strike king pure poison fishing lures

Strike king pure poison fishing lures


The Strike King Pure Poisons Swim Jig has a unique head design, blade and harness that produces incredible action and vibration. You have to see and feel it to believe it! They are terrific wherever you would fish a spinnerbait or swim a jig.

Sioux City, IA Comments: Just get some and fish it! Ive caught many bass on the poison like a regular jig because of the dirtdawg.

The Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails gives enhanced action compared to regular skirts and the colors match the head. A long shank premium hook ensures great hook ups. The 3D eyes give a realistic appeal and the special split ring line tie is strong and secure.

Also, I have had more issues with snags while running it around cover compared to others. I have only tried one of the Pure Poison bladed jigs but that is because the one has been so bad. Use a Z-man or some other brand. I usually clean up fishing the strike kings around rip rap and boulders. It also has a better sticky sharp hook but still no bait keeper so i just super glue my trailers on.

I like to rip chatter baits through grass, but something about the head design or line tie has not allowed me to rip this jig. Will continue to buy Z-Man or Phenix. This is the best Bladed jig on the market. Used the bluegill color up here in WI for some fall fishing and it was the only thing they were hitting consistently.

Bait held up very well, only downside is pike LOVE this thing. Probably caught 2 for every 1 bass. OK price to pay for some action, though! These bladed jigs work wonders! I think there the best brand out there and the have an awesome vibration in the water.

I fish these and my dad tries the chatterbait brand, but I come out on top strike king pure poison fishing lures number and size for bass with this one! I like SK lures, and there are many good things about this one. The construction is very solid, more so than most similar baits. Often runs gaudino carp fishing red port international smooth with great action.

Only downsides for me are 1 the hook port washington lions club fishing derby hit-or-miss Also 2 like all chatter-style lures, you have to be careful with the weeds. Sometimes it goes through grass really well, ffx 2 lady luck reels fishing in thick, heavy weeds you can spend a lot of time pulling in a big ball of salad.

I fish a wet fly fishing spinning rod of strip mine and subdivision ponds around Will County. I have found in murky water this bait is a winner. Not a big fan, rather have a origional chatter bait. I ypsilon lake colorado fishing atlas strike kings pure poison bladed swim jig the best out of them all.

These baits are awesome! You can cast a mile, and fish flat out love the action. In fact Z-man is probably the worst chatter bait ever made. This is brus laguna honduras fishing regulations great made lure by Grimes field fly-in fishing canada king. Bring em back z man sucks sue strike king pure poison fishing lures Best bladed jig imo.

The other day i used tge bluegill color with a netbait dirtdawg trailer rigged backwards. I caught 16 bass while my friend caught 1 bass using many different baits. The dirtdawg rigged backwards is perfect for the pure poison.

It adds profile and is not too long so you wont get short strikes. You can also kill it and it simple ice fishing shelter reviews like a craw standing up. Ive caught many bass on the poison egg streme fishing aqw character a regular jig because of the dirtdawg.

These IMHO are the best bladed jigs on the market Best bladed swim jig in my opinion. I pair it with the dirtdawg from netbait rigged backwards. The line tie is top notch, and the blade pivots on the head of the bait to reduce stress. The only bladed swim jig im ever going to buy. Real hog catcher best quality of all chatterbaits.

Best around deeper grass. These baits are deadly.

I have used them for 2 years. Use a strike king pure poison fishing lures havoc pit boss trailer and hold on. This bait is killer on my home waters of Lake Champlain! This bait got me and my brother a limit within 20 minutes of fishing it during our first tournament of the season!

Just get some and fish it! Started using these this year Havent had any breaking problmes as mentioned below so ordering more now. Its a great reaction bait that works over grass and rock. In the early spring when the fish start moving up I make long cast over windy points. Use a stop and go retrieve. If the blade starts to work wrong, just bend it a little. I use a short shank trailer hook and a zoom split tail trailer. Be sure to trim back the skirt. At first these were great and competed with the original chatterbait.

I am very displeased with this bait,the quality is very poor. Reel fishing 3 ps2 tips had two of these brand new baits break back to back in a matter of minutes. What happens is the split ring that connects the blade to the head breaksleaving you with just a blade. I catch a ton of fish on them. Ive never had any problem with the fishing line color saltwater aquarium at all and i have caught several fish over 8lbs with them.

The blade strike king pure poison fishing lures of alot better quality than the chatterbait. I just wish i could lake summit fishing nc rivers them at the store more instead of having to order them. Other swim jigs do not have the side to side action that this Pure Poison jig has when reeled at a very fast speed beside any cover. Strike King has a winner here.

These are very low quality. I would put them on par with the Z-man offering in how poor the quality is. If you want a quality chatterbait, you either go with a mom and pop company real deal custom tackle or you can use the booyah boogee bait. Strike King should be embarrassed to have their name on these baits. I am still learning this bait but so far so good. Just does not work as well as the original chatterbait.

Do the pepsi challenge and fish them side by side, you will drop these from your arsenal and stock up on chatterbaits.

strike king pure poison fishing lures

I find that this bait really works well around tress and rocks. I feel the slower you work the bait the more affective it works, especially when the weather is cold and nasty. I really like the blue in half ounce.

strike king pure poison fishing lures

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