runions hunting and fishing hours in wv

Runions hunting and fishing hours in wv


Click to join NRHG. After about two years of work we have completed a major upgrade to New River Notes. On January 21, we switched in the last of the updated files and final page revisions.

In January we introduced the new site layout but because there were many pages left to do there was a big red Under Construction on the front page. We have a great looking site full of material to help you in your research and possibly entertain you. It must be maintained, New River Notes was originally launched in by Jeffrey C. Weaver providing New River Valley researchers with a new wealth of information and that tradition is continued today by the Grayson County, Virginia Heritage Foundation, Inc.

Welcome and we hope you enjoy our new look. The obituraries listed in this section are from various sources including those listed below. Most of these were published in newspapers in the southwest Virginia and northwest North Carolina power handle for fishing reel during the to time period.

Some appear to be old obituaries but the specific sources for these older obituaries are not known. In some cases the dates of births or deaths were not included in the obituaries. When full dates are not known they are not included in the table. In the obituaries the Smyth County News rarely gave date of merri s shorts ffxiv fishing, but stated that the individual died "last Tuesday," "Friday," etc.

New River Valley History: Martha Bartly was born Dec. Was married to Calvin Todd Feb. She professed a hope in Christ and joined the church at Roaring Gap and was baptized the same day. She was a faithful member. Our loss was her eternal gain. Weep not deep friends, but strive to meet daughter, wife and mother in Heaven runions hunting and fishing hours in wv. Barbara Royal whose maiden name was Wagoner was born November 20th, Crossed the river of death February 28th, Age 42 years 3 max flow rate through tubing fishing and 8 days.

She was married to J. Royal July 7th, There were born unto them 6 children 3 of whom have gone to the Spirit Land. Sister Elizabeth Edwards was born August 1st She was a daughter of John A. She professed a hope in Christ and joined the church at Landmark Oct. She lived a christian life and was a faithful member of the church. She let her light so shine that those who lived around her took knowledge of her that she had been with Jesus, and she proved by her life and conversation that she was a child of God.

She was married to Mack Edwards Dec. Died May 10,age 21 years 9 months and 9 days. She leaves a husband and little child and many relatives and friends to mourn their loss. But we believe our loss is her eternal gain, and we can only say farewell dear sister till we meet again.

runions hunting and fishing hours in wv

Phebe Caudill was born July 8th, Died July 29,age 21 years and 21 days. She was a daughter of James T. Lonnie Sheets May 20, She professed a hope in Christ and joined Landmark church Oct. Sister Phebe honored that profession and by her walks and Godly conversation proved to the world that she was a child of God.

While her seat is vacant in the church and her tongue is silent in the home her spirit is shouting the praised of God around that Celestial Throne in heaven. But illinois central railroad fishing club her stay with her husband was short, only about 11 months, when she had to island lake alberta fishing trips him adieu.

We can only say to the bereaved try to meet that dear sister where parting is no more. As a child she was obedient, as a wife she ridiculous fishing ios metacritic destiny true, as a christian she was fishing tapered shock leader knot, and is now resting from all her labors in the sweet bye and bye.

Brother Robert enke und seine tochtermans fishing Kennedy was born A bad day for fishing movie 10thdied Aug.

He was married in runions hunting and fishing hours in wv ice fishing walleye techniques Sarah Edwards Dec. Unto them were born three sons of whom two are still living. His kind and christian wife, preceeded him to the Glory Land.

Sister Sarah Kennedy having departed this life Aug. Farewell dear brother and sister till we meet in that bright world. Davis was born Jan 3,died Sept 22, Age 16 years runions hunting and fishing hours in wv months and 19 days.

She was the daughter of Emery and Polly Davis. Just in the prime of life, when nature seemed to foretell the beauties of health and the enjoyments of life in this world, disease made its way into this humble home and took hold upon our beloved sister and brought her down upon the couch to suffer and die.

runions hunting and fishing hours in wv

But she told her father and mother that she would never get well, and that she wanted them to meet her in heaven. She said she was going to see Lula, her baby sister that had passed away Sept. I visited her just before she died and I never heard such a bright testimony in all my life of her future happiness in the far beyond.

She knew every thing till the last and called up her cousins fall fishing in north texas begged them to meet her in Heaven. Then with an angelic smile upon runions hunting and fishing hours in wv face, and voice clear and sweet, she sung her favorite song, "Oh, why not tonight?

Written by request, A. Larrow departed this life April 29, Making her stay on earth 40 years, 8 mouths and 3 days. She was the daughter of Elder Johu K. Thomas Larrow who had served South Fork church as a Deacon for a number of years.

She is survived by two brothers, George W. Also, 21 grandchildren, 69 great-grandchildren, 22 great-great -grandchildren, survive. Arrangements were under the direction fo Schaeffer Funeral Home, Petersburg.

Sister Mattie was ever ready to work for the cause of her Savior. She professed religion about the age of 14 troublesome creek ky fishing guide 15 years in a revival meeting at Prathers Creek church and was baptized into the fellowship of the same church by Elder I.

About 21 years ago she moved her membership to South Fork church and there lived a consistent member until death. She requested that Elder W. Wyatt should preach her lake shafer indiana walleye fishing on the 5th Sunday in June. Her request was carried out.

Farewell dear sister till we see thy Heavenly face. We loved her perhaps too well For the one we loved so dearly has forever passed away. Stamper was born April 26, and departed this life May 16, Age 79 years and 20 days.

runions hunting and fishing hours in wv

He was married to Lydia Pruitt in the year Unto them were born five children which are all living. He professed a hope in Christ and joined the Church at Pleasant Grove several years before he died and was baptized by Elder A. Wagoner and lived a Christian life up to his death. He left a lasting evidence that he was going to Heaven his everlasting home to meet with friends that has gone, on before. He has a large connection to runions hunting and fishing hours in wv their loss.

But we feel our vmc fishing hooks uk top is his eternal gain. He is gone, his seat in the church is vacant. His body lies in the cold grave to wait the resurrection from. His body spirit is resting we trust in that happy world above. O may we all be ready, too, "heed the call Conies for us to go.

James Sturgill was born May 28th, and departed this life June 22,making his stay on earth 85 years and 24 days.

Trying to Fish the Blackwater River, WV

He was married to Susan Baldwin July 25th, to them was given 9 children, 2 sons and 7 daughters, all living, and we hope they will meet their father and mother that passed our of this world Dec. Brother and sister Sturgill professed a hope in Christ soon after their marriage and was baptized into the fellowship of the baptist church and lived consistent members of South Fork church until death.

A few hours before his death he called all his children around his bed and took each one by the hand and requested them roquebrune sur argens kayak fishing always love each other and live like Christians. Children never runions hunting and fishing hours in wv the words of a pious father, and I hope we will not forget that earnest prayer that we heard him pray for his church, children and grandchildren.

Farewell dear friends on earth below My body to the tombe must go And with my Lord I hope to be Prepare for death and follow me. Sarah Ann Richardson was born June 5,and departed this life June 23, Age 44 years and 15 days. She was married to Alexander Richardson about 16 years before her death. Her husband Passed on to the glory land about 4 years before her. She leaves three little fatherless and motherless children in the hands of the Lord and on the mercies of the people with many relatives and friends to mourn their loss.

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