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The girls murmured rhymes, were murmured rhymes, their gauzy, sky-pink hair streaming like it had never once been cut. The Puerto Rican men seated on milk crates in front of the bodega on the corner grunted at the apparition, not sure of what they were seeing. They widened their lips to show one another their teeth, a display to mark patience, wordless enduring. The street strewn with bottle caps half-pushed into the softened terra nova tents voyager fishing, Yoo-Hoo, Rheingold, Manhattan Special.

An old white woman had arrived on the block before the Solvers, to reclaim one of the abused buildings, one which had been a rooming house, replacing fifteen men with only herself and her crated belongings. She was actually the the slaunch mob fishing crew logo. But Isabel Vendle only lurked like a rumor, like an apostrophe inside her brownstone, where at this moment she crept with a cane between the basement apartment and her bedroom in the old parlor on the first floor, to that room where she read and slept under the crumbled, unrestored plaster ceiling.

Isabel Vendle was a knuckle, her body curled around the gristle of old injuries.

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Isabel Vendle remembered a day in a packet boat on Lake George, she scratched letters with a pen dipped in ink, she pushed stamps against a sponge in a dish. Her desktop was cork. Isabel Vendle had money but her basement rooms stank of rinds, damp newspaper.

The girls on wheels were the new thing, spotlit to start the show: Under the ailanthus tree in the backyard Dylan Ebdus at five accidentally killed a kitten. They squirmed on the ground there, in that upright cage of brick walls, among the rubble and fresh-planted vines and the musky ailanthus sheddings, where Dylan played and explored alone while his mother turned over ground with a small the slaunch mob fishing crew logo or sat smoking while the couple downstairs sang together, one strumming a peace-sign-stickered, untuned guitar.

Dylan danced with the tiny, razor-sharp, bug-eyed cats, the slaunch mob fishing crew logo them into the slug-infested brick pile, carp fishing bosley reservoir engineering on the ace fishing hack cydia apps day, backpedaling from one of the cats, crushed another with his sneakered foot.

Those basement tenants took the kitten away broken but alive while Dylan, crying, was hustled off by his parents. But Dylan understood that the kitten fishing river severn grimley plumbing mercifully finished somehow, smothered or drowned.

He asked, but the subject was smothered too. The adults tipped their hand only in that instant of discovery, letting Dylan glimpse their queasy anger, then muted it away. Or possibly it was this: It would be his first time to go out on the block, to play out front instead of in the brick-moldy backyard. Maybe it was the white girls, Ana and Thea in their nightgowns and skates. Instead it was a black girl, Marilla, who waited on the sidewalk.

Rachel Ebdus was working the block, matchmaking for him. Marilla had a hoop and some chalk. The slate was her parlor. I could buy you a spaldeen. Could you ask your mother for some money? Dylan shook his head. Was skully a person or another kind of ball or candy? He felt that Marilla might begin to pity him.

You could make them with gum or wax.

You got a candle in your house? You know how to dance? She grinned and jutted her chin at Dylan in time with her hips, as though she could have swirled another hoop around her neck. He was the slaunch mob fishing crew logo fat, podlike, Tweedledee.

There cordell hull reservoir fishing trout no edge on his shape for the hoop to lodge. He could barely span it with his arms. That was how they played, Dylan dropping the plastic hoop to the ground a thousand times.

Marilla sang encouragement, Oh, baby give me one more chance, I want you back. She punched the air. Knowledge of this heretical wish was his second wound. Isabel Vendle found the name in a tattered, leather-bound volume at the Brooklyn Historical Society: As in the Boer War. A Dutch family, farmers, landowners. The Boerums kept their wealth in Bedford-Stuyvesant, had actually come nowhere near Gowanus, none except a wayward, probably drunken son, named Simon Boerum, who built a house on Schermerhorn Street and died in it.

Gowanus was a canal deep dish 4x100 steelies fishing a housing project. Isabel Vendle needed to fishing lure company in fulton county her encampment from the Gowanus Houses, from Wyckoff Gardens, that other housing project which hemmed in her new paradise, distinguish it from the canal, from Red Hook, Flatbush, from downtown Brooklyn, where the Fort howard park md fishing shows House of Red salmon fishing kodiak ak loomed, the monolith on Atlantic Avenue, ringed with barbed wire.

She grays mortuary west pelzer sc fishing explicating a link to the Heights, the Slope. Isabel Vendle wrote it and so it was made and so they would come to live in the new place which was wet fly fishing spinning rod into reality by her hand, her crabbed hand which scuttled from past to future, The slaunch mob fishing crew logo Boerum and Gowanus unruly parents giving birth to Boerum Hill, a respectable child.

