striped bass fishing tips and tricks

Striped bass fishing tips and tricks


Long time no blog! Most of my recent Internet activity has been via social networks, especially Facebook Shawn. This weekend marks the opening of the striped bass kill season in Maryland.

On April 18th it becomes legal to catch and keep a striped bass.

striped bass fishing tips and tricks

Between April 18 and May 15, anglers can keep one rockfish per day if it measures a between 28 and 36 inches in length or b over 40 inches. Hopefully, Maryland anglers have heard of these new regulations by now, but it never hurts to spread the word! Almost all the fish caught in the next couple of weeks will be pre-spawn. If we want strong rockfish populations in the future, we have to let the big spawners go. Kill season just means more boats on the water and more big fish taken before they have a chance to spawn.

The spring rockfish migration is well underway now and fish are moving up the Maryland portion of the Chesapeake Bay in waves. So far fishing has been pretty good. My assessment of the warm-water-discharge season up to now is good but not great. Some of the most exciting fishing in April and May takes place right along the bank. Lately, shore fishing is so good that some of my fishing buddies are leaving their boats at home and hiking down to the piers and points to cast.

My friend Andrew Burton of Annapolis is catching and releasing big fish on quick outings before and after school. On the opposite side of the Bay, my neighbor Dan Hughes has been wearing them out from the shorelines on Kent Island. The picture deer hair frog flies for fly fishing the right is of a beautiful fish he released last week.

There is also some nice fish being caught at the Matapeake Pier. Maryland Natural Resource Police busted three fishermen earlier this week for keeping big rockfish they caught from the pier.

In my younger days, almost all my striper fishing was from shore. The first rockfish I ever caught was with a topwater plug casting from striped bass fishing tips and tricks bank. Look for shorelines with rocky points and jetties. Better yet, look for submerged rock piles within casting distance from shore. There will be fish there! When you first get fishing rod turner and dryer your spot, stay very quiet, stand way back and cast along the shoreline.

After you fished cerchietto con frangia fintastic fishing close you can cast on out farther or even wade. Fan Fishing villages in northern portugal beaches the Flats — Shallow flats near the mouths of creeks or rivers are great places to catch big fish striped bass fishing tips and tricks early spring.

Pay attention to the tide guided fishing trips in louisiana because the most productive times are when the warmer water is coming out of the rivers and sweeping striped bass fishing tips and tricks the flats.

Concentrate on flats that are at least three feet deep. Four or five is better. When you see consistent ripples on the water caused by current, it means there is either a drop off or an obstruction underneath. You can waterproof boat bag fishing indianola fish upstream or downstream of the rip, but fishing lake ray roberts texas best chance is to cast right on top of it.

Always keep in mind that a lure moving downstream with the current looks more natural than one running against it. Remember that stripers have a very keen sense of smell. I believe rockfish can smell blood worms from at least a quarter mile away. Non-offset circle hooks are mandatory when using big hooks georgiaville pond smithfield ri fishing show natural bait.

I cast it with an 8-foot fishing with flair instagram followers rod with a Shimano Baitrunner Plastic swimbaits are great from shore. There are huge fish around, so show them a big bite by using a lure that is at least four-inches long.

striped bass fishing tips and tricks

I like swim shad with the weight built in, but you can also use unweighted bodies with jig heads. Make sure you pick out a swimbait with a very soft tail so there is lots of action. Almost any lure that is designed to be jerked along beneath the surface of the water will work.

If the water is less than 4-feet deep, Land based fishing eden nsw accommodation prefer floating plugs.

Otherwise, go with jerkbaits that striped bass fishing tips and tricks. A little experimentation can pay off big time. Make sure you have strong hooks and mash the barbs on the trebles. Keep in mind that the water on the shallow flats will warm up fast on sunny days. Try a Heddon Super Spook on calm days, especially right after sunrise or just before sunset.

striped bass fishing tips and tricks

The best places to fish from shore are usually right under your nose. My friend Brian Tsai who is a Naval Academy Midshipman has striped bass fishing tips and tricks more rockfish casting from the Academy wall in the past few months than most fishermen will catch in years from a boat. The weather is getting better and the time is right for good catching.

Stay tuned for more about that! For more fishing info, check out the April edition of Chesapeake Bay Magazine.

Having all these pieces in my arsenal I tied a few on and drove to my spot. The cover of darkness often turns nippers into strikers.

You can find it on the magazine racks of nearly any store in the area, download it at iTunes, or click on the picture below for a digital preview. Posted Tuesday, April 14th, at 3: Fishing Reports You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed. I feel so confident that once I buy new supplies as you striped bass fishing tips and tricks, Bubba will be coming home for dinner!!

Go get Bubba fishing in the city bay area brother, but throw him back after you take picture,so I can catch him later also. Email will not be published required.

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