleWarts and other crankbaits that have large lips and a tendency to dig deep.

Favorite colors again are chartreuse, red and white, fire tiger, and sometimes multicolored offerings and pure post spawn walleye fishing tactics for walleye or gold. Strikes come quick in most cases, and many a boat will fill its limit in just an hour or two.

Again, and no surprise by now, top colors for the Erie Dearies and similar lures are chartreuse, red, red and white, chartreuse and yellow and sometimes blue and white. Where do you toss those lures whether it be May or early June?

Top spots are again near the ships channel off Toledo, and off various reefs. There are times, even during this prime season, when fish get a little picky. Too many Lake Erie anglers spend all day mindlessly tossing weight forward spinners, or long hours bottom bumping or trolling crankbaits with little or no result. When a fish has seen a few hundred weight forward spinners, something different can perk their interest. Or used a Lindy rig post spawn walleye fishing tactics for walleye nothing lettuce lake park tampa fishing trips was working.

A Lindy rig is basically a slip sinker, swivel, two feet of line and a small hook, maybe with a brightly colored bit of balsa wood floating Lindy in front for eye appeal. The rig is dropped to bottom with a fat nightcrawler head attached on lines end, and fished with an open bail.

When a strike comes, however gentle, release line for a 10 count, then tighten up and strike. So, when I catch a 6 pounder, an 8 or a 10, I return them. Again, whatever your choice of lures, fishing spots, and cooking tactics, Lake Erie walleyes are waiting in hundreds of thousands.

post spawn walleye fishing tactics for walleye

And the best time to take them is post-spawn.

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