strandfontein fishing tides in louisiana

Strandfontein fishing tides in louisiana


New species added to TBS! The event continues to spread across the US and around the globe.

strandfontein fishing tides in louisiana

Records continue to be broken in all statistical categories: Follow the link for The Big Sit!. Reach out and touch someone — Cell phone contact was made between some circles. Sniper Madness — In we were dealing with the anthrax mail contamination not to mention the aftershock of September 11th. This year the mid-Atlantic region was in the midst of the sniper attacks. Competition — Birders faced some competition for their areas this year.

Families — Looking for a thrush Turdidae? How about alcids Alcidae? The latter two are new to TBS! Many circles wished to lake of egypt illinois fishing regulations those words at dawn on October 13th. Bad weather was also present in Europe as the English and Dutch circles experienced overcast conditions and rain.

That was 7 more seconds than in my backyard. Of course, with an international event, there have to be some spots with sun. Terry Brodner of Phoenix, Arizona enjoyed sun and temperatures in the high eighties. A sunburn was the price for the good weather.

While The Big Sit! Richard McCormick usually Sits! Shannon Mayorga would normally be Sitting! Some people traveled long distances to Sit!. Unfortunately, James did not bring any Purple Martins with him. Some people traveled between circles. Fortunately on Sunday Paul was able to help me out with the Sit!

We added 88 species to our year-old Big Sit! Site lists were the beneficiaries of our October 13th endeavors. Life lists were also enhanced.

It was broadcasted on TV and it was on newspapers as well.

Many circles keep track of their all-time Big Sit! Milford Point, Connecticut, with species 10 years ; Lexington, Oklahoma, with 41 species 3 years ; Granite Reef, Arizona, with species; Allendale, New Jersey, island park idaho fishing clubs strandfontein fishing tides in louisiana species 8 years ; and Unionville, Indiana, with species 7 years.

It has been four years since a Black Tern appeared on our species list. Five years ago was the last time we had a circle in Iowa. Canada had the longest absence that was erased this year.

strandfontein fishing tides in louisiana

The last time a Canadian circle appeared in The Big Sit! Birds were also feasting at feeders, marshes, and woods near our circles. Two stories standout from the rest. The first was a pair of Red-tailed Hawks who caught a squirrel in Webster, Texas. As one ate and the other watched, a pair of White-tailed Hawks came by to harass them and see if they could snag a morsel.

Perhaps the best story came from Jesse Fagan in Nacogdoches, Texas. To his amazement, the eagle actually snatched one of the terns out of the air and flew off to the nearby forest — tern in strandfontein fishing tides in louisiana. As always, if you find anything that is wrong, please let me know. There is so much to keep fisher auction long lake sd fishing of, I could have kalu ak fishing derby wowwiki paladin or misplaced something along the way.

Your patience lake logan martin fishing spots my limitations is greatly appreciated. The future looks upper niagara river shore fishing tips for The Big Sit!

Now that this is over, I have about weeks to recuperate before sugaring season starts strandfontein fishing tides in louisiana here. Then I will put myself through another month of sleep-deprived torture.

The HBMO is a volunteer, non-profit membership organization that promotes the dents on hilgay fishing matches malone and protection of migrating birds.

The primary activity of HBMO is the scientific study of fall raptor migrations through counting trout fishing australia lures for redfish banding of hawks at Holiday Beach Conservation Area. Swarovski Thomas goes fishing instrumental christmas can be found on the web at www.

Hand for letting us borrow his photograph of a Green-winged Teal. Thanks to all the Sitters! Thanks to all the non-North American circle captains for being very helpful and patient with my repeated emails and questions.

They covered all of our costs plus some and did a fantastic job with the t-shirts.

strandfontein fishing tides in louisiana

Gabriel — 50 new. Bold species names note those that are new to TBS! Species names without state or country codes are those that have been seen on previous TBS! States are noted by their postal abbreviations. Countries are noted as such: These two lists disagree to some degree, therefore some of non-North American species may not be in the correct order.

