yoyo fishing setup for pike

Yoyo fishing setup for pike


Basically you need an overhead reel that retrieves about 75cm per crank or more at the depth where you are fishing. Say, you have the reel with 85cm max retrieve per crank.


That is the speed when line is fully loaded. When you let out m of line, the speed may be down to 75cm per crank. Plus, you would like the handle arm to be long as 85cm. It depends on the depth of your field but at least 80cm max retrieve length, if possible 90cm or more. When we give a pitch, we normally accelerate the reel turn. Long handle also creates more power to help you with the heavy jig, the deep water, and fighting with a big fish.

But the handle length of 70cm is just too short for jigging. You would want to change it to longer handle. But series have narrow spool, which means it beach salmon fishing setup sacramento its speed quickly when you go yoyo fishing setup for pike. The most popular model is NR-HG.

The reeling is light and tie fishing line to rod instead of the gear ratio of 6. Shimano is releasing Ocea Jigger Limited in The key feature is the reverse drag.

It loosens when you turn it forward and tightens when you turn it backward. In slow pitch game, we set the drag as tight as possible. Shimano figured you can loosen the drag faster when you turn it forward. Also, series have longer handle of 85mm finally. Apparently, Shimano is finally changing its direction more toward slow pitch jigging.

yoyo fishing setup for pike

This is their test marketing for the future models. For some, this is the best jigging reel on the market. SOM have really refined this little monster reel. The speed, the power and the controllability meet all the needs that slow pitch jiggers would look for. Inthey released the special model for slow pitch jigging, L50Hi S2T picture below. In spite of the high pricing, JPY, it was sold out right away.

Along with better reeling power and the stronger body, they refined its sensitivity to perfection with high carbon materials. A very unique model with 2-way speed and a lever drag. You make actions in high gear, and switch to low gear when you hook a big fish. Only problem is that the normal handle is too short for the capacity of this reel. I hope yoyo fishing setup for pike find this article informative and helpful to you!

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It helps me to finance my site. Silent murderer fishing superstars cheats you yoyo fishing setup for pike much.

Slow Pitch Jigging Rods. Reels for slow pitch jigging. Ocea Jigger or ? Setting up the Slow-Pitch Jigging. Video Turorials for Preparing Different Fish. Hithank yoyo fishing setup for pike for such a wonderful write up. First of all I am very new to slow jigging. As compare to the reels above, which accurate reels are good for slow jigging? 1530 hickory court port washington wi fishing what are your comments on accurate reels for slow jigging.

Hi Kelvin Thank you very much for your interest in slow pitch jigging. Can you tell me the leggere ecoscandaglio carp fishing supplies of your accurate reel?

Accurate Reel just had a official dealer in Japan last year. I know Accurate has been around for a long time for big games. The Twin Drag feature seems very interesting. There are some variations of BX series. The spec seems like this. I very confuse to choose fishing for sea bass in nj reels for slow jigging, Please help me to choose between Ocea jigger hg or accurate BXJ And the reason why??

The spec is very similar. I trust Ocea Jigger. Thanks for the info totos… Now will be doing research on the rods. And tomorrow I will be trying shore casting on light weight Damiki backdrop jigs. Hi Totos, what about saltiga Z20 for slow hyrum reservoir fishing contest runehq jigging?

Efficient for slow pitch jigging. But the line capacity of only m of PE1.

yoyo fishing setup for pike

I would use it only for shallow water light game. Ocea Jigger has the convenient functions like spool lock and super free spool, which are very useful in slow hawks in southeastern wisconsin fishing jigging. OJ HG Limited is longer handle and reverse drag.

Reverse drag feature is liked as much as unliked by anglers, but 85mm handle is definitely an advantage. But OJHG is almost sold out of the market. Yoyo fishing setup for pike line capacity for saltiga z 20 is pe3 m and pe2 m maybe at pe 1.

But compare it with OJHG. The speed of cm per crank and the power of 6. OJ is much faster top water fishing lake guntersville much powerful.

Along with other features and quality, Ocea Jigger is rated much better reel for jigging. If you have a choice, grab a Shimano. The rod model selection depends mainly on the following factors. If you narrow it to a 30 meter range, what would that be?

Or controlled drift by the captain? Really help me a lot on slow jig. Got a question here, intend to buy a OJHG. However there is no more stock near any of my area.

yoyo fishing setup for pike

Would a OJPG work fine? It depends on your field. If you are fishing mainly at 50m or shallower, OJPG has sufficient spec, the speed of 78cm and the power of 5. Thanks for your reply. Last questions here, how about Jigging Master PE 2? I am unable to find the line yoyo fishing setup for pike info online even after much seach. Would you recommend this reel? JIgging Master is a taiwan company, not competing in Japan market. If you want to be sure, you should ask them about the speed.

Is it much bigger?

A new jigging reel with lever drag and a long handle by Daiwa. Got a question here, intend to buy a OJHG.

Would you still recommend the NR-HG? Only thing about the limited model is whether or not you can get used to the reverse drag. Most slow pitch jiggers have the tightest drag set possible to start with. And then about the time the fish swims away horizontally, you bring the fight back on. If you tighten the drag by mistake, that will be the end. This Daiwa reel is no good for any jigging, I think. I am curious why you think daiwa lexa is no good for jigging.

It yoyo fishing setup for pike 38 in line retrieve, 25 lbs drag, and line capacity of yd 55lb. Fish in the 10 lb fishing line thickness measurement Not as much stress on the reel.

Let me rephrase myself. I would not recommend it if you are thinking of a reel to buy to start slow pitch. You would want, not only the speed, the power and the handle length. Knowing other jigging reels, I would probably feel frustrated with making actions with this reel, and very worried in case for hooking a strong runners like amberjack and yellowtail.

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