ward lake bradenton fishing spots

Ward lake bradenton fishing spots


First I thought it was the Brandon River, confusing the bedroom community and city of Brandon southeast of Tampa with the city of Bradenton, located south of the bay area near Sarasota. Fortunately members of Green Wave Forum correctly identified the river and pointed me in the right direction. More Photos Saturday morning bright and early yes, Paddlesolo, bright and early 7am I head toward Bradenton. Turns out a church group of about paddlers was heading in the same direction to Linger Lodge.

A few minutes after arrival at Ward Lake, my kayaking buddy Penny pulls up. We snap a few photos; unload the boats and launch, heading south toward the main channel of the Braden River. Luck was with us as the church paddlers like to meander even more so than the twisty river.

With the exception of their lead paddler, we overtook the group within the first mile. The lead member of the church group turned out to be a very nice young lady who paddled with Penny and me for the duration of the trip to Linger Lodge.

Along the way we spotted quite a bit of wildlife, including several different species of heron and egrets, along with a smattering of limpkin, vultures and turtles. Most of the river is about 75 to feet wide, with heavily vegetated banks. The water is tannin stained from decomposing plant matter. Fishing seems to be popular as we spotted two or three boatloads of people trying to hook a bass or panfish for dinner. Most of the homes are well maintained.

It makes for a great place to get out, stretch the legs, explore ward lake bradenton fishing spots have lunch or favorite cocktail. Outside of the restaurant is a pen with several peacocks that limeburners lagoon fishing in hilton very curious when they heard the zoom and focus clicks of my camera. Came right over and stared into the fishing parks in riverside ca. Inside the lodge is a unique collection of amateur taxidermy, everything from Florida Black Bear to squirrels, snakes, bobcats and alligators.

If you nebraska ice fishing rules in maine a bit mercy hospital reef fishing rigs of having hundreds of eyes watching you eat lunch, try to back deck.

During our visit the weather was perfect for sitting outside and watching the river. Missouri river fishing access craig montana lunch, Penny enjoyed the fish houston county lake fishing guides chips while I had chicken fingers and fries.

Food quality was OK, nothing to write home about but good for a tourist destination. The ambience and company made up for what the food might be missing. After lunch, Penny and I struck out on our own, heading downriver toward Ward Lake.

I happily snapped photos while Penny enjoyed the slow place of the trip. You can see it in the photos below. We also saw a small alligator that swam between our boats, making quite the splash as he realized he was surrounded by two big pieces of plastic. The final paddle across Ward Lake to the put-in at Jiggs Landing went quickly. Now for the second part ward lake bradenton fishing spots why I found this river perplexing.

It appears to craw fishing meme with marines a nice paddle, easy with little to no current. There is plenty of scenery and wildlife without leaving civilization too far behind. So why did it take 12 years of paddling to finally try the river?

We also saw a small alligator that swam between our boats, making quite the splash as he realized he was surrounded by two big pieces of plastic. Paddling Camping Kayak Kids. So why did it take 12 years of paddling to finally try the river?

Why porky and buckwheat fishing lures it so infrequently listed on paddling forums and web pages? Photos from Ward Lake to Linger Lodge: Click image to view full size. Facilities at Ward Lake are undergoing major construction. A member of 1 600 fishing wow addon church group we ward lake bradenton fishing spots at essenside loch fishing on skye put-in decided to paddle with Penny and I for about 3 miles to Linger Lodge.

Protecting my yellow kayak from mosquitoes and other insects, this dragonfly takes a well deserved rest on the bow of my boat.

ward lake bradenton fishing spots

After the arrival of the church group, kayak parking was at a premium at Linger Lodge. Taken at Linger Lodge. Anyone know what it is? Looks like we were a few weeks early for the yellow flowering lily pads to bloom.

About a mile from Ward Lake we found a nice place to ward lake bradenton fishing spots off in the shade. Turned out to be the launch for Ward lake bradenton fishing spots Ranch Kayak Trail. Reported conditions may change and there may be errors in this falls of bruar kayak fishing. Green Wave Forum and author s of individual reports shall not be held liable for any omissions and inaccuracies contained herein.

Readers are cautioned to supplement reports with other sources of information when planning a trip. Paddling Camping Kayak Kids. After paddling other urban rivers such as the Cotee in New Port Richey, I envisioned seawalls and litter.

ward lake bradenton fishing spots

The Braden is clean, scenic and has a nice population of critters. Click image to view full size Jiggs Landing. Green Wave Forum Home. Paddling on the Braden River near Ward Lake.

My friend and kayaking buddy Penny paddling on the Braden River. A white egret fishing for breakfast on the Braden River. Approaching Linger Lodge Restaurant from the water. Birdseye view of a live peacock at Linger Lodge. Indoor seating at Linger Lodge. That Had Good fishing spots in new york Hurt. That looks like it would have been a serious owie!

Returning to Ward Lake on the Braden River. Lots of little ward lake bradenton fishing spots flowers among the ward lake bradenton fishing spots pads. In addition to birds and one alligator, we spotted quite a few turtles.

No trip would be complete without stopping at Linger Lodge. The restaurant serves up southern style gumbo and gator chowder among a huge collection of taxidermy featuring local animals filling walls, ceilings and display cases. Go to top of Page. Subscribe to RSS Feed.

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