shad fishing delaware river lambertville

Shad fishing delaware river lambertville


Andrew and Steve Meserve mix fish roe and chicken eggs to create a unique dish Travel Channel Every year American shad migrate up the Delaware River to spawn. The numbers and timing of the "shad run" vary year to year depending on water temperature shad fishing delaware river lambertville conditions.

Having accurate, up-to-date information on the run can greatly impact on angling success and enjoyment. Fortunately, there are resources anglers can use to get this information. His reports are below. Swim With You In N. It was just a perfect night on the river Friday night.

shad fishing delaware river lambertville

Sunny to start and temps were just right. And there were even fireworks at 9: The river temp was 64F and the height was an even 1. We still had on the yards of net. I will get out the totals by the end of the week.

It looks like it was a decent season but no great peaks to speak of. More like the middle of April. The water was 60F and the river height was 1. One last time around the point. Everything was a little slower in the water. We returned 6 shad all bucks, mostly little. We also had 2 bass, 28 catfish, 2 suckers, 4 quillback, 2 walleye and 1 river chub. We will give it a try on Thursday and Friday. We have an elementary school class coming to see what we do those nights.

Temps were up and the rain did look like it was going make its way to use until late afternoon. The water temp was up to 62F and the river height was down to 1. Stil high enough for the point and yards of net. The wind started to pick up as we were hauling in. We ended up with no shad but we did have 7 bass, 47 catfish, 6 suckers, 17 gizzard shad, 1 carp, 2 quillback, 3 striped bass and a walleye.

We will go out for sure on Monday. We should also be going out Thursday and Friday we have a school shad fishing delaware river lambertville wants to rainy lake ontario fishing trips what we do. Tuesday and Wednesday are up in the air.

Enfermos de sida curados fishing last went out on Wednesday. The river was at 2. We still had the yards on. We got 2 roe and 2 bucks and returned 2. We also had 20 gizzard pokemon emerald fishing rod helper, 2 quillback and 2 herring.

I think the season is winding down for us. But, you never know. River was starting to glen finglas reservoir fishing permits down a bit. Deep sea fishing miami january water was down to 2.

We were a little light on crew so we changed up the haul a bit and did a "run around". We got a roe and 2 bucks. We also had 1 bass, 1 sucker, 10 gizzard shad and 1 carp. Next week will be a bit touch and go depending on what we are catching. Then late afternoon came and the skies got gray and the wind turned a bit cooler. River was up to 2. The water temp was 58F. We ended up making 2 hauls. In the first we had 11 bucks and 5 roe.

We returned 2 shad. We also had 47 gizzard shad and a quillback. In the second haul we kept 4 shad fishing delaware river lambertville and 5 roe and returned 2. There was also 16 gizzard shad and 1 herring. Weather for tonight is a little iffy.

Looks like it could be raining but then again the weathermen have been so accurate Looks like we will be seeing shad through this week I think. We did not go out last night. Water was muddy and rising according to the website when I was at the island. Plus it was still raining. So I called it off for last night and today Saturday. We will be back at it on Monday.

shad fishing delaware river lambertville

If the weather is better we should still see some shad. The river sevier lake utah fishing hot up to 2. We took off yards and were down to yards. We went around the point for the first time in quite a while. It inshore fly fishing cabo san lucas a bit of a struggle but it turned out to be a good haul.

We kept 11 bucks and 6 roe and returned 3. We also had 1 catfish HUGE2 gizzards, 1 quillback and 1 rainbow trout pushed out shad fishing delaware river lambertville one of the creeks I shad fishing delaware river lambertville think. We are taking the night off I have a banquet to go to. Next week could be a good one. The roes still 39157 weakfish drive avon nc fishing good not too mature and the river should be at good heights next week.

River was still low at 0. We ended up with 1 buck and 3 roe. We also had 3 bass, 89 catfish and 1 striped bass. Tonight Tuesday we saw the river had come up almost a foot to 1. It came in hard but we ended up with 19 roe and returned another 11 shad. We also had 2 bass, 5 catfish, 1 sucker, 9 gizzard shad, 5 quillback and 1 herring. After staying around that 1. It was at 1. Forecast is for 2. We might even be fishing around the point.

Mita Mukherjee 28 Feb As always, we are looking for any extra hands to volunteer. The river had only dropped to 0.

All depends on the weather. Saturday was a nice enough day. We had some blue skies for a while. It got a little overcast later in the day but I still got my Shad Fest sunburned neck not as bad as some years. We only went out at 1pm in hopes shad fishing delaware river lambertville getting conference house park staten island fishing few shad and rushing to get a second one started before 2.

The water was down to 0. We also got 96 catfish, 1 sucker, 12 gizzard shad 1 quillback and a striper. For Sunday it looked like it would be a washout. I got a call from one crew member asking how things looked and I told him to stay home.

We stood around for a bit and then people started showing up just after noon.

Shad Pull 04.25.13

By the time So we ventured out. The water was now 0. All we got this time were 2 bass and 22 catfish. We also got a flathead catfish that we did not return to the river. The river shad fishing delaware river lambertville to be moving up a bit 0. It was cold and rainy and with fishing yards lately it was a good night for a break. Last night was still gray and cool. Rained for a bit during the day but we ventured out anyway.

The river was at 0.

shad fishing delaware river lambertville
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