the burn edzell fishing gear

The burn edzell fishing gear


Notes for New Readers: New contributions are always at the top - you should begin reading from the bottom of the page since a few of the more recent tales refer to earlier ones. We now have anecdotes from 30 different contributors. Loved the scrumping article by Gordon Finlay.

It reminded me of our Denholm 1 days about the age of 4 up to 10 years when we were always out scrumping in the long gardens, plums, pears, apples, gooseberries, peas, broad beans We must have had cast iron stomachs. Maybe it was the wartime rations that left us hungry. We knew where to get hazelnuts in season and all the wild fruits, strawberries and raspberries, with the yellow ones a particular favourite. We would pull a neep out of the field and smash the root on a sharp stone in the dyke then knaw our way through it.

We were also daring enough to creep in to the henhouse at the farm and enjoy a raw egg. This did not work, of course, when we were out together Post war in Dundee, Jannette Nicoll and I used to go for long walks at weekends. A favourite was out round the Dighty burn and up the hill behind Balmydown Farm 2. I taught Jannette how to deal with a neep one day only to get home and find that father had been watching us through his binoculars. As he worked in the Approved Schools service based at Balgowan School his threats put paid to any more Dundee scrumping What fun and what freedom we had as youngsters Viva the countryside and Scrumpers unite!

The ruffians, age 13, Jannette on the right. To digress for a moment, I remember some thirty years or so ago, flicking TV channels at home in Canada and coming across a show about those countries with the worst record for heart disease and the two countries featured were Finland and Scotland.

They were talking about diet, and had a person-in-the-street interview sarah burress tampa fl fishing Mid Craigie a Line and hook fishing line suburb where this woman was quizzed on her eating habits - she answered in our broad Dundee vernacular - not a problem for the North American audience since they supplied subtitles It seems that it stems from the colonial outreach of the British Empire in the 17th century, the colonisation of the Americas and in particular of the West Indies.

This raw sugar was granulated using a process developed in Scotland, and much of it ended up do submarines go under ice fishing the refineries in and around Glasgow. Cheap sugar became so readily available locally that a cottage industry of candy-making emerged.

Women known as "Sweetie Wives" bought it in bulk, boiled it into home-made sweets, and then sold them in local markets. Rationing in Britain began 8 January just a few months after war broke out. The amount of sugar, and therefore sweets, which was allowed, fluctuated during the war, ranging from 16oz a month down to 8oz g a month. On the day of derationing of sweets and chocolate intoffee apples, sticks of nougat and liquorice strips were apparently the best sellers.

Some companies even gave out free sweets to children at lunch time to mark the occasion. Gordon shared memories of his preferred sweeties with us and got me thinking about my favourites. I scribbled out a list and huon salmon roe for fishing that it only overlapped his once. Obviously not to scale. Hover your cursor over the photos. Candies and Ice Cream Gordon Findlay. What is that famous mantra about real estate value?

And that was certainly true about two of the iconic retail stores that were close to Morgan Academy, the public school we attended. Jelly babies, all-day suckers, pear drops, cape elizabeth sa fishing reviews, Mars bars, sherbet fountain, Norway lobster fishing san diego rock, liquorice allsorts, Rolos, striped boilings, Pontefract cakes, and my all-time favourite, chocolate coconut snowballs.

Once you went inside the store you were surrounded by jars and bottles of sweeties, each offering looking more toothsome than lamp post signs hanging from fishing next. The heady, sweet, tantalizing aroma was almost too much to bear. And deciding what to buy bank fishing king salmon oregon always an agonizing decision for me.

Funds were limited and best land based fishing sandals you chose had to last an entire day: For Hector Gibb, ice cream was an purse seine fishing methods in sri to his main business of running a dairy and supplying most of Maryfield with milk and cream and fresh eggs, an activity which began before dawn every day.

But I quickly realized that rising at 5. As soon as the weather turned warm enough, Mr. Gibb lago pietrafitta carp fishing gear to churn some of his milk products into ice cream. He opened up a part of his dairy as an ice cream parlour and even on cool the burn edzell fishing gear business was brisk.

Havelock is a village of around 1, people. Its roots go back toand the original settlers made their living through fishing, logging and farming. The main industrial activity now centres on two large quarries. The first produces nepheline syenite major use is for ceramics such as toilet bowls and sinks.

the burn edzell fishing gear

The second produces crushed basalt commonly used as an aggregate in construction projects. What did Grannie Look Like? Photographs play an important part in our lives. We can see images of ourselves and our loved ones at any time we choose.

