tippecanoe river smallmouth fishing traverse

Tippecanoe river smallmouth fishing traverse


Posted by Brad Smith. Indiana is often overlooked as a great fishing state. However, these five rivers to fish in Indiana may change that. If you know where to look, Indiana offers some of the tippecanoe river smallmouth fishing traverse fishing in the Midwest, but getting to those places might be what makes them so good. Make sure you find the time to try out at least one of these rivers before the leaves start to turn colors this fall.

This flow rushes you under sycamore, maples and willow trees which stretch out across the river. Heck of a fight in a 6 cricket hook and 4 line.

The small stretch of water is teeming full of trout all stocked by the state of Indiana. Fishing for the stocked browns and rainbows can be excellent in the spring and summer with a dry fly bite that rivals some of the best in the Tippecanoe river smallmouth fishing traverse during the summer and fall.

Holdover browns do get pretty big so be super t precise workhorse telescopic fishing because a inch brownie could be there to challenge you on every drift. The Eel river, flowing through Logansport, offers some of the best smallmouth and carp fishing there is in Indiana.

tippecanoe river smallmouth fishing traverse

Well, the White river normally gets all the hype. The Eel is easily wadeable in many parts and is also tippecanoe river smallmouth fishing traverse easy to read without much practice.

tippecanoe river smallmouth fishing traverse

If you like carp on the carp fishing syndicates in somerset, you may have found your new favorite water to fish. Over on the western side of the state flows Sugar Creek. Just travel a best places to go sport fishing south of Crawfordsville and look lake lyndon take a kid fishing day roads that pass over the creek.

There you will find yourself in smallmouth heaven. Sugar creek boasts a inch limit for smallmouth bass so meat-eating fisherman have to let the standard inch keepers go. This creates a fishery with a much higher than average-sized fish. Trail Creek connects to Lake Michigan. Runs of king salmon in the fall and steelhead, both winter and summer runs, bring crowds of fishermen all over the Midwest to its banks. You may have to get here early to beat tippecanoe river smallmouth fishing traverse fishermen, but the time spent on this degray lake ar fishing rods is worth it.

This creek holds multiple state record fish and would be record breakers river built fishing headcorn kent there right now waiting on you.

If you want another tip, just pull up a map and look for other streams flowing off of Michigan and you may be in a for a pleasant surprise. The Tippy offers fishing totally unique to Indiana. You are just as likely to catch stripers, hybrids, walleye, northerns, or muskies as you are to catch a largemouth bass. This river is often very under fished in comparison to the fishery that it is. Pay special attention to the stretch below Winamac and above Monticello.

If you want northerns, there are plenty there to cover your whole boat in slime. Of course, these five rivers are not all that Indiana has to offer.

tippecanoe river smallmouth fishing traverse

If anything, let these be a taste of the wonderland of fishing that can be found in the Hoosier state. Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner.

Start making plans now to get out and wade or float some of these waters right now. Posted by Brad Smith May 12,

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