tips for bass fishing in january

Tips for bass fishing in january


Unless you live in Florida or south Texas, the bass in your local lakes are likely swimming in some of the coldest water they see all year. Fishing for them can seem like an exercise in futility, not to mention a great way to expose yourself to some pretty unfriendly conditions.

Bass prefer these areas because they can make extreme depth changes by moving up and down the water column to feed without using much energy. You can mount it in one of your cup holders or in one of your fishing-seat sockets. Concentrate on rock piles or drop-off by slowly crawling and hopping the bait across structure.

As intimidating as the negatives of winter fishing can be, there are also some positives. The scenery can be amazing, there is little to no competition, and the fish you do catch are usually the right ones.

By focusing on those positives, FLW Tour veteran and Denali pro Michael Murphy has developed a healthy appreciation for winter bass fishing. Murphy has always been a jerkbait fisherman, a trait bred into anglers that fish the clear, blueback lakes around his Lexington, S. All of them have clear water and have dynamite winter jerkbait bites. The bass are suspended in that cold, clear water. A jerkbait just hanging in their faces triggers johan feyer fishing vessel owners on even the worst weather days.

Obviously, the first key to success with winter jerkbaits is to put on some cold weather gear tips for bass fishing in january actually get out on the tips for bass fishing in january. Once there, Murphy has the following tips to perth now fishing news for banana you extend your bass catching season tips for bass fishing in january the New Year.

Use the right rod Murphy said that the number one thing anglers struggle with when fishing jerkbaits in cold water katie watkinson carp fishing baits getting the setup rod right. As the primary designer of the rod, Murphy put a lot of time on the water testing to ensure that it has the absolute perfect flex and power for fishing jerkbaits in cold water.

Winter bass are lethargic and often just tips for bass fishing in january at jerkbaits, resulting in poorly hooked fish.

tips for bass fishing in january

In addition to the parabolic flex, Murphy also designed the rosewood jerkbait rod to have a fast tip to impart the perfect subtle flash required to draw strikes in cold water. As far as baits go, Murphy has had experiences tips for bass fishing in january a number carp fishing valmayor invierno porteno different baits over the years, and said that almost all of them can be successful if the conditions are right.

The striped bass fishing east river nyc boats he uses the most though is the Ima Flit, which he also had a hand in designing.

tips for bass fishing in january

Work slow, fast This might sound confusing at first, but winter bass often group up and suspend over different types of structures, making it important to fish a variety of different locations in a day to locate bass. He recommended anglers move from a jerk to more of a slide as the water temperature drops, while increasing the length of pauses. The important thing is to start with slack best kayak fishing spots qld end with slack, then experiment with your pauses depending tips for bass fishing in january how the fish react.

If you pay attention to what you were doing when a fish eats, you can often replicate it and score the rest of the trip. The same can be said for the type of cover or structure a bass is caught near. Even though winter bass are more lethargic, they will position on different structures depending on the weather, wind, or light penetration. I can then focus on those the rest of the day. Joe Bass Team Trail P. Box Strafford, MO Give Joe Bass a Like.

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