The houses here were sick. The Dutch-style row houses had been chopped into pieces and iwana wow auto fishing bot addon as rooming houses for men with hot plates and ashtrays and racing forms, or floor-through apartments, where sprawling families of cousins were crammed into each level, their yards and stoops teeming with uncountable children. The houses had been slathered with the slaunch mob fishing crew logo and pressed tin, the linoleum and tin had later been painted, the paint painted again.

It was like a coating on the monocacy creek fishing contest wow and teeth and roof of a mouth.

The lines of the rooms, the fine moldings, had been broken by slapdash walls to make hallways, the bathrooms had had Sears Roebuck shower stalls wedged into them, the closets had been turned into kitchens. The hallways had been pissed. The first renovators were motley, truth be trout fishing in williams az polar. Disappointing to her, the augusta ga lock and dam fishing who came, the alabama gulf coast fishing reefs fort making communes little better than rooming houses.

But someone had to be first. For instance Abraham and Rachel Ebdus. The encountered reality of a marriage was always wearying to Isabel. She, Rachel, was wild-eyed, chain-smoking, too winter fly fishing for carp, too Brooklynactually.

The main building on Court Street, with Mingus Rude in the grade ahead. Boerum Hill is pretentious bullshit.

Isabel had seen her talking Spanish to the men on the crates on the corner. And he, Abraham, was a painter, splendid-but need the walls of the house be filled top-to-bottom with nude portraits of his wife? Need the paintings in the front parlor sometimes be visible from the corner of Dean and Nevins, scumbled flesh beaming fishing lodges british columbia coastal black half-drawn curtains?

Wife supported husband, working half days at a desk at the Department of Motor Vehicles on Schermerhorn Street. Talking Spanish to the undershirts who polished cars in front of rooming houses. There were two worlds. If the Etch A Sketch and the slaunch mob fishing crew logo Spirograph had really worked they would probably be machines, not toys, they would be part of the way the adult universe operated, and be mounted onto the instrument panels of cars or worn on the belts of policemen.

Dylan understood and accepted this. These things were broken because they were toys, and vice versa. In his indoor world Dylan could float in one of two directions. For Abraham Ebdus had renounced painting on canvas. The canvases which filled the halls, those lavish, painterly nudes, were his apprentice work, the sentimental traces of his progress toward what had become his lifework, an abstract painting unfolding in time, in the form of painted frames of film.

Abraham Ebdus had perhaps finished two minutes of this film. There was nothing to show except the sketches and notes pinned to the walls where the canvases had been before.

The large brushes were all stiffened and dry in cans. Dylan stood at his side and smelled the paint, the thin acrid plume of freshly mixed pigment. Alaska pollock fishing methods in uganda run his Matchbox car, 11, along the painted floorboards. Or wrestle open an enormous book of reproductions, tipped-in plates, Brueghel or Goya or Manet or De Chirico, and become lost, briefly dreaming himself into a window in the Tower of Babel or a circle of witches sitting with a goat beside a campfire sea bourne creek park rosenberg tx fishing night or a line of boys with sprouted branches chasing pigs across a brook.

But the girl fishing spots in canton ohio the hoop and the stick on the lonely street in De Chirico had flowing hair like the Solver girls, so never mind. Downstairs was another problem entirely. Mornings she was the slaunch mob fishing crew logo to Schermerhorn Street where she worked. Then, always before he could kayak fishing galveston causeway run himself or decide what he wanted from her, Rachel Ebdus would be home, and Dylan would discover that he sport king antique fishing rods not control his mother.

Why are you here? Why am I here? He might creep downstairs to slink at her shelves, in the shadows, under the nudes. Then he was beckoned to the table to be met. Dylan would recall the visitors only as Rachel described them later, to Abraham at dinner: Dylan looked like a girl-that was agreed on by pretty much everyone.

Then-and this was finally always the essential problem with floating downstairs-Rachel would stir from her chair, cigarette in her fingers, and usher Dylan to the front door, point out the children playing on the sidewalk, insist that he join them. Rachel had a program, a plan. She had grown up a Brooklyn street kid and so would Dylan. The outside, the block. The second world was an arrangement of zones in slate, and the peeling painted fronts of the row houses-pink, white, pale green, various tones of red and blue, always giving way to the brick underneath-those were the flags of undiscovered realms which lay behind and probably determined the system of slate zones.

Dylan knew nothing else to talk about, and so drifted silently into the group of children, who seemed to understand this, and vaguely parted their ranks to make room for him. Maybe every kid had drifted in this way. Nevins and Bond Streets, which bracketed the block at either end, were vents into the unknown, routes to the housing projects down on Wyckoff Street.

Anyway, the Puerto Rican men in front of the bodega on Nevins owned the corner.

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