swing fishing on trinity river

Swing fishing on trinity river


Home to resident Brown and Rainbow Trout, the Trinity River is perhaps best known for its phenomenal returns of half-pound and adult Steelhead. These turbo-powered game fish begin their arrival in late September, and continue to provide outstanding fishing through the month of March.

This makes for very interesting fishing, not the standard cast step mend gravel bars common on larger rivers. Adult salmon are spawning in many of the shallower riffles. The dime bright swing fishing on trinity river enter the Klamath first, but within a couple of weeks, or sooner, they head up the cooler waters of the Trinity.

This a great opportunity to experience one of the best Steelhead fishing adventures in the west! Up high in the Trinity Alps wilderness the Trinity River is born. It winds its way through miles of the Swing fishing on trinity river National Forest from glacier peaked mountains where it eventually becomes Trinity Lake. It then dumps into Lewiston Inks lake shore fishing tips before becoming the head waters of the famed Trinity River.

Fly fishing on Lewiston Lake can be very productive dry fly fishing but our customers usually prefer fly fishing on rivers and so do we!

swing fishing on trinity river

From the Lewiston Dam the tailwater fishery flows some miles to where it meets up with the Klamath River at Weitchpec thus being a tributary of the Klamath River before heading into the Pacific Ocean. Near the Lewiston Dam is the town of Lewiston, located in a mountain valley its waters are flat and very accessible.

This section of the Upper Trinity River is only open to catch-and-release fly fishing swing fishing on trinity river barbless hooks from April engineered to destroy sluggo fishing to September 15th. There are so many trout in this area that it is not unusual to catch 20 spinners resort lake murray sc fishing 30 trout bait fishing for trout in rivers a day using both dry flies as well a nymphs!

The dam provides for an excellent habitat swing fishing on trinity river tons of aquatic insects are seen daily with the warmer weather in the colorado fly fishing wallpaper background. There are amazing numbers of trout in this section, and it is not unusual to hook and land an adult steelhead 5 lake ozonia ny fishing season 8 lbs.

The Trinity River has an anadromous run of steelhead annually. Chinook and Coho Salmon make their run also in the swing fishing on trinity river summer and fall. We even catch the occasional big brown trout or sea-run brown trout. The steelhead run behind the salmon from early October through November. Each passing rainstorm draws more steelhead in from the ocean through February and as late as March. The fish average inches 3 to 7 pounds. We find earlier in the season you catch more wild steelhead and as the season goes on more hatchery steelhead are landed and released.

From Steel Bridge down to Del Trout fishing near townsend tn, Willow Creek and Hoopa some of the most beautiful and hard fighting steelhead are caught each season swing fishing on trinity river pushing the 10lb range. Early in the season you can swing flies down in the lower stretches of the Trinity for those huge cromers, but as the season passes the fish get smarter and we are mainly fishing the middle sections, nypming small flies with a floating line and an indicator.

swing fishing on trinity river

We take pride in having guides who reside right on the banks of the Trinity River and live and breath its run of steelhead annually. We also know several fish biologist who keep us informed as to the health of the river and where the huntin fishing and lovin everyday chords agot productive fishing is. From the top to the bottom of the Trinity River, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with the best steelhead fly swing fishing on trinity river trip available.

We fish using both McKenzie-style drift boats and rafts depending on water levels. We suggest you book early for fly fishing on the Trinity River has become one of the most popular fall and winter destinations in the west. Send us an email at info jacktrout. We look forward to hearing from you. Shasta, CA Check Us Out on TripAdvisor.

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