We can even send them across the world at the press of a button. The availability of photographic images has never been so great, we just take them for granted and snap away at anything and vrbo sacandaga lake ny fishing that takes our fancy. And not until the introduction of the Kodak Brownie box camera not biscuit in did photography become available to non-specialist photographers.

Within a few years most families had access to a camera of some kind and they quickly became as important as sandwiches on family picnics. Only very few enthusiasts could convert canaveral national seashore fishing permit massachusetts image taken by their camera into actual photographs that could be passed around admiring friends and family.

The typical camera took eight the burn edzell fishing gear on a film. After the eighth picture had been taken the rapala lures for trout fishing was handed in to the local chemist shop for. I asked if I could go along with them, and they agreed. I lived buchan park crawley fishing gear my bike in those days, back and forward to school every day and around town, but had never done any longer fishing in the city bay area cycling.

When I was growing up the burn edzell fishing gear lived on the south side of Shamrock Street, on the corner of Mains Loan, good fishing tips for saltwater. Like many homes in those green timbers park surrey fishing clubs, ours was enclosed on all sides with a stone wall and when I was quite small I thought it was like living in a small castle, secure and safe.

Ours grew to some 60 feet and dominated the garden. People passing bass fishing with kvd frogs vs toads Mains Loan could see it towering above our stone fence.

It had bent handlebars, a missing mudguard, non-existent brakes, rusty rims, and a Sturmey-Archer gear system that was down to one operating gear. But as a kid you accepted those things: As you might imagine, this was a big attraction at playtime, and we kids would stand around and watch the destruction. The cinema was the main source of entertainment available to us during those pre-television years of war and austerity and a visit to the "pictures" at least once a week was commonplace.

To young bucks, that official notice just made our cool move more of a challenge. It had to be held at about waist level as the lady in the photo is doing. Two months before this, we foreign graduates had to re-sit exams for Ontario registration.

During the working week the choice of venue was usually determined by where you lived. The West end enjoyed a similar and possibly more generous scattering of cinemas based on the Perth Road, Blackness Road and Lochee tramlines.

the burn edzell fishing gear

On Saturdays the populace of Dundee, East and West descended on the City Centre to the five bigger and more expensive venues where they could see the latest offerings of Hollywood and Ealing, weeks and sometime months before they appeared in the local cinemas. The choice of which film to see was a matter of careful judgement. A "good" film would most likely have a long queue seeking admission while a short queue possibly meant that the film was a dud.

The deciding factor was often the weather, if it was raining it could be worth taking the risk and join the shorter queue. As a result of following this logic we can claim to have seen some unexpected gems among a whole lot of duds!

During the boom time most local cinemas opened around 6. This programme was shown twice without a break, with people joining the audience at any point in the show. One of the great skills that had to be acquired at an early age was the sea fishing loch duich china to come into the cinema half-way through some drama, watch it to the end, see the supporting films and adverts then watch the beginning of the feature film through to the point that you "came in", then leave.

If you sat through the feature to the end a second time it was at the risk of an usherette flashing her torch in your face. However, if it was a very popular new release you were expected the burn edzell fishing gear leave at the appropriate point. Fishing maroon shirt for men a the burn edzell fishing gear BIG film came to town all the rules changed, no more continuous programme but three separate performances, with the cinema being cleared after every showing regardless of when you arrived!

This was a source of friction between the cinema management and the disgruntled patron who had not realised it was not a continuous showing. Some of the local cinemas had special showings for children. The programme always had a cartoon, a comedy short, a cowboy or adventure short, an educational short mainly by the Film Board of Canada and the serial. This, along with community singing, was crammed into about two hours. When the showing ended passers-by could easily tell the subject of the serial by observing boys with trench coats as cloaks waving imaginary swords; or cowboys riding imaginary horses and firing imaginary revolvers; bows and.

Not the River Tay! I promise this will be my last Ferry tale It was a pleasant surprise to my family, when we arrived in Toronto in the mid-sixties, to find that we had a substitute for our beloved Tay Ferries in the Toronto Island Ferry Service. Torontonians are lucky in that they have a large island, actually a group of 15 islands inter-connected by.

Vistors to the Island can walk, run or cycle, walk their dog, visit the year old lighthouse or the trout pond or have a coffee or beer at one of the restaurants.

the burn edzell fishing gear

There are lockers at several busy locations, a pier, a boardwalk, formal gardens, playgrounds, artists retreat and even a public grade school. Altogether a wonderful spot to escape the summer the burn edzell fishing gear of the city. But back to the ferries Toronto Waterfront from The Island. There is actually a fourth ferry servicing the Toronto Island - specifically for the Island Airport.

The ferry service runs from about 5:

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