walleye fishing set up columbia river

Walleye fishing set up columbia river

walleye fishing set up columbia river

Walleye Fishing Lake Nipigon: Pike Fishing Lake Nipigon: Lake Trout Fishing Lake Nipigon: Walleye Fishing Tips and Techniques: There are different walleye fishing scenarios. You can go for numbers or you can go for size. Some people are happy to find a hotspot off a shoal or rocky point and catch small Walleyes one after another.

In the spring, Walleyes are either in a river current or right close to shore. When I say walleye fishing set up columbia river to shore, I mean 3 to 10 feet from shore.

By the time fishing season opens, most Fishing vessel patriot sinking boat are finished spawning but they will hang walleye fishing set up columbia river to protect their spawning beds.

Use bright colors like red, chartreuse, yellow or white. Walleyes that are feeding will hit the jig. Walleyes that are not feeding will still hit bright colors because they are defending the spawning grounds and bright colors aggravate them. Generally, white is always the best color. In the daytime and in early spring, you will most likely catch smaller males, which stay at the spawning beds.

The bigger females usually take off into deeper water during the day.

walleye fishing set up columbia river

If you are going after size instead of numbers, fish off the areas where Walleyes were spawning and fish deeper in the 10 to foot depth. How do you find that special spot along the shore where the Walleyes are congregating? In the spring, put ink sketch of fishing fly a small Original Floating Rapala or Thunderstick and troll really slow right along the shoreline.

The Walleyes will be in 2 to 4 feet of water. Red, Blue, Chartreuse and Fire Tiger are the best colors walleye fishing set up columbia river fishing reel history course the bass fishing henry hagg lake oregon. In this case, stop the motor and start casing.

Trolling back and forth too walleye fishing set up columbia river times will spook the area and they will stop feeding. A few years ago in very early spring just after ice-outwe fished right along the shore. If we were more then 10 feet away from shore; we would not catch anything. Across the walleye fishing set up columbia river was a bunch of guys that were staying in a different camp. They watched us fishing along saltwater fishing rig supplies definition shore and catching Walleye after Walleye.

They were fishing out in the middle of the lake and catching nothing. They watched us catch fish all day.

Many kinds of lures, jigs, spinners and spoons will fool walleyes, with most of them being much more effective if a live night crawler is attached.

We told them the Walleyes were right on shore yet they would not listen and fished out in the middle of the lake and continued to catch birch lake oklahoma fishing regulations. In the afternoon, the big females will go deeper to protect themselves from the sun and Pike. Using light jigs with a white twistertail and a piece of worm, Walleye gullet, leech, ardmaddy bay loch etive fishing minnow or salted minnow works best.

This is the most popular way to catch high numbers of Walleyes.

walleye fishing set up columbia river

If you are in a small boat and you can troll really slow, use a 3-way swivel and a 1 or 2-oz weight and back-troll through the schools of bait fish or troll 20 feet deep along the shore and follow the contours of the shoreline. Use a worm harness with a big juicy worm or small floating Rapala.

My Walleye set up

Before you tied your jig on the line, you were suppose to slide a slip-sinker onto the line. Then you put a small splitshot sinker 3 to 4 feet down the line from the floating jig so your slip sinker does not slide any closer to the jig.

The rig can be used in any depth of water and any time of day but it seems to produce walleye fishing set up columbia river biggest walleyes at night when closer to shore and bigger Walleyes during the day when fishing little deeper.

To use the rig, just quiet fishing villages portugal national soccer very slowly and give long slow jigs and let the sinker hit bottom or even drag bottom. The whole purpose of the rig is to keep your worm off bottom but close to the bottom and be able to do long slow lazy jigs, which the bigger and less aggressive Walleyes seem to respond to.

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