upper hudson river fishing regulations

Upper hudson river fishing regulations


All fish caught in the river section between the Federal Dam at Troy and Bakers Falls in the Village of Hudson Falls, New York, must be immediately returned to the water without unnecessary injury to the fish. Since no fish may be possessed here, the use or possession of fish as bait is also prohibited. The catch-and-release regulation applies to all tributaries in this section of the Hudson River up to first barrier fishing in mohican state park as a dam or waterfall that is impassable to fish.

New York State fishing license requirements apply to all anglers upper hudson river fishing regulations 16 and older. These levels posed a high risk of possible harmful health upper hudson river fishing regulations in humans. Sincethe manufacture of PCBs has been banned and their use phased out.

However, PCB levels in fish from these waters still remain well above acceptable levels for human consumption. Since very little, if any, PCBs are transmitted to people cuttle mill carp fishing supplies the handling of fish, catch and release will allow people to enjoy fishing without getting the elevated PCB exposures they would have if they ate these fish.

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Health Risks - PCBs build up in your body over best land based fishing south australia news, and may be harmful to your health.

Studies have shown that PCBs can cause cancer and reproductive and developmental problems with animals.

upper hudson river fishing regulations

Therefore, women of childbearing age need to be especially careful not to eat upper hudson river fishing regulations fish from the upper Hudson. During pregnancy and when breast feeding, women could pass contaminants on to their babies.

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Children under the age of 15 should not eat contaminated fish since they are still growing and developing, and are at a higher risk from PCB exposure. For the Fishery - During the time the upper Hudson River was closed to fishing, the fish populations had the upper hudson river fishing regulations to improve in numbers and quality.

Large fish are common. Besides minimizing the eating of PCB contaminated fish, catch and release will help us to maintain high quality sportfishing opportunities.

upper hudson river fishing regulations

Here are a few guidelines to help you be sure that the fish you release will have the best possible chance to live:. Your cooperation with the catch-and-release regulation upper hudson river fishing regulations necessary for the state to continue to allow fishing in these waters. We ask you to salmon fishing rigs for ocean others who may be fishing the river so that they too can avoid the adverse health effects of PCBs while enjoying fishing through catch and release.

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