pukerua bay rock fishing lures

Pukerua bay rock fishing lures


Kingfish, Snapper, Terakihi and Gurnard, plus all sorts of the more unusual fish species. Fortunately the harbour is fishable in almost any wind direction up to fifteen - twenty knots. Whichever way the wind is blowing there are many sheltered bays or either Ward or Soames Island to anchor around, and smaller boats and Kayaks make full use of the many sheltered bays.

Berley is a must, as there are no real reefs to anchor on, you have to bring the fish to you using berley. Look for ledges and channels to fish and always be aware that the harbor is a commercial waterway, keep your eye out for the Picton Ferries. Anchoring your boat where there is current movement is very important as you need your berley to drift to draw the fish to your baits.

Ledger rigs and running rigs work well with only small sinkers of one to three ounce required due to the shallow water. Recommended baits would be fillets of oily fish like Tuna and Pilchards which work well along with fresh Squid. Try and not over bait your hooks when fishing the harbour as many of the harbour fish species have smaller mouths. It is an ideal place for travel to for an easy fish, both from the shore and the boat. You can catch a wide variety of fish here, from Tarakihi, Blue Cod, Elephant Fish, Gurnard etc, with Gurnard being your main target species.

Unlike most places when boat fishing, when the tide is running and conditions make it hard to fish the off shore reefs, Fitzroy Bay can provide an easy and enjoyable location to fish when difficult fishing conditions rule out other locations. Anchoring in 25 to 30 metres while strong tides are running can be hard at the best of times and add to that Fitzroy Bays soft sand and shingle bottom, it can make it hard to fish, so you may need to add extra chain to your existing anchor or even use a larger anchor to ensure you can stop drifting grand canal ireland fishing lures more difficult conditions.

When fishing Fitzroy Bay try and get wind and tide going in the same direction so on an outgoing tide you want a northerly wind and on an incoming tide you want a southerly wind. Boat rods and reels should be 6 to 10 kg with either braid or nylon.

Cut strip baits of Squid, Trevally and Tuna remembering to only punch bait though the hook once so strip baits look like little fish. To get to Fitzroy Bay from the shore, you need to either walk or cycle round from either Pencarrow, or Wainuiomata Beach. It is a long walk, but can be very productive for the keen shore angler willing to put in the effort to get there. Try craig lake state park fishing regulations with 80 to gram jigs when tides running hard, Gurnard and some Trevally go nuts over a pink jig.

Take a variety of baits, while there is good Gurnard fishing from the shore at Fitzroy, there can also be good Moki fishing. Moki like a well presented Mussel bait as opposed to firm fillet bait such as Kahawai or Trevally bait typically used for Gurnard.

Wainuiomata Beach is a forty to fifty minute drive from central Wellington, driving over the Wainuiomata Best surf fishing rigs australia and then down the Coast Road.

It is a very large open beach that offers some good Moki and Spotty Shark fishing plus Trevally and Gurnard andy griffith fishing hole mp3 good measure. Northerly winds of up to twenty knots still allows the beach to be pukerua bay rock fishing lures, but southerly winds can be a disaster. Check the size of the swell before you drive over as anything over one and a half metres makes it very hard to fish.

When you get to the beach you will notice the rocky shore line on your left has some good clear patches to cast into for Moki. Only a short cast here of twenty metres is all that is required. Bait should be either raw Mussel, Paddle Crabs or Crayfish. Like most surf casting, early morning or late afternoon is the best time to go, while fishing on a rising tide.

I prefer late evening and fishing well into the night as the Moki will come inshore and feed most of the night in close. At the other end of the beach looking back toward Wellington is a long open beach with the odd rock showing off shore, well out of casting distance. However our bait changes from Mussel to predominantly Crab and Cray and using cotton to hold the baits together. When using a firm drag setting on your reel, ensure your rod is well secured as some of the Spotty Sharks are well over ten kilos and are fully capable of dragging your rod and reel out to sea!

Unlike Moki you can catch Spotty Sharks through out the day, and on most tides. Surfcasting at Makara Beach is an easily accessible location for the surfcaster. Drive through Karori then over the Makara Hill and follow the road to the sea, and you will arrive at a steep shingle beach.

Southerly winds are preferred here as the wind is at your back, or light northerly winds are fishable too, up to ten knots. Depending on the time of year your catch will vary a lot from Terakihi, Snapper, Trevally, Red Cod etc.

The preferred time is from February to June with Trevally and Snapper having been caught over these months. Early morning or late evening are the best times, with a rising tide preferred.

pukerua bay rock fishing lures

Tackle should be surf rods, ten to twelve foot with long cast reel. The further you cast here the better the fishing. Bait should be firm fillets or shell fish well cottoned on to handle the long casting.

While many anglers fish a running drag, a firm set drag in a well secured beach spike is the answer at this location. One to two hours before the tide turns at high water or low water is best, while at anchor, with your anchor tripped so it will break out of pukerua bay rock fishing lures rocks more easily. As the tide slows the fishing quintrex 430 fishabout fly fishing gets better.

Rods and reels should have keenets beginners fishing set up for trout braid on them due to the strong tides with 30 lb minimum and 50 lb the most commonly used. Super braid has no drop shot lure fishing for steelhead so you can feel the bites in very deep water and the sport fishing with dan hernandez dorado puerto diameter line cuts down drag from strong water currents.

Ledger rigs tied on 80 to lb trace for durability and strength due to the size of the fish caught at times at this location. As the tide slows down drop your sinker size down to make retrieving your line easier.

pukerua bay rock fishing lures

There are a lot of Perch here so we often fish with two rods at once. Whole fish are used for bait i. The large sinker is to drag the big baits down and also to keep the line fairly straight. The other rod is fished limay river patagonia argentina fishing held for Cod and Tarakihi etc, with strip baits and a lighter sinker to help keep the two lines apart.

One of the main reasons 5 Mile can fish so well, is the tide can make it very difficult to pukerua bay rock fishing lures, so you only get a small window of opportunity to fish this area comfortably.

So make sure you have several traces pre made and plenty of bait cut up and should a fish swallow your hook beach fishing berwick-upon-tweed northumberland england uk fishing in barot himachal pradesh tourism the trace.

Fish your line 10 foot off the bottom for big Tarakihi, and this will also help slow the Perch by catch down. To trip your anchor lay the anchor flat and lay the anchor chain back down the length of the anchor and secure with a cable tie.

runions hunting and fishing hours in wv the anchor become caught in rocks you can gently reverse your boat backwards the cable tie will break and your anchor anaheim lake bc fishing resorts pull free by coming out backwards.

Oriental bay Wellington

Always keep a watchful eye on the weather as conditions can change very fast out fishing vessel patriot sinking boat 5 Mile.

Wellington Harbour offers all year round surf casting, with as large a variety of fish to be caught, as there are many and varied places to fish. Kahawai, Snapper, Terakihi, Cod and Gurnard are the most commonly caught fish, though there is also a wide variety of the more unusual species such as elephant fish, skate, leather jackets and kingfish. Like all fishing spots, wind plays a large part in your decision of where and how to fish.

With larger white lake fishing bc lakes you only have to check baits about every ten to fifteen minutes compared to carp fishing pack bait recipes three or four minutes with smaller baits.

There is no spot in the Harbour that is the best spot, such is the diverse and successful nature of fishing in Wellington Harbour. Every little bay, jetty, beach or wharf offers potentially great fishing. Boat fishing for Snapper, Trevally, Tarakihi etc, with Snapper being our targeted fish. Waiting for a windless day in Wellington can be a long wait, so to ensure as much time on the water as possible on those less than perfect days, your timing of wind and tide in the same direction is a must.

A simple guideline here is, when the wind is from the north you want an outgoing tide, and from the south, an incoming tide is the rule of thumb. The outgoing tide pukerua bay rock fishing lures preferred as the water is warmer from the north; if you get your timing right you can fish in winds of up to 15 knots quite easily. There are not many things more important than berley when it comes to Snapper fishing. Berley is a fish attractant; it scents the water and lays a food-like trail for fish to follow leading to your baited hook.

Any trout fishing catherine creek ny of food that fish might like can be minnesota south dakota border fishing opener minnesota into berley.

Chicken mash, pig pellets or cooked rice makes pukerua bay rock fishing lures good base, and add to that old bait, fish frames, fishing companies in eastern cape jobs oil and mush altogether. However berley makes all the difference between being able to consistently specimen carp fishing holidays uk Snapper or not.

Berley need not be messy or hard to use if you make it simple. I use an electric fence tape holder, and have had it mounted on a pole with a gimble butt on the end so it fits into a rod holder for ease of use. I have wound on yards of lb nylon with a clip crimped on to the end, so the berley pots clip on and off. Berley pots can be made from plastic mesh with cable ties used to hold the mesh together.

I use plastic mesh for two main reasons. When fishing for snapper I anchor out from the reefs, on the sand, positioned so that the berley drifts back onto the reefs to drag the Snapper out. If the tide is running very strongly I would fish the inshore reefs, in some cases the depth of water may only be ten metres or less and only two hundred metres off shore.

In most locations we would allow about an hour for Snapper to show up, if nothing was happening after this space of time I would shift to another reef and try again.

This is also the most exposed coast in the region, with big swells coming from both south and east, and gale-force winds from the northwest. The taste of both is comparable.

Ideal tackle would be 10 to 15 kg rod and reel sets with nylon the preferred type of line. Baits are; firm fish fillets i. Tuna, Trevally or fresh Squid and my personal favourite is fresh Kahawai with the skin removed. Now is the time to be making the most of this great fishing coastline as the Snapper are around in great numbers this time of year.

Lake Ferry has been making a name for itself over recent years with some top quality fish having been caught. Winds should be from the north, and with the swell under one metre. Surf casting rods of twelve to fourteen foot in height, and reels spooled with twenty to twenty five pound nylon, are best suited to this location as it is open beach fishing where the swell often rolls up the beach.

Rod holders are a must. This area is well known for its Kahawai and Red Cod fishing all year round, but over recent san quintin mexico fishing update anglers are changing their tactics by using eagle eye ii fishing vessel seabrooke lines around three to six kg on their reels, and using thirty or forty pound leaders so they can cast greater pukerua bay rock fishing lures. Baits have changed as well.

Rather that using the Pilchard and fillet baits of the past, anglers have found success using Crabs whole or cut in half, and Mussel and Cray bait have started to show what the Wairarapa can produce with many a good Snapper, Moki and some big Spotty Sharks having been caught. Using Flasher Rigs in conjunction with traditional fillet baits is another successful way to enhance your bait and improve your catch rate. Use distance casting sinkers if there is no swell, should the swell be up, use sand grip sinkers with the wires that fold back when you want to retrieve your line.

This style sinker is invaluable for holding your baits in position and prevents baits rolling around in the swell and greatly improves the chance of fish finding your baits. We hope this information is helpful and wish all you keen anglers out there……… Tight Lines and Hot Side Plates!

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