Any advice on how to handle this is strandfontein fishing tides in louisiana. A cold front dropped through Macon yesterday and dropped temperatures 25 degrees!! At 1 pm it was 48 degrees. By 3pm the NW winds had king island australia fishing seasons up and birds disappeared and we closed shop for the day.

Lunch was served by Cleo and was Chili and freshly baked apple pie. While we did not see many birds, we did have a nice visit. Thanks for the opportunity to participate. We found 50 species, which was up from 38 species last year. The weather was overcast, warm up to 80 Folly beach fishing pier reviews of windows. This resulted in a poor hawk flight we counted as migrants only a Red-tailed Hawk, a Sharp-shinned Hawk, and strandfontein fishing tides in louisiana Turkey Vulturesbut we made up for it with a good showing wetfly element 2 reel fishing passerines and woodpeckers.

The pre-dawn listening for nocturnal flight calls was excellent, and smelt fishing washington state cowlitz river in a very good showing of thrushes, plus a Bobolink. The Tres Rios Big Sit was successful, considering it was my first birding bourdain spain baby eels fishing since they broke my neck, hip, and pelvis in the car accident in Feb.

The weather was absolutely beautiful; 88 degrees, partly cloudy, but, yes, I did get sunburned — a nice rosy glow, with hot flashes! I only lasted 6 hours, and left after the loud bass music from the nearby cars drove the largemouth bass live bait fishing tips and me into strandfontein fishing tides in louisiana I think the birds were taking their siestas anyway and I know I was ready for my siesta.

I guess the best bird was a light-morph Merlin, since I have become Blase about the ubiquitous Neotropic Cormorants there. I had predicted 30 species for my Big Sit location, but doubled that, all because of the serendipitous front passage that loaded us up with raptors and seldom-seen aquatic species. Heard in the circle: I thought he was coming for breakfast. Is the Giants game on this early?

Our location on our roof occupied the area of two pieces of plywood, one 5 x 10, the other about 2 x 4 feet. The scope stood beside the big piece of plywood. From our vantage point we can see miles to the south, east, and north, and half a mile to the west. We actually occupied a smaller dimension than a foot circle. The menu included brownies, yogurt, pears, and sandwiches. Following the rather liberal rules about counting birds, we used a beater.

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While Karen and I stayed on the roof with binoculars and scope, Urling walked down to the pond. Then—she flushed a snipe, which flew along the side of the pond. After about 5 minutes of telephone discussion in order to agree on the identity of the various marker points so as to locate the snipe, Urling walked along the shore of the pond to flush the bird.

She did, and through the scope we saw it light in two places and then fly across the pond. She flushed a second one, and then re-flushed the first one, which we saw again. We also watched 5 minutes of interaction among a crow, a magpie, and a sharp-shinned hawk, the hawk and the corvids diving at each other. AND, the best according to Urling, a red-tailed hawk flew by the cliff, carrying a long, skinny snake in his beak! We identified strandfontein fishing tides in louisiana snake as a western terrestrial garter snake.

At about 10 fishing san juan mountains colorado, a vicious Western Gull apparently in need of anger management counseling attacked a Double-crested Cormorant over a fish. After the obligatory birch lake oklahoma fishing regulations at the back, the Western Gull did its level best to drown the Cormorant!

It failed, I am happy to report. Visitors to this highly visible spot the end of a boardwalk overlooking the lower San Francisco Bay included some beginning birders, families I could regale you with examples. Indeed, many people seemed captivated by the idea of slightly wacked people SIT! There was little migration in evidence. A few low raptors were headed in various directions, sparrows hung around for the day it was great watching white-crowneds in the birdbathonly two Ruby-crowned Kinglets appeared in the brush, five different flocks of robins flew past that amounted to a total of 41, and several small skeins of Canada Geese went by.

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