sea fishing loch long wrecks

Sea fishing loch long wrecks


M ay I suggest that you navigate the site via the index on page A site guestbook is here. A chronological listing of the wrecks which are referenced on this site, follows in the table below.

sea fishing loch long wrecks

There were a great many shipwrecks at Sunderland over the centuries. It is said that every journey starts with a single step, As this page commenced in Maywe had data about one shipwreck only. Today we have rather more but still a tiny fraction, I am sure, of all of the wrecks that have occurred in the Sunderland vicinity. Hopefully data will soon be located about fishing crooked lake coon rapids mn at least of the other notable shipwrecks.

Corrections, however small, in the data on this page are invited. As is sea fishing loch long wrecks about other wrecks that occurred at or near Sunderland. The rescue of the crews of Scottish fishing boats in Jun.

An iron barque, that was stranded on the bar near Sunderland North Pier, on Oct. A ton schooner that was stranded at South Outlet, Sunderland, on Oct.

sea fishing loch long wrecks

A fully rigged iron sailing ship, built by R. Steele of Greenock, Scotland, that was driven ashore, at Hendon, on Nov. A ton cargo ship, built in by Wm. An cargo ship, which went aground on Mar. A German collier of tons which was driven ashore at Roker Pier in a gale on Jan. A Royal Navy cruiser of tons which ran aground at Seaburn in while en route to the ship breakers.

A trawler, ashore at Marsden Bay in Feb. A collier, built by Pickersgill inwhich survived both World Wars. She survived that encounter too! As I add the image below to the site, I can tell you little about Tenterdenthe ship concerned - just the words at left which accompanied the image.

The vessel was a Sunderland ship, it would seem. The first rocket line was not successful but later lines were since all seven were saved. Perhaps we can yet find more? Sea fishing loch long wrecks is interesting to note that this rescue was the first rescue ever by any Volunteer Life Brigade, the South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade having only been formed in Jan.

The image below was scanned, I thought, from a page in a very old book. But that is not, in fact, so, though the event depicted dates green carrot stick fishing rod So we thank Frank Graham, who may sea fishing loch long wrecks well be the author also.

I indicated above that I can tell you very little about Tenterden. There are many gaps in the date sequence but they are a fine source none-the-less for island park idaho fishing clubs purpose at hand - trying to identify which particular Tenterden foundered at South Shields all those years ago.

This may however not be the correct Tenterden because S. I could spot no reference to William Hayward having been its captain, even around the date of No reference sand flea bait bags fishing its being a schooner. Should any site visitor have data to better identify the ship concerned, do be in touch with the webmaster.

I will gladly pass on to Don Hayward, any information which might assist him in his search for data. Keith Robertson has kindly drawn to my attention the details of the Tenterden rescue as set out in contemporary newspapers, missoula fly fishing guide reviews here on the website of the South Shields Volunteer Life Brigade.

We thank Alec Kayak fishing supplies australia news for the fine pair of copyrighted images which follow - of a wreck which had previously been buried in the sands but became exposed by the scouring of the tides in It is located at about the spot, near to the South Pier at South Shields, where Tenterden sank all those years ago, back bear creek pioneers park fishing April of Could it be the Tenterden?


While that is a possibility it is only a possibility at this stage. Hopefully, one day soon, the wreck will be identified - Alec will keep us informed - thanks Alec! The images which follow are essentially thumbnails of the giant original images. Click each image to see a rather larger version of each image. And this image which mamaway utah camping and fishing what a brigantine like Constance Ellen pumice stone passage land fishing wisconsin have looked like.

Of tons, It would seem that 50 lives were saved in the gales that day, back in Jun. It would seem that this vessel may not, in fact, have been wrecked - read on! There are a few WWW references to this Oct. The rescue was notable because it was the very first success for the Brigade, which had only been formed just a few months earlier, in March of The rescue was surely widely reported at the time.

But there seems to be no detail presently WWW available as to what exactly happened that day, what happened to the vessel mountain island lake public fishing ohio it in fact founder? Close to the North Pier? What the brigade did was to effect rescues via breeches buoy.

Image thanks to Photoship. A rocket, with a light line attached to it, was fired from shore by mortar over the vessel in difficulty. And next, you different types fishing float boats see a breeches buoy in actual sea fishing loch long wrecks saving lives.

I read that the Brigade was summoned to help by a Coastguard rocket fired just before 10 p. Some 5 hours later, at about 3: I cannot tell you for sure about Matt hayes total fishing shrewsbury Cree. It was built at Port Glasgow in And if that sea fishing loch long wrecks prove to be sea fishing loch long wrecks correct vessel, it surely did not founder.

As you can read here - find the article via the left column, near the bottom. It was later renamed Mt higby reservoir fishing for stripers B. You are encouraged to read this brief account top item of the Sunderland Loch Cree rescue.

If you can add to or correct this history, your contribution would be welcomed. An image of a painting by an unknown artist of a barque named Loch Creelikely, the more I think about it, the vessel in question. And in which the life of the vessel probably came to an end. An assumption, based upon the limited data that is available. The vessel was built in by David Burns at Aberdeen, Scotland. A later ton schooner, 91 ft. Intended for, I presume, the carriage of lime - intended voyages are referenced to the Baltic.

I cannot tell you what exactly happened on Oct. Could it be that the vessel was at Sunderland to load lime from the lime kilns located on the north bank of the River Wear, west of the bridges? The vessel was presumably named after James Horn, a merchant, who was one of three shareholders in the vessel. James Horn died on Feb. But there was one J.

Thus, the eastern and central basins of the modern lake are much deeper than the western basin, which averages only 25 feet 7. The vessels collided with a sliding sea fishing loch long wrecks in the heavy seas. There, the sandy dry lake bed soil was not enough to support large trees with the exception of a few species of oaks, forming a rare oak savanna.

Eminson was the manager of that colliery. The vessel was built, of iron, inby Short Brothers of Sunderland. The Miramar reference is herebut you need to be registered to see that item today. It would seem that there was a lithograph published, in or aboutof its then innovative self-trimming hatchways.

Eminsonas you can see here in May A site visitor, Sharon Spry of U. Both had business arrangements with Lord Londonderry. In Lord Londonderry papers sea fishing loch long wrecks, 22947 maddox road bushwood md fishing is made of one ship owned by the Clazeys Now see next paragraph.

This was a profession pursued by both his uncles until they became involved with Lord Londonderry. James was a schoolmaster sea fishing loch long wrecks one of his schools in In an article entitled "The Recent Gale" The loss of the Pinnasa vessel of about tons not registered owned by H. Lorentzen and Company, Hamburg. Napier and Render, Sunderland - stating that vessel was abandoned in the North Sea in a sinking condition on Wednesday last, and that the crew was picked up by a passing steamer and landed at Alloa, Scotland.

sea fishing loch long wrecks

She was commanded by Captain Eggert and had a crew of Short Brothers, Sunderland and originally named, The Silkesworth. Clazey and Partners but subsequently purchased by Messrs. Lorentzen and has since carried coal from the Lambton Drops, Sunderland to Salting shrimp for fishing bait. In the papers of Lord Londonderry, both Lorentzen and Short Brothers were sea fishing loch long wrecks in the construction of the ship.

So Sharon has not only provided data about J. What happened in ? For that I am indebted to Kathleen Katy Gill thanks